There you go another collection of all my spur-of-the-moment writings

There you go another collection of all my spur-of-the-moment writings. I tried to take into suggestion about reducing game script speech, and have resorted to using it only when I felt it essential to the plot. Even then, I would cut some out, as most people who read this have probably already played FFX, and know what happens anyway.

Chapter 12: And it All Goes Out the ED

"Ten years ago..." Auron said.

"A history lesson?" asked Tidus.

"Ten years ago what?" asked Edd.

"Jecht saw his first shoopuf here. Surprised, he drew his blade and

struck it."

"…Why?" asked Edd.

"He was drunk…thought it was a fiend."

"Oh brother…"sighed Tidus.

"We offered all the money we had as an apology. Jecht never drank again.

But, it would seem that shoopuf still works here." He noticed a scar on the shoopuf's leg.

"I see, interesting story. Now how exactly does one try to at- ED! GET DOWN FROM THERE!"

Ed was gleefully swinging about on the shoopuff's trunk, mush to the panic and anger of the driver. "Crazshy boy! Get off! You zshcaring the zshoopuff!"

"But it likes me." Whined Ed. If the shoopuff could talk it would disagree and tell Ed it was cutting off its air circulation. But it didn't so it simply wrapped its trunk around Ed and tossed him into the compartment on its back. "Ifsh the zhoopuf iszh damagshedm yoush be paying exzzhtra!"

The shoopuff trundled onwards, giving the party on top a magnificent view. Of a sunken city specifically. "What a marvelous archaeological find! A sunken city!" mused Edd.

"A machina city-a thousand years old! They built a city on top of bridges across the river. But the weight of the city caused the bridges to collapse, and it all sank to the bottom. It's a lesson to the rest of us never to use machina." Wakka said.

"I'm sorry I don't follow." Replied Edd.

"Yevon has taught us: When humans have power, they seek to use it. If you don't stop them, they go too far, ya?"

"But what about the stadium and such? Isn't that, 'machina'?" Edd asked, raising his fingers in quotation of machina. Wakka scrunched his face, trying to find a way to explain the loophole.

"Yevon, it decides...which machina we may use, and which we may not."

"So what kind of machina may we not use, then? The kind like Operation Mi'hen?"

"That kind. It was thanks to that kind of machine that Spira had a massive war, and it was thanks to that machine that Yevon punished us, by sending us Sin."

"Oh, that's why you don't like me using this huh?" Edd inquired pointing to the rifle slung over his back.

"Yeah, it is. But, it's not like the machina is bad, only the user. You crazy Al-Bhed."

"I'm not Al-Bhed."

"You're not? Then, why the machina?"

"It was given to me so I could protect myself against fiends."

"Oh. Sorry 'bout the mix up there then." Wakka said, suddenly smiling at hi for the first time.

"Oh it's quite alright I-" there was a violent shaking. "What the? Ed?"

"Sorry. But I couldn't hold it any longer."

"Hold wha-OH THAT SMELL!" Everyone in the compartment ran to the sides for air just as there was an even more violent shake.

"Whatsh could thatsh be?" wondered the driver.

"Not me guys, I only had enough space for one." Said Ed defensively.

Suddenly, a three Al Bhed swooped in to the compartment, grabbed Yuna, and jumped into the water.

"AMBUSH!" yelled Eddy. "I'm going down!"

He grabbed his rebreather (where he put it is none of your business) as well as Tidus, Wakka, and Edd jumped after Yuna. What waited in the water was another Al Bhed machina, that looked like a mechanical jellyfish holding Yuna in some sort of bubble.

Tidus yelled "Hang on Yuna, we'll save you!" and drover his sword into the machina. It had little effect other than disabling one of the flailing 'arms'. The machine spread open like a flower and launched shots of super-heated, high velocity water at the group with surprising accuracy, all but Edd being able to dodge, but managed to block with his rifle. Edd immediately countered by hutting one of the firing mechanisms, causing it to blow off and breach the surface of the river.

