Mother Daughter Dynamic

Chapter 5 Leaving

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By the late afternoon the day after the funeral Abby was piled into the car with baby Abby and the things she would need for the trip. It was nearing 11pm when they reached their destination and Abby quickly located the address of her old colleague. She debated whether to show up so late without notice but this was a desperate time. Abby hastily made her way over to the address she had been given.

Kerry Weaver was surprised to hear a knock on her door quite so late at night, not knowing who it could be. That's why when she opened her door she was startled to the verge of tears. There stood a ruined looking Abby, a tiny baby resting against her shoulder. She couldn't believe she was here, that she had come all this way… She quickly took her inside and they got the baby settled in the guest room.

Abby sat down on the couch Weaver offered, not having said much. Abby sighed and sat silently until Kerry addressed her.

"Abby, what's wrong?" She sat down beside her, looking concerned.

"Luka died…" she choked out finally, wincing bitterly.

Kerry took a moment to control her self. He died? How? When? "Sweetie, what happened?"

Tears streaked her face, "We were going to the hospital… and a car hit us." She sighed shakily, "It's my fault, my water broke…"

"No hun, you can't control those things…" She brought her into her arms, stroking her hair gently.

Abby straightened, looking ashamed. "I should go…"

"No, dear you stay with me, okay?"

Abby sighed, too upset to argue. She rested back in her arms for a little longer. Then she heard the crying of her daughter. She sat up, ready to go and get her, but Kerry beat her to it. "Don't worry, I'll get her."

Abby rested her head against a pillow, watching quietly as Kerry bounced and soothed her against her shoulder.

"Where's Henry?" Abby asked, breaking her silence spell.

"Asleep. He doesn't usually cry at night."

"Oh, okay." Abby lowered her head back down and closed her eyes, breathing slowly. She was only vaguely aware that Abigail had stopped crying and Kerry was putting her back to sleep. It was time for Abby herself to sleep. That's what she really needed.