Mother Daughter Dynamic

Chapter 1 The Dream

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It was a dream, a horrible and impossible dream…

She sighed and sat up, slowly coming to the realization that her bottom was soaked in water. Her back ached as she pressed her legs into equally wet bedclothes.

"Luka!" she called, her voice slightly hoarse.

Luka came in to the bed, looking confused. "What is it?"

"My water broke…" She really hoped dreams like that didn't come true. She found it hard to know what to focus on, the worry itself or the pains stretching through her abdomen.

He took her hand, pulling her to her feet and looked her over. "We don't have to go in yet, unless you want to."

No she definitely didn't want to, not if it could wait but she didn't feel strong enough to resist. Come on Abby, this is reality, not some dream…She took Luka's hand for support and went over to her pile of clothes she had so lazily tossed her new pants on. With a large yawn she pressed her hands to her stomach and looked outside. It was dark and raining, just like in her dream. She shuddered at the thought. She turned to Luka, hugging him close.

He roughly hugged her back, compassionately as always and held out her coat to her. He took her shoulders as she put it on. He saw the feelings in her eyes, and the way she had hugged him. "Alright, let's go."

Abby gulped silently but went ahead of him in the hallway. She was already starting to forget the dream, as though it was no more than a forgotten nursery rhyme. Calmly she went out to the car, Luka at her heels. Once inside he put a blanket over her stomach, knowing how bad it must he getting by her face. Every few minutes he watched it flinch, but as they started to drive she seemed to know when they would come. He reached over and grasped her hand in his as they drove.

All was fine, even as they stopped at the intersection. He was getting ready to turn left, and pulled up some despite the confusion in the rain. Suddenly there was a harsh squeal of tires, and what he thought to be an accident far away was not. A white Cadillac hydro planed off the road, continually gaining speed as it flew right into the corner hood of their car. Luka was thrown backward and forward almost in the same moment. He lost Abby's hand. He could barely hear her screams. For a moment she didn't even seem to exist. He closed his eyes and drooped over in his seat.

Abby sat rigid, unable to do anything until the car was still on the wet road. She tried to crawl, tried to move, but either her feet were stuck or she was too in shock. Struggling to breathe, she looked over at Luka, passed out to the side. His head was engulfed in blood. She looked out the window, searching for the Cadillac. Her ears beat her eyes. She heard it speed away. It was then that she screamed, banging on the window until her knuckles bruised. Then she heard the sirens. Saw the flashing lights in the dim. More pain in her stomach, a gash on her leg. It was too much. She lost consciousness just as the door was wrenched open.


Haleh put the phone back from her ear and turned to the doctors in Admit. "Alright listen up, Medic says he's got two doctors from here, Luka, the Croatian, and Abby, she pregnant. They got hit by a hydroplaning Cadillac in the front and they're both unconscious!"

Doctor Weaver looked up, immediately stepping up too charge. "Damn it… Alright, who do we got?" Quickly she surveyed her colleagues, all frozen to the spot. "Aright, nurses prep trauma rooms… I bet Abby's in labor, Ray get a ultrasound, and fetal monitor and page Surgery, OB and NICU and PEDs. Pratt you and me to the ambulance bay, Morris clear any Trauma patients to exam rooms.

She watched them all move off for certainty, and then high tailed it out to the bay. She held an arm out to shield the rain from her eyes as she heard the ambulances surging in. This was going to be a bad one. She sighed stiffly and went straight to the first ambulance unloading Abby, leaving Pratt to Luka.

More shouts rang out as they surged through the automatic doors. "Pratt get Morris, Ray and Gates! Sam and Hope with me! Someone page Neela down here!"


She was unconscious all the way to County but as soon as those doors slid back for the gurney she was awake. How familiar it must have sounded for her to have heard that. For that split second she had thought it was okay. That she was just dreaming again. She breathed deeply, reminding everyone she was still with them. She groaned and grasped for her stomach as the shouts died down and the running began. She heard Kerry, "It's okay Abby you're safe now." What was this, a dream? Where was Luka, and why did everything hurt so much? She blacked out again.