In the compartment, those that stayed watched in fascination, mainly because the distorting effect the water had, made the fight look more like a light show. Suddenly a large chunk of metal the size of one's arm flew out and landed squarely on Ed's head. Surprisingly, it barely registered. "Why yes I would like another teaspoon of Pistachio Gravy." See? No difference.

"Dang it! Let's finish already!" yelled Eddy,.

"Way ahead of you" Wakka replied, launching a spikey-version of a blitzball into the opening torn open by Edd's gun. The machine suddenly began to splutter and eventuall the grips that held Yuna's bubble released its cargo as it finally died.

"A bit anti-climatctic I have to say." Eddy said to himself.

"Eddy, I'm surprised you even know what that word is!"

"Ish ebullibody okay?" asked the driver. "Yes, we're all fine now" Yuna smiled. The driver smiled back, or at least it looked like he smiled back.

"Shoopuf fill shpeed aheads!"

The remainder of the trek was uneventful, only with Wakka raving, and Edd tinkering with the machine scrap that hit Ed's head. "I think this could be used to increase the rate of fire, mayber even increase the speed of the projectile…" he pondered at a piece of metal that simply looked like a ball of junk to everyone else.

"How do you know this stuff if you're not Al Bhed" Lulu enquired, her eyebrow raised.

"I learned it from a book my father had. We after all came from the same time as Tidus, so books like that weren't uncommon."

Lulu made a light nod and looked off. Eddy turned and whispered. "We're from a different world or have you forgotten?"

"They have a hard enough time grasping that Tidus is from the past. It will be even harder for them to accept our story. Especially a culture like this one."

"What do you mean?"

"I'll explain later." Edd looked quite satisfied as he completed outfitting his rifle with the attatchments, gears poking out of the original frame, along with a large air container tied near the butt.

Ed, his brain being as loosely connectled as it was, sometimes processes at something higher than 15 making him somewhat smart. He had one of those moments suddenly as he spouted "Why did the Al Bhed try to kidnap the the Yuna lady do you think do you?" Wakka stared for a moment before realizing the question was directed at him.

"I honestly have know idea, but maybe they're mad they lost the

tournament! Or, wait! They're mad about Operation Mi'ihen! That's it! Wait…no."

"Didn't the fuzzball's friends mention something about summoners disappearing? I think maybe the Al Bhed has been behind it." Eddy quipped, pointing to Kihmari.

"Ah! So the Al Bhed are behind that! Those sand-blasted grease monkeys!" Wakka fumed.

"…Okay now that's racist." Edd said undewr his breath.

The shoopuff finally stopped and docked, the driver somewhat irate at the summoner's guardian's attracting so much trouble, with Yuna bowing a stream of apologies. The Ed's were lounging about when Edd spotted something crawling out of the water. He tapped Eddy, who then tapped Ed, then smacked Ed, who then tapped Tidus etc. As Tidus and the Eds moved closer, the figure got up, and removed its helmet. Turned out it was Rikku. An angry Rikku.

"You're...not dead?" Tidus asked dumbfounded, shocked and relieved at the same time. Rikku then proceeded to remove the rest of her wetsuit, revealing her traditional wear (everyonewho reads this probablyu played FFX so I don't think I need to explain her attire).

"Thought I was done for, back there. Why'd you have to go and do that for?"

"Do what?" asked Ed

"You tried to blow me up!"





"Really really really?"

"Yes really!"


"Ignore him, his reactions haven't sped up sincewe last met."

"Still, that was mean!"

"You did try to kidnap Yuna."

"Yeah we-"

"Yo!" Wakka with the rest of the group came running up.

"Friend of yours?" Wakka asked, pointing to Rikku.

"Yes, this is Rikku, the one who helped us. The one Tidus was talking about."

"Pleased to meet you! I'm Rikku!"

"Yeah she's Al Bemmmpgh!" Edd covered Ed's mouth, earninga confused look from Lulu. Wakka was oblivious.

Wow, so you, like owe her your life! What luck meeting here, ya? Praise to be Yevon!" called Wakka, turning a few heads. He turned to Rikku. "So, uh... Rikku... You look a little beat up! You okay?"

