I've decided to make another EEnE fanfic, this time, one on the Final Fantasy series. And not just and fic, this one has a fan's explanation to why there are so many connections between most if not all the games (chocobos, moogles, etc.) Note that I won't have them go through in numerical order, just the ones I know enough of. I know I should finish the SpiritED away one first, but to be honest, I hit writer's block. I don't know diddely as to what should happen next. If anyone has suggestions, let me know along in the reviews. Danke.

Final Fantasy: The ED Connection

New Gameā€¦(veet whirr)

Prolougue: Beginning of the ED

A blonde man was sitting near a campfire. Around him, were his friends, the enigmatic Auron, the silent Ronso Kimhari, the humorous Wakka, and many others. The most distinctive being the young and beautiful summoner Yuna, and the 3 young but surprisingly strong Ed-boys. Yuna was fast asleep, drained from all the traveling and fighting while the Ed's resigned themselves to various, random spots. Suddenly, the young blonde man stands up and walks to a cliff. Listen to my story. Actually, it's not just mine, it belongs to us all. It doesn't even begin in this world...

Chapter 1: Say good bye to the Cul-ED-Sac

"Eddy! Eddy! Eddy wake up!" yelled the 12 year old boy known as Edd, or Double-D. Despite the fact that it was 2:45, Edd was fully awake and clothed in his usual red shirt with blue shorts, and his sock-like hat, and apparently, deeply distressed. The door slid open to reveal a very drowsy, and very ticked off Eddy. "This had better be important Sock-head. If I can't get my beauty rest, then I won't be able to think of scams, and if that happens, we won't make any moolah, and if that happens, well at least I know who to look for."

"Eddy get dressed and follow me."

"Is Ed eating all the food again?"


"Then good night."

"Eddy this is a serious emergency! Now get dressed now mister!"

"Okay fine, (does he ever sleep?)"

(In Zanarkand)

People gather by a houseboat, waiting for someone to come out. The man who spoke earlier steps off much to their delight. He runs to the crowd, and starts to speak with them. "I love you TIDUS!"


Then three kids arrived, and all said at the same time, "Teach us how to blitz!"

"Hey, I got a game to play!"

"Then teach us after!"

"Maybe tonight...um...well..."

"You can't tonight.", said a mysterious boy. Tidus was confused, but just went with it.

"I mean...tomorrow. Promise.", then all three children made the blitzball salute for victory, which was bringing the hands back, and then moving them together in the form of a ball.

Tidus began running down the road towards the stadium, He saw a large banner of a man in a red headband and crossed arms on the side of a building. Tidus harrumphed and ran down the street. Tidus managed to maneuver his way through the suffocating crowd of rabid fan girls, into the stadium, and takes position above the blitz-sphere. The roof of the stadium retracts and the game starts up. The crowd starts cheering as the game already is turning brutal. Somewhere in the city, a man in a red garb raises a toast to a gigantic creature coming out of the water. Tidus finds the ball and gets ready to score a goal, but notices the creature coming out of the water, which shoots missiles randomly into the city and the city of Zanarkand is near demolished.

(Peach Creek)

"How long has he been in your back yard lumpy?" inquired Eddy

"I have no idea what's happening Eddy." replied the chinless, monobrowed, brainless oaf Ed. Ed was wearing his regular red and white striped shirt with his hand-me-down green jacket, along with jeans and black shoes.

They were referring to the cloaked boy, sitting in the middle of the lawn. Edd had briefed Eddy, that the boy suddenly appeared, and said he had to speak to the 'children whose root name was Ed.' Eddy stomped up to the child followed by an excited/confused Ed, and timid Edd. "Alright small, creepy, and annoying, what's with you dragging me away from the best dream I have ever had (I won't go into detail)?"

"You are required to save a world, and worlds beyond those.


"Aaron!" yelled Tidus, trying to scramble out of the wreckage.

The city was in total turmoil from the attack. People were practically scrambling over each other, looking for shelter. Above them, rained enormous spikes and countless scales that unfurled into ugly looking monsters. One pounced and was only a few centimeters away before getting sliced in half by Auron.

"Auron what are you doing here?"

"I was waiting for you." Said the red-garbed man. "Here, a gift from your dad." He said as he handed him a sword. It was surprisingly light in Tidus' hand. He then started running down the highway. Tidus follows him to a highway and, for a moment, he spots the strange kid from before who 'stops time'. "It begins." He said "don't cry now." The child disappeared as timed resumed. "Hey wait, what's going on?" Auron appeared and grabbed Tidus, pulling him down the street towards the monster in the water. "We called it 'Sin'" said Auron, referring to the huge beast that was emerging from the water. Then the water shrouded it in a sphere, turning Sin into what looked like an enormous blitz-sphere. The tentacles and scaled begin embedding themselves around Auron and Tidus. "Fight only the ones that matter. Keep moving!" slicing through legions of monsters. Tidus follows, taking swipes at anymonter that strayed to close. They passed the banner of Jecht, now flickering from all the destruction. "What are you laughing at, old man?" he sneered.

"We're expected."


Auron then sliced at a oil tanker, which sent a huge canister crashing into the monsters in front of them. "Go!" yelled Auron, and the two ran along the collapsing highway. Auron makes it to the other side; Tidus hangs on the ledge, just barely. The large creature in the water hovers overhead, sucking in debris and pieces of the highway, which levitates up towards it.

"Auron, Auron!" called out Tidus.

Auron looked towards the monster "You sure?" he said. He then picked up Tidus by his collar and held him level with himself.

(Peach Creek)

"How does any of that involve us?!" yelled a dumbfounded Edd. It wasn't every day that someone told you that you and your friends are fated to save the world. "I mean wouldn't Kevin or Rolf make more suitable candidates then us?!"

"Not quite, they all lack 2 things: their bonds of friendship aren't that strong unlike all of yours, and most of them are pretty darn stupid, no real brains in their group."

"Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, even if all this is true, then what's in it for us?"

"Well other than the fame, you'll have to see for yourself."

Fame means $$$ (Eddy has a very one track mind regardless of the situation) Eddy and Ed were convinced, Edd however was still reluctant. "Too bad." came a voice and a portal opened right above them. Then it grew and began sucking the Eds in. Double-D grabbed onto Eddy who in turn, grabbed Ed, who latched his jaws into the ground. Even then the portal continued to suck them in.


"This is it. This is your story. It all begins here." said Auron as he was sucked into the portal in a blinding flash of light...

(Peach Creek)

"This is it. This is your story. It all begins here." said the boy and the three boys were sucked into the portal in a blinding flash of light. The last thing the Eds heard was Sarah "ED SHUT UP BEFORE I SHUT YOU UP FOR GOOD!"