"Pratt, he's loosing too much blood!" shouted Ray.

"I know that! Get transfusions, and meds, we'll get his heart going again. Gates, you're going to have to stem that bleeding until we get his rhythm up!" As if on queue the monitor started beeping frantically as heart rate continued to decline. "Paddles! 350!"

"Clear!" Luka's body went rigid, but in the same moment bounced back from the shock. "No change! 375!" They shocked him again but nothing happened. "Ray, get him intibated for some extra air. Stat, because we've got to shock him again! Gates start compressions!" He stepped back, and went to Luka's head. For years he had looked up to and befriended his coworkers, especially this one. And now his life hung in the balance.


Abby's eyes opened again, weary and tired as she felt the cold gel on her stomach. She blinked a few times but pain told her what was gong on first. She was starting to feel pressure and a lot of it. She groaned and put her head up to the pillow. Kerry was bent below her knees, checking for the baby's progress. "Sam you can take off the ultrasound, Hope monitor the fetal heart rate. We are all going to have to keep her awake." She looked at Abby with sad, but hopeful eyes. "You've got to stay awake," she said gently, rubbing her bruised cheek.

Abby nodded slightly and sat up, "Where's Luka?"

"You were in a car accident, he's in Trauma 2."

"Is he alright?" Her voice jumped in the horror of what was happening. Wasn't this just like her dream?

"Pratt's working on him right now." she said reassuringly.

Abby nodded, still looking a bit stunned and puzzled, but she relaxed against the pillows.

"I can't give you an epidural anymore, it would be too dangerous if you were to go unconscious again, but I do need you to stay awake. We can't deliver the baby anywhere else right now. But, I've paged everyone so if you need it we've got half the hospital on stand by." She smiled slightly as Abby was reassured.

Abby was surprised to feel not Luka's rough grasp but Sam's gentle hold at her hand as she was prepped for delivery.

"Alright Abby, baby's crowing, I need you to stay with me and push."

Abby nodded, feeling shaky and tired despite all the pain and pressure calling her awake. She just wanted to go back to sleeping, where she could think it was a dream. She supported herself by her spare hand. Her teeth gritted as she bore down, screaming in pain.

She felt Sam's grip tighten around her hand as Kerry finished the 10 count. She let her a break but too soon she said, "One last push Abby." Abby was fighting to remain awake just as she heard Hope,

"God be with you and your baby."

Even though she was not a believer this statement must of strengthened her somehow, because she surged forward and bore down, groaning and pushing with all her mite. Then she heard the crying and felt the tightening on her hand. She looked up, eyes in a fog from tears and tire. The pain in her abdomen left and she tried to breathe easy.

"It's a girl Abby," Kerry said, finishing the check and wrapping her in a blanket. She held the gurgling baby out to her with a proud sort of smile. She could never had been as strong as Abby just was.

"A girl?" Abby questioned, looking scared. She couldn't handle a daughter. It scared the hell out of her. She took the newborn with bated breath, "I have no idea what to name her. We planned on a boy..."

Kerry touched her shoulder gently, "You think about it, I'll take her to be weighed. Hope could you page OB again?"

"Abigail." Abby murmured. "That's what I'll name her, after me…"


"Ray shock him again at 500."

His body rose and fell with the shock. "No change."


"Pratt it's been almost an hour with no rhythm… I don't think there's much else we can do." Ray spoke solemnly.

Morris who had neither said nor done much of anything stepped up, "No we've got to work harder, for Abby and the baby. All of us know that! Ray, give him air and I'll do compressions." The three worked in near silence for 18 more minutes, rhythms jumping slightly but not really changing. Pratt said 'clear!' and shocked him again. It was over.

The three stepped back from the case, hanging there head's in sad, sad horror.

"Time of death 8:52…"