Now I'm sure you've heard this tale many times before. You've heard of a brave human that was turned into a pokèmon and saved the world, while being pursued by other teams who thought he was an evil human under a curse. I know you've heard this story before. Well, here it is again. But I promise, this story is different than the others. This story starts years ago, in a small wooded area...

"Now, lets see what pokèmon you should be." Echoed a mysterious voice. All was black, so there must have been lots of space to echo in.

"What do you mean?" came another, meeker, voice.

"Before you enter the portal into the World of Pokèmon, I have several questions." Came the echoing voice, "I want you to answer them truthfully."

"Ok." Came the meek voice.

"First Question. You are suddenly locked in a pitch black room. What do you do?"

"Kick the door."

"Second Question. You are offered a choice of two presents, big and small. Which one do you take?"

"The small present."

"Third Question. Do you like pranks?"


"Fourth Question. There's a person you like, but there's no opportunity to get close. What do you do?"

"Might say hello..."

"Fifth Question. There is a scream from behind a door. What do you do?"

"Probably start screaming too."

"Sixth Question. Your friend is being bullied. What do you do?"

"Face up to the bully."

"Seventh Question. Do you suddenly run out of things to do?"


"Eighth and Final Question. Are you male or female?"


"Good. You appear to be the quirky type. People consider you an eccentric who does things at your own pace. You never break tempo. Your carefree nature makes you attractive. But you also happen to be somewhat childish...You are fickle and cause problems for the people who have to go along with you. Maybe people are even upset with you for being so fickle. If you realize how selfishly you're behaving, try to think before you do anything rash."


"A quirky person like you should be...Meowth!" And with that everything faded into nothingness.