Epilogue 2: Meet the Uchihas


I'll keep you my dirty little secret
(Dirty little secret)
Don't tell anyone or youll be just another regret
(Just another regret, hope that you can keep it)
My dirty little secret
Who has to know

The All American Reject::: My Dirty Little Secret


Ten years later…

"Caleb, Jordan, it's time for your bath." I said loudly throughout the huge mansion as I heard footsteps racing from the front porch. My twin boys, head full of spiky black locks, both clad in a similar hakama was running full speed toward me with a huge smile on their faces. I could not help but smile back as I caught a sight of dirt and mud tuck to their body.

"Mama, uncle Ruto says we could train until Papa comes home." Jordan, the younger of the twin said with his emerald green eyes peering up innocently at mine.

"UncleNaruto is half way across the world, sweetie." I said as I leaned down and wiped the smudge off his face.

"That's what I said, Mama, but Jordan here," Caleb said jerking his tiny thumb at his pouting brother. " Thinks that Japan and New York have the same time zone."

Jordan pouted before pointing his chubby fingers at his brother with narrowed eyes. "You're an ass." He announced suddenly. I choked on my saliva upon hearing my six years old son curse for the first time.

"So, better an ass than a bastard." Caleb replied haughtily and I slowly turned my shocked face toward my older twins.

I took a deep breath to calm down my nerve and counted silently in my head to twenty, then to fifty for a good measure. Dealing with growing boys whose godfather was a master at swearing need a lot of patients and practice. "Daisuke Caleb Uchiha, Ryomaru Jordan Uchiha," I said slowly using their full names in a tone to warn them that I meant serious business, "Where did you hear those words from?"

"Uncle Ruto and Papa said that it was…"Jordan began with his emerald eyes brightened.

"Their way of showing how much they 'preciate each other." Caleb finished with a smug look in his dark onyx eyes, unlike his younger twin.

"It'sappreciate, dummy." Jordan corrected with his trademark Uchiha smirk. Even at the tender age of six, the boys had already perfected the art of the Uchiha irresistible pout and the infamous smirk, courtesy of their father, Sasuke Uchiha.

I blinked before steam came off from my ears. Oh, Sasuke is going to get an earful tonight. "I don't think using that kind of language around the house is appropriate, and…what else did you learn while you were in Japan?" I asked hesitantly, almost afraid to know the answer. At this moment, I started to doubt my decision of letting my son vacationed with Naruto and his wife Hinata this past summer.

Caleb scoffed. "Pu-leeze Mama. Uncle Ruto is not the only one who says those words. Uncle Shikamaru, Uncle Kiba, Uncle Neiji, and Uncle Gaara use it often too."

"Guess they must have appreciated each other a lot." Jordan said thoughtfully with his hands on his cheeks. "Don't be sad Mama. I appreciate Caleb, which is why I said he's an ass."

Caleb nodded sagely. "Uh-huh, and Jordan is my brother, which is why I called him a bastard."

"And when the baby girl is born," Jordan continued, moving to pat my protruding stomach lovingly, "We'll appreciate her by calling her a bitch." Both Caleb and Jordan finished and I was practically on the verge of breakdown.

"And if she does not like it, we have a lot more, Mama. Um…like ass wipe, jerk, idiot, stupid, whore, tramp, slut…"

"That's it. Both of you go upstairs now. It's bath time and Takani-san is waiting." I said in a stern voice as I pointed toward the stairs where the nanny awaited.

They must have sense that I was upset because their downy heads were drooping with a slight sad look on their faces. The bickering voices faded until I heard the bathroom door closed. Setting myself down on the soft cushiony sofa, I rubbed my head to alleviate the stress. It does some good as pain subsided. Rubbing my belly, I smiled as the twins words came back to me. They were so innocent and clueless when they uttered those words. I wanted to burst out laughing when all of the seriousness is gone. From an entirely subjective point of view, the whole situation was too funny and I could not help but laughed. The twins were indeed mischievous in their own way, but they always found something to amuse themselves and learned from it. Since both of the boys were born with photographic memory, they learned and grasped things more quickly then other children. At the age of six, they already in third grade and their reading levels were off the chart. Of course, I was not surprised to know that they have a better concept of understanding when it comes to business. Spending every other summer of winter break with their grandfathers, the boys had great times learning from the best and when they are home in New York, Sasuke took over the job to prepare the boys for the best. I guess I should not be caught be by surprised to hear the language that they picked up during their month in Japan.