Rikku started looking a little shifty.

"Uh, Wakka..." Lulu started

"…there's something we need to discuss."

"Girls only boys please wait over there!" Rikku said

Yuna, Rikku and Lulu then moved off away from the others and started talking in hushed tones. Juat as quickly as they had started, the girls dispersed and returned.

Yuna walked up to Auron, a look of determination on her face. "Sir Auron... I would like Rikku to be my guardian."

Auron looked at Rikku for a moment. "Well-"

"Of course she can! Thanks to her I'm alive, and that should be good enough reason." Eddy interrupted.


"I must voice my agreement. After all, the more the merrier."

"Can I just-"

"I think I caught a cold guyz as my nose is leaky again." Ed spouted out of nowhere.

"…You know what? I think I'll leave it to the summoner to decide."

"Well I wanted her to come in the first place."

"Then she's coming."

"Alright!" Wakka proclaimed happily.

"How can he be that thick?" Eddy pondered to Edd.

"Everyone but he seems to see the Al Bhed in Rikku.

The group walked onwards, encountering many fiends along the way. They were dispatched easily thanks mostly to Rikku's dabbling with items. Though everyone did their share the fighting, and were all exhausted by the time they reached Guadosalam, except for Auron who never seemed to run out of energy, and Ed, who was skipping merrily, singing a vague and annoying children's rhyme horribly off-tone.

Welcome to Guadosalam Lady Yuna, you are expected." Said the Guado at the front of the Guado city. "I am here to escort you, please come along." The Guado made a grab for Yuna's hand when Ed jumped in the way, claws drawn out, growling menacingly.

"Don't worry, he's had his shots." Eddy said nonchalantly. "But still, we're a little edgy with total strangers trying to go for Yuna.

":Oh, I beg your pardon." Said the Guado. "I am called Tromell Guado. I am in the directservice of our leader, the great Seymour Guado. Lord Seymour has very important business with Lady Yuna."

"What kind of business."

"All will be explained. Now come come, don't waste any time now."

"Is ther food there? I'm hungry." Ed blurted.

"Of course."

There was food. A lot of it in the banquet hall. But most of it looked quite alien to the Eds, and some of it to Tidus. Ed however, being a person who would willingly eat a sandwich that can eat through floor tiles with its acid, dug in quickly, leaving the staff in real distress. "If Seymour pays for all the food he's eating, how will I get paid?" Edd heard one say. Eddy was busy holding onto what he thought might be fruit and took a bite. "It tastes like chicken. How is it possible for fruit to taste like chicken?!"

Trommel had disappeared to summon Saymour, so the party had been left to themselves in the banquet hall, most having their fill as quickly as they coul, then leaving to one of the corners of the room to get away from the whirlwind of dirty dishes and food bits that was Ed.

"What do you think woyld merit the attention of a summoner to someone like Seymour?" inquired Edd to Eddy.

"You're asking me a question? Usually it's the other way around. So how do expect me to answer that? I know about as much about this place as you do. OW! QUIT IT ED!"

Ed had tossed the bony carcass of some animal, the carcass hitting Eddy in the stomach and dragged his belt down to the grounds with it, along with his pants. "EDDY! SHOW SOME DECENCY!"

"I CAN'T UN-SEE THAT!" cried Rikku. Yuna screamed and looked away. Lulu simply looked away muttering "I thought I've seen everything. How wrong I was."

"Whoa." was all Wakka and Tidus could say.

Auron wasn't looking but chuckled lightly.

"What? I was dragged here when I was still in my pajamas. What do you expect Edd?" Eddy asked irritatingly, his face beet red, as he hastily tried to cover his leopard patterned tight underpants.

"You're still wearing that after all this time here?"
"You make it sound like I don't wash it."

Trommel reappeared almost suddenly after like lightning, scaring Eddy, whose pants were still only halfway up.

"I can see something interesting happened while I was gone, and for some reason, I am relieved I wasn't here when it did happenned." Eddy grunted.

