A small hole was dug within the middle of a thick tree trunk, and inside this miniscule hole sat a hot-tempered half demon. Of all the places to be stuck, this had to be it, didn't it? Inuyasha asked himself as he felt his foot fall asleep underneath him. It started tingling with the white-hot needles that overcome a numbed foot frequently and though he wished dearly to stretch and run for a bit, he knew he could not. The night of the full moon was not yet over. It seemed to last forever in this cramped place, but if anyone were to find him in such a weakened state, especially an enemy, he would most likely not be able to do anything about it.

So, as the numbness started running up his legs that were squished against his chest tightly, he thanked Kagome secretly for the hiding spot. She sat in a much more comfortable place, not far away in the bushes. Guard duty was her job tonight as she awaited the sun to arise on this dreaded night. Sango and Miroku were guarding from afar. Kagome sighed lightly, hoping not a soul heard it. This was tiring work and very tedious, but if it was to protect Inuyasha, then she'd rather do this than anything else. Her bow poised, supported by a nearby tree branch, she stifled a yawn and proceeded to keep her eyes sharp, looking one way and the other for any signs of movement. Once or twice a squirrel darting by startled, or a rustle of the autumnal leaves gave her the chills, but other than the minor movements there were no other great disturbances. Her eyes longed to close, to see the warmth of a bed draped in blankets upon blankets and to collapse into it, falling into a deep sleep, or to have a proper bath for once. It had been almost three days since she'd had a decent bathing, and, quite honestly, she felt gross. Inuyasha might be able to go longer without a washing, but she couldn't stand it.

She pulled out a thermos from her backpack and twisted off the cap, pouring out a cup of hot cocoa to drink. Not so hot anymore, she still sipped it graciously. It gave her a small amount of energy, just long enough to go for another fifteen minutes. The light outside was starting to grow in increasing amounts, and the sky turned from a dusky blue-grey to a light blue with traces of pink and orange. Kagome watched the sky turn different colors and let it all sink in slowly. It was one of those moments. She wished Inuyasha could be here to enjoy it with her, but he probably wouldn't get the feeling the same way. He'd probably complain about how lame it was just to sit there and watch the sun when you can do that almost every morning. What a loser, Kagome thought to herself as she looked over to the tree trunk. She looked at her watch and there was only two minutes left before sunrise, so she decided to go over to him and give him some cocoa. Maybe that'll cheer him up! He's been stuck in there all night…

She started to get up, but stopped short of stretching. She felt something, faint though it was, but she felt it. A jewel shard was approaching. And fast.

She slowly grabbed her bow and arrow, and fitting an arrow on quickly and quietly, she aimed it towards the direction of the shard. She waited with baited breath, breathing not, as the presence became clearer and clearer until it was almost right in front of her. She was ready for anything. Just then, a blinding light enveloped the wood and everything in it. She shielded her eyes, dropping her guard. A dark figure jumped out of nowhere and hit her across the head, paralyzing her. She fell numbly to the ground and she lay there, screaming inside for someone to help her. Her eyes were open, but a glazed look was layered over them. She watched as the light vanished instantaneously, and the sun had risen. Inuyasha had jumped out of his tree trunk, back to normal, but too late; Naraku swept Kagome up into his arms and carried her to the top of the hill.

"Kagome!" Inuyasha yelled. "Don't you touch her! Naraku!"

Naraku looked down on her, an emotionless look plastered on his face. He grinned slyly in Inuyasha's direction. "Inuyasha. It is truly fate that we should meet. I presume you want her back?" He looked back down at her, a truly evil laughter emerging from his vile lips. "Well, you'll have to come get her. If you can…"

Inuyasha jumped forward, but yet again he was too late. A whirl of poisonous miasma swirled around Naraku and he arose, floating far above and leaving Inuyasha screaming on the ground. As Kagome lay in Naraku's arms, muffled thoughts ran pell-mell through her head. Inuyasha! I can't move! Please help me! I… I want to… to see you… again… And with that, she fell unconscious.