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Chapter 4

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I wished I hadn't of done what I did, not that I wanted him to die or anything, but I didn't want this insane blonde girl breathing down my neck after I saved her ex's life.

So basically, I sprinted from my seat and headed straight towards Neji literally knocking him down. The desk chattering to many pieces of wood. I hissed out in pain as I felt splinters being rained on top of me, and probably Neji who was underneath me, paler than he usually is.

"Holy crap! Sakura-chan!" Naruto shouted running over to me pulling me off of Neji, I brushed my self of and attempted to help Neji to his feet.

Except he stumbled a bit due to his shaking legs. I can't blame him really; I mean he was almost killed by what he thinks was a random desk being tossed from the sky.

"Hey are you alright?" I asked, I guess to casually because he looked at me like I was insane for asking the question.

I felt someone's hand grip my shoulder, I turned around and saw Sarutobi standing there, his face in complete 'aw'.

"Sakura, what have you done?"

Me? Honestly, I mean I guess if you take a look at my school transfer papers you'll see that I got into a few problems but does he seriously thinking that I could of possibly could have sent a huge desk plummeting from the sky?

"I did nothing!" I said, "You're crazy 'good girl gone bad' of a ghost did everything." I added in a hushed tone. Sarutobi rubbed the back of his head nervously.

"I see." Then he cleared his throat and said, "Naruto, help Neji to the nurses room to check for any broken bones or anything, while I'll talk to Sakura privately. Everyone else clear out and go back to class."

And shockingly everyone listened and went to where they had to go; I guess people at this school really respect this old guy.

"Sakura would you care to explain what exactly happened, and why you think it's my former student, Temari."

We were now in his office (for the second time today), discussing probably Konoha's scariest event ever since like, the ninja era.

"Hm, I don't know, probably because I saw her!" I said sarcastically. Sarutobi folded his hands in front of him.

"Honestly, I can't believe it. She was such a sweet student."

"Well apparently she wants to send her Ex to the afterlife."

"Her ex? You mean Neji?" Sarutobi said, slightly disturbed by the information, "I never knew, I always assumed they were just such close friends.

"Uh-huh…well I think it's for your best interest to send Neji to another school, or like suspend him or something, because if you don't she'll probably be back for round two."

Sarutobi sat there quietly, contemplating what I just said. "No, no I don't think so. I think in a while she'll just learn to go away. Sending Neji to another school will just give her the attention she wants…"


How the hell did he manage to get to that conclusion? Okay, the whole 'I'll kill myself if you don't get back together with me' was a bit attention-y. But, this girls a totally bitch! All he wants me to do is ignore her?

No way. I guess I got to take matters into my own hands.

"…so basically, that is why Neji must stay. Did you hear a think I hear Emmits-san?" Sarutobi demanded.


"Yeah, I did. Well I have to get to 5th period now! So I'll talk to you later Mr. Sarutobi!"

Before he could respond I stood up and practically sprinted out the door, and into the hallway. Once I was a good distance away from his room, I slowed down.

How the hell am I going to get Temari to leave Neji alone and go to her next life? Thoughts kept running through my head but none of them would work in this situation. Hm, my best bet is to come at night while everyone is gone and have a little 'heart-to-heart' chat with her.

I felt someone's hand brush my back, and at that moment I had thought it was Sarutobi ready for part II of the long speech.

Except it wasn't.

"You have a piece of wood on you're back." I turned around and saw Neji standing there with his hands in his pockets.


"You know of me already, I see. Well I guess you would, seeing how you saved my life and all."

"It really was nothing."

Neji raised an eyebrow curiously, and half smirked. "Nothing, eh? So I assume American's go around saving people's lives regularly. Interesting."

I chuckled a bit, this guy reminded me of someone.

"What class are you heading too?" He asked strolling past me.

"Um, FACS."

Neji nodded and started walking, down the hall, and I followed. We walked together in silence. I took this time to observer Neji. He wasn't that hard to look at I suppose. He had pearly white skin, fairly tall –maybe a few inches more than me-, and had long silky dark brown hair, and we can not forget the blind looking eyes.

But they all seemed to suit him, perfectly.

"Thank you."

I blinked once, and then twice. Neji looked right into my eyes, and I guess he could see the confusion because he said "Thanks for…saving my life and all…" He jaw seemed to twitch awkwardly like he's never apologized before. I guess Naruto was right about his whole high and mighty self esteem thing going.

"Oh, like I said before, it's no problem."


Again with that word, what is with that word? And that's when it hit me. Neji Hyuga reminds me a lot of….


"Well, that's the FACS room." Neji stated standing in front of a door, snapping me out of my little connection I made.

