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Chapter One:

Let me tell you, I am no average 15 year old teen. My life is so out of whack its amazing. But I guess I got to rewind and tell you the story from the beginning.

My names Sakura Emmits, a new Yorker, currently getting out of an air plane to move with my step dad.

To make a long story short, when I was six my dad died of a sudden heart attack, and my mom had a hard time dealing. But then one day, I guess she got lucky, and she met Kakashi, my new step dad. Great.

"Sakie!" My mom yelled waving her hands at me. "Where's you're suitcase?" she asked.

I shrugged. We were currently looking for my three suitcases, at the suitcase drop of thing.

"Where's Kakashi?" I asked. There was no way I was calling him dad. He's a nice guy and all, but my dad would get very pissed if called him that. Yeah I know, my dads dead so why would he care? Oh well, my dads as dead as he was alive. I'll give you the full drift on that later.

Just on cue Kakashi and his three sons came out of nowhere carrying my bags. Oh did I forget to mention that not only do I have a step dad, Oh no, I even have three yes three step brothers.

My mom smiled happily, and gave Kakashi a quick peck on the cheek. Kakashi came up to me and patted my shoulder. "Hey Sakura good to have you in Konoha with us."

"Happy to be here," I replied, with a huge toothy smile. Kakashi nodded in response.

"Well lets go! I can't wait for you to see Konoha Sakura, it's beautiful." He picked up my suitcase and started walking towards the exit.

"Manhattan was half bad either," I muttered under my breath, following them.

The minute we stepped outside, I realized why everyone was wearing light fabrics, even though it was the end of fall.

It felt like 90 degrees out here! Holy crap. I took a look at my own attire. A long pink t-shit that said Manhattan in the middle, with a short leather jacket on top of it. I wore matching leather short skirt, with black leggings, and a black combat boots to pull it all off.

I guess mom might of saw the discomfort cause she said, "A little hot honey?"

I nodded in response, please a little heat was nothing.

"Pssh… what an idiot, who wears leather anymore anyway?" My older step brother, Kiba, said.

"Well excuse me, but in America, leather is all the rage." I replied rolling my eyes.

"Wake up call, you're not in America anymore," he retorted and walked up to his dad to start a little 'man to man talk.'

'Wake up call; you're not in America anymore.' No dip. I could smell the pure ocean breeze, and there were cherry blossoms everywhere, causing little pedals to fall in you're face. How annoying.

Kakashi put my bags in the trunk, while I got in the car.

"Did you know that Konoha used to be the worlds best ninja village back in the medieval times?" I snapped my head over and saw my littlest step brother, Konohamaru. He's not as bad as Kiba, actually I liked him the best out of all them.

"Cool," I replied. Honestly, I could care less about 'ninja villages' if they even existed, but to see Konohamaru's face light up was all worth it.

Kakashi pulled out of the airports parking lot, and started driving toward my new home. I looked out the window, looking at the scenery. There were small buildings that were supposedly 'shops'. There were many people on the streets walking, and not many cars.

Actually we were one of the few cars on the streets. Seriously I know, how cave manish can they be?

"That's going to be you're school, Sakie." My mom pointed. I looked over to my right, and there I saw what was probably 20 of the shops put together. Holy crap, it was huge!

"Yeah, it's 6 to 12 grade, as you Manhattan folks would put it." Kakashi stated.

"It's a pretty weird school, most of the well of students go to it, the down fall is that they love the 'ninja era' and most of there rules are based on those days. Like no kunai throwing. What the he-" Kiba took a quick look at his dad and noticed the glare he was giving him. "…I mean what the heck is a kunai." I nodded in agreement; taking note of Kakashi's no cussing rule.

I continued looking out my window and saw the ocean that I could smell miles away. It was beautiful! The way the sun reflected of off it, and the cherry blossoms floating around it.

"Surf's good today."

I snapped my head to behind my seat (mini van) and saw my oldest step brother, Shikamaru, who I totally forgot even existed. He is the laziest thing I've ever seen in my life.

Kiba nodded in response to Shikamaru's statement. "There's gotta be some hot babes there."

"Kiba…" Kakashi's voice said warningly.

"My bad." Kiba responded sheepishly. I rolled my eyes, there's going to be a lot of adjusting to do.

I must have fallen asleep, because the next thing I knew Shikamaru was lazily kicking the back of my seat.

"Get up."

I woke up hesitantly, and took a stretch. Looking at the house we pulled up to.

"Holy shit."

I whispered, pulling my hair into a bun and putting a baseball hat on. The house was HUGE, like it was fit for twelve people. I looked around the neighborhood, yep definitely the biggest house on the block.

