Kagome couldn't take her eyes off of the home pregnancy test. She didn't believe the first two that she threw in the small garbage, but the third confirmation seemed to pull her out of denial. She couldn't think, she couldn't feel, she almost couldn't breathe. There it was, pink and positive, almost ironically cheerful. It was beaming back up at her, rubbing the fact in her paled face in a fearless manner. What went wrong?

Kagome didn't know who or where to turn to. Everything seemed to be in a blur, the world around her a sort of ideological falsified thing. Her eyes were opened from the ignorance they once believed, that being love was all that mattered and nothing would happen to innocent Kagome. She thrived on the idea that being with InuYasha would be pure bliss and no worries; yet here she stood, still gripping the pregnancy stick with white knuckles, knowing full well that her dream world had just shattered.

There came a faint knocking on the wooden bathroom door which brought Kagome back from her confusing thoughts. She turned towards its direction to see her mother poking her head within the bathroom, concern splashed across her face.

"Kagome? Is everything alright?"

No matter how much she tried to hold back, her warm liquid tears still leaked out of her eyes and trickled down her pale cheeks. Kagome lost it after that and thrust herself towards her mother, who wrapped her matronly arms tightly around her only daughter. No words were needed to understand; they just stood there, mother and daughter, listening to silent sobs and soft cooing echo around the tiled bathroom. Kagome loved her mother so much; she never seemed outraged or upset when things went wrong or unexpected. She just… just loved continuously.

"Mama… What am I going to do?" Kagome hiccupped out softly, her glassy eyes looking upwards for answers.

"Well, maybe you should tell InuYasha… I mean, it's his child, isn't it?" her mother said warmly, stroking Kagome's long raven tresses. Kagome nodded in agreement, yet she still felt an ongoing battle raging within herself. She could tell him, but how would he react? Would he be accepting of it, or would he discard her for being idiotic? Maybe he thought they were too young to raise a child… Kagome felt that she was still too inexperienced to be a proper mother. The other option would be to not tell him and keep going as if nothing happened, but the truth would come out eventually. Would that be worse than telling him in the first place? She was so confused, it was giving her an oncoming headache.

"Mama, I'm scared, I'm just so scared!" Kagome cried, hiding in her mother's shoulder and crying noisily. "I know he'd be a good father, but am I ready to raise a child? I'm only eighteen! What if he rejects me? What if he leaves? What if-"

"I'll never leave you, Kagome."

A gasp escaped her lips as her head whipped up, eyes wide with surprise. There he was, standing in the door frame. She detached herself from her mother's side and walked slowly towards him…

"Kagome," he said, his face calming and caring, "You're my mate, and I love you. How could you think I'd leave you, let alone reject you?"

She reached him, eyes threatening to overflow with tears again.

"You heard-"

"Every word. And I think," he nearly whispered as he pulled Kagome closer to his body, "that it's beautiful."

Kagome relaxed into his embrace, sobbing once again. This time, though, they were tears of happiness and relief. InuYasha held onto her tightly, grinning from ear to ear at the news…

He was going to be a daddy!