"Oh, thanks for walking me here." I said politely. Neji shrugged carelessly. And then we both stood there for another 4-5 minutes. Okay more like 30 seconds.

I cleared my throat, "Well, I'll talk to you la-"

"Do you wanna go get some coffee or something?" Neji said really quickly.

I was dumbfounded I really was. I just met this guy like an hour ago and he's already asking me out!

"Uh, sure."

Neji nodded. "Saturday, then. Ja ne." And he walked away.

I felt my face heat up with excitement, my first date, and on the first day of school too.

"CHA!" I screamed out loud, then I clamped my hand over my mouth. Where the hell did that come from?

"So honey how was school today?" My mom asked. We were all sitting down eating dinner, at the Hatake residents dinner is a HUGE thing. Maybe because Kakashi's a cook, who knows? No one skips dinner. No one.

"Erm, fine." I responded with a mouthful of spaghetti.

"Are you kidding me?" Konohamaru stated in great disbelief, "She saved some boys life!"

My mom focused her attention back at me, "Really?" She asked, raising an eyebrow.

"It was nothing." I replied harshly signaling the end of this conversation. Except Kiba with who has half a brain went…

"Oh, so the date with Neji you have this afternoon is nothing." I kicked him under the table. Hard. Kiba smirked, and continued chomping on the meatballs, with sauce falling out of his mouth. Almost as if he has rabies.

"AW! Sakura is that true!?" My shouted happily. It's been my mom's dream that I grow up a normal kid, but with exception of boys flocking at my door. It's the weirdest thing. Most moms are the complete opposite.

"Yes…" I mumbled. Its not that I don't share my mom's dream, of course not. It's just that between the helping ghost and school work and everything, there's basically no time what so ever for a social life.

"Aw! What's he like? What's his name What…" and so she went on till dinner was over.

"Okay, it's now or never." I whispered to myself. For the past five hours I've been pretending to do my homework, while I was actually waiting till my mom and the rest of my 'family' went to bed, so I could sneak out and go kick some ass but.

So you know all is going fine and dandy, I'm putting on my black combo boots and my gloves, you know ready.

Until a little annoying voice that I hoped I would never hear again went,

"Where do you think you're going?"

I quickly snapped my self from my mirror and turned around and saw Sasuke standing there.

"What are you doing here? I thought I told you to leave!" I retorted back, whispering this time of course.

"I thought Sarutobi-sama had told you not to go after her." Sasuke said calmly as ever, completely ignoring my question.

"You know I don't care what that old man thinks…wait! How the hell do you know what he told me?"

Sasuke was quiet glaring at me with those cold onyx eyes.

"You were stalking me weren't you?"

Instead of answering my question, Sasuke eyes scanned my body.

"What the hell are you wearing?" He asked.

"Don't change the subject! And what's wrong with my outfit?" I asked looking at my own outfit. I was wearing a black jeans mini-skirt with a black tank top with a matching black sweater. Also black gloves and my black combat boots.

Sasuke narrowed his eyes. "Change."

"Excuse me?!" Who the hell does this guy think he is?

"I don't need to repeat myself." Sasuke replied coldly.

"Why the hell do you want me to change?" I asked, trying to rearrange the question.

"I don't need to explain my self either."

"Well I don't give a damn what you think!" And with that I walked past him about to climb out my bay window and onto the balcony.


I turned my head around and saw him glaring at me, like if looks could kill I would be 6 feet under.

"Argh!" I sighed with a defeat and walked into the bathroom grabbing a pair of jeans on the way. After about five minutes, I came out with my tightest and low rise pair of pants (they belongs to my best friend in New York, Jill. We went as Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie last year for Halloween, and these were the jeans we used.)

I smirked as I saw Sasuke's reaction to my pants.

"Happy now?" I asked smugly. Sasuke glare got eviler…if that's possible.

"Hn. You're not going anywhere anyway." Sasuke snorted tearing his gaze of me and looking out the window.

"Are you serious? What the hell is you're problem? I may look like you're stupid dead girlfriend, but I'm not so stop acting so fucking over protective!" In the reflection in the mirror I saw Sasuke's eyes flash crimson red, for about four seconds.

I gulped; maybe I shouldn't have said that…

"Shut up, you know nothing about me." He said in the coldest voice humanly possible.

I shrugged, "And you nothing about me, so you let me do what I have to do, and I'll leave you alone." With that lovely comeback if I do say so myself, I walked right past him and climbed out of my bay window. I landed on top of the garage with a thump. Then I slowly climbed down the garage and landing on the pavement perfectly. I smirked to myself, and looked to see if Sasuke was watching me…to my disappointment he wasn't.

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