"Yeah, It took some rebuilding. It was built back in the ninja era, and for some reason, it was left to rot. It took a lot of effort but me and my crew managed to fix it back up." Kakashi stated unloading my stuff.

Did I mention that Kakashi was the leader of this huge architecting company? Well yeah he is. The house over looked the ocean which was perfect for me. We entered the house, and it was just marvelous inside as it was outside. The couches were all white, with a glass coffee table. The carpet was black, and there was a china set my mom must of brought back from Manhattan. The kitchen the same sort of design with pure silver sinks and marble counters.

Hell yeah, I could so get used to this.

All of a sudden I felt a chill go up my back. I gulped.

"W-When was this house built again?" I asked. This time Konohamaru responded.

"Back in around 1674." I shivered. Oh no, I cannot deal with this.

"Honey, please don't start again." My mom pleaded, crossing her arms. I looked at my mom. You see I have this big thing for old houses. Mostly because…well I'll get to that later.

I smiled. "Don't worry, mom its nothing."

My mom lead me to my room, and opened the door. It was twice the size of my room back in Manhattan. I twitched when I noticed the wallpaper, pink. Great. Just because I have pink hair people, assume that my favorite color is pink and some Abercrombie lover.

Does the torture stop there, no. The drawer had frilly pink flowers, and the bed had a frilly little lace craps. I had a white carpet along with white matching bed sheets. Oh, joy.

The switched my gaze to the bay window, and froze at what I saw. It wasn't the window it self that freaked me out, actually it was the best part of the room. It had an awesome view of the ocean, with a nice breeze coming in. It even had a little couch/bed thing in front of the window so I could rest and watch the ocean whenever I felt like it.

That was not what bothered me at all; it was what was sitting on it.

My mom being the annoying psychic that she is asked, "Oh dear god, don't start that again please not here."

"It nothing mom," I said with a reassuring smile.

"Honey, Kakashi worked so hard so that you would feel comfortable living here, please please don't start this."

"I won't mom, like I said I'll leave it behind in Manhattan," my smile growing bigger. My mom took a look at me, and apparently she was convinced by the huge pearly white smile because she started to leave my room.

"Well honey I guess I let you unpack 'kay?" And with that she shut the door. I slammed my bag that I was carrying on the floor.

"Okay what the hell do you want?"

Did I mention I could speak to ghosts? Oh well I can, ever since I was two. I'll give you the full drift of that later.

So, right now there was this ghost just sitting there on my couch/bed thing reading, swinging some sharp thing around his fingers.

Too say he was surprised is an understatement. This guy actually turned around to see if there was some magic floating thing I was talking to outside the window.

Convinced that there was nothing there, he looked at me and said. "Are you talking to me?"

How retarded is this ghost? Does he see anyone else around?

"No dip." I replied, rolling my eyes. I sat on my bed crossed legged and stared at him.

For a ghost this one was pretty hot, if you will. He looked around the age of 17ish. He had the weirdest hair style that was sort of like a chicken's ass. His eyes were a beautiful navy blue, but the seemed cold and distant. He was wearing a white t-shirt, and black pants. His arms were bandaged for, no apparent reason as far as I can tell, and he wore these ugly black sandals, that would burn the eyes out of you're sockets if it was worn by anyone else, but him. The weirdest thing though was this thing he had tied around his waist. It looked like a sword case, but there was no sword in it. Other that that he was pretty hot.

Really hot.

But you see I do NOT get attached to ghost, its not part of my job. The only one that I have been attached too was my dad, but then again he's my dad.

The ghost seemed to be very interested by my eyes because he's been staring at them for the past few minutes, well I also was staring at him so…

"You can see me…"he whispered. But he whispered it in this weird lacking emotion type of voice.

From what I can tell he was probably some kind of gothic deprived teen in his previous life.

But it was still so hot.

"Yeah, well…" I took a good look at his outfit. "What are you some kind of samurai?"

He got up in a flash and wagged his finger in my face.

"I am no samurai." He took a good hard look at my face, and I glared straight back at him. Shocked at first, by his speed and looks, but now this guy was pissing me off.

"Whoa, hold up." I stated slapping his finger out of my face. "Don't you dare go around telling me what to do? You hear?"

Half of what I said probably just went through one ear and out the other, because he was too busy staring at his finger, like I just set it on fire.

He was quiet for what seemed like forever, and then said :

"What kind of thing are you?"

I looked at him in shock again. Thing?



I am not a thing what the crap? Yes, I may have the hole, touch me and you die, thing going on. But there's no doubt in anyone's mind that I'm a girl! Jeez.

But there was one thing that he had right.

I am no average 15 year old. Nope.

I'm a mediator.

Woo chapter one! Okay so yeah the story plot was taken by the mediator series by Meg Cabot. Pretty good series.

Well if you want me to continue you know the drill.