It felt just like yesterday when we decided to move to New York and raised our family. Of course, back then it was college that was on our minds. Attending New York University with Sasuke was the best four years of our marriage. He graduated with a Master Degree in Business while I received a Master Degree in Medicine. Living in a different atmosphere was more open and free that both of us decided to move here permanently and bought an apartment that overlook Central Park. During our first few years after graduating, my father handed the Haruno Empire along with Sasuke's inheritance of the Uchiha fortune and Sasuke was always busy with work. Now that he got the hang of the rope, works was a lot easier now these days and he managed to be a family man instead of business executive all day.

The twins took up most of the time. I was barely twenty-one when I was pregnant with them. Mikoto and Tsubasa along with Hinata, Tenten and Temari visited regularly, staying with me as long as two months and Sasuke could not have been more relief to have women to know about birthing close by.

After the twins were born, Naruto and Hinata got married just weeks after Naruto was named the heir to the Uzumaki Telecommunication. Shortly after, Tenten and Neiji tied the knot after Tenten was three months into the pregnancy. She had never looked better as her face glowed throughout the whole ceremony. What shocked me the most was the next pair that got married. Temari and Shikamaru walked down the isle next after a very awkward meeting of Temari waking in on a naked Shikamaru before Neiji's wedding. I laughed. It sure had been a very fun ten years.

"Maybe I'll keep this one close." I murmured as I rubbed my belly. I am into my fifth month of pregnancy and in those months, I would have to say that Sasuke suffered the most from my giant mood swing. The front door opened silently and closed. Speaking of the man, he was here already. I glanced at the clock chimed four in the afternoon and grinned. It was Friday and Sasuke had always made an effort to spend more times with the boys on Fridays. It had become the official "Daddy and Twins Day".

"Hey babe." He said in his sultry voice as he leaned down to give me a long kiss that belonged in our bedroom instead of the family room, and then he placed a chaste kiss on my stomach for our daughter.

"You're in a good mood." I commented as he sat down on the sofa and pulled me to sit on his lap.

"I'm home with my lovely wife and my boys. What more could I ask for?"

"Speaking of boys, did you know what they learned during their vacation in Japan?" I asked with a raised brow.

"Do tell." Sasuke urged me with a grin. I rolled my eyes.

"Profanities, that's what." I said hotly while glaring at my husband. "Did you know that Caleb and Jordan were calling each other names such as 'Ass' and 'Bastard' to show how much they appreciate each other?" I asked sarcastically as I caught the sight of Sasuke's suppressed laughter.

"I had no idea." He deadpanned.

"Oh, so you don't need to know that they are going to call their soon to be sister a, and I quote, 'bitch'." I finished and Sasuke burst out laughing.

"This is a serious matter, Uchiha." I snapped as I sense another mood swing coming. He subsided into chuckles before patting my pink hair lovingly.

"It's a developmental stage, Sak. You know, I started swearing at the age of three." He said proudly.

"Why are you gloating over that?" I asked genuinely confused.

"It's amazing. Have you ever seen any baby with the ability to say the 'F' word at three years old?" he asked curiously.

"That's because no parents are bent enough to teach their kids that." I replied.

"Well, I turned out fine. Look where it got me." He gloated.

"And where did it get you?" I asked.

He leaned down to nibbled on my neck. "It got me the hottest woman as my wife."

I glared at him for not considering this whole situation. He finally relented with a sigh and composed his feature into a sober one.

"I'm sorry. I'm such an ass and I swear not to do it again." He recited the line that got him out of trouble every time he does not come home for dinner. I narrowed my eyes.

"Keep it up, Sasuke. It's been a while since you visit your best friend, Mr. Couch." I threatened.

"I'll have a talk with Naruto tonight." He said with a suppressed grin and I 'humph'.

"Make sure that you do." I said haughtily before Sasuke scooped me up into his arms.

"Now, where were we?" he said slyly as he walked toward our bedroom.

I blushed and smacked him on the shoulder lightly. "Haven't you had enough last night?"

":I want to break the record." He replied with a grin before he was smacked on the legs with one of the toy guns from two pairs of curious looking eyes.

"Tonight." I whispered in his ear as he reluctantly put me down before the twins tackled him to the ground.

"It's s date." He replied sheepishly before water guns was fired. I sighed happily, as I watched Sasuke played with the twins.

Here I am at the age of twenty-seven with two sons and soon-to-be-daughter growing inside of me. I have a loving husband and supporting children by my side. Life could not get any better. That is until a loud crash was heard.

"Caleb and Papa did it Mama. I swear." Jordan loud voice rang out from the living room as I vaguely heard apologies from Sasuke and his son. I giggled.

Like father, like son.


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