"Welcome all!"

Behind Trommel stood Seymour, smiling broadly at his audience.

"You...wanted to see me?" Seymour turned to face Yuna. "Yes, but there is no ruch. Make yourselves at home. I see that some of you have already." Seymour replied, eyeing Ed who was still scarfing down everything semi-edible, and Eddy, trying to fix the ruins of his belt. "Well, we are in a bit of a rush actually so if we could..."

"Of course, pardon me. It has been a long time since I had guests. Lady Yuna, this way." And Seymour advanced out of the hall, everyone following in twos and threes until there was only the Eds. "Ed? Ed? I think you've eaten enough."

Ed stopped gobbling down food and looked at his friends. Then at the ruins of what might have been a cake. "Just a little for the road then guys." And with that he started shoveling the leftovers into his pockets, despite the mess of oil, juice and cream he was splattering. "Right, well why don't you finish that and catch up later, we'll be over with the others being sick.

Ed nodded as his friends left and continued to stuff his pockets full of food, much to the disgust of the staff around him.

Click click click…

Yuna steps into a dark room and it suddenly shimmers to life, the surroundinjgs filling with bright lifghts. Until she and everyone els is floating over a massive city.

"This sphere is a reconstruction created from the thoughts of the dead that wander the Farplane." Seymour said. "What you see is-"

"Zanarkand!" Tidus gasped Seymour turned towards Tidus, nodding and eyeing him curiously.

"Correct, it looked one thousand years ago. The great and wondrous machina city, Zanarkand. She once lived in this metropolis."

"Who?" came Yuna, dumbfounded as he was as a sulking man dressed in some neon orange suit phased through her.

Click click click….

"Are you sure they went down this way?" asked Eddy. Being late, they had lost track of everyone and were traversing down a hallway.

"I honestly don't know Eddy. I wasn't keeping my eyes on them. I was too busy being sick from Ed's and your repulsive ettique."

"Me? It was lunkhead's fault for my ripped pants. I'm the victim!"
"But you still caused a disturbance." Edd huffed as he opened a door. Out came crashing an extra dirty Ed. "Ed! Where'd you come from?" Eddy asked as he pulled him of a flabberghasted Edd. Ed turned to face Eddy. "The bathroom, I had to go really bad."

Edd froze as he realized Ed was still filthy, and he had toppled right ob top ….of…him. Edd continued his ascent ans slowly walked into the bathroom Ed had just left, procceded to close and lock the door. A stream of yelling and curses followd, most of it was thankfully too muffled but madesome of the passing maids and servants blush. "Uh… yeah Double D, I think we'll leave you to your business, and we'll… be…over... there… in the… main hall. See ya."Eddy said as he steppedslowly away from the door, taking Ed along with him. If Edd acknowledged it, he gave no sign as the sound of runnig water and cursing continued to stream from the bathroom.

Eddy and Ed had returned to the main hall to find the rest of the group had already converged there. Yuna looked a little flustered, and Tidus seemed sulky. "What happened while we we're gone anyway?" Eddy inquired, perplexed.

"Nothing." Tidus replied a bit hastily. Yuna looked his way worriedly. Wakka stepped forward. "Nothing areally special, just witnessed an illusion of Zanarkand, hey I got a couple of questions can ya anwer them later?"

"Uh…sure." Eddy said, shifting about.

Seymour looked at turned to Yuna. "Please, think it over."

"We will do so, then. We leave." Auron said bluntly.

"Wait, what about Double D?" Ed asked.

"Where is he?"

"Right here." Edd replied, his clothes really damp, and his mood sullen. "And you sir can keep away from me until you clean your apparel!" he pointed an accusing finger at Ed. Seymour smiled, admiring the Ed's antics. "Lady Yuna. I await your favorable reply." He bowed, then turned to Auron suddenly. "Why are you still here, sir?"

"Cause he's with us?" Eddy replied, puzzled. Seymour's expression changed from interest to satisfaction. "I beg your pardon. We Guado are keen to the scent of the Farplane." Ed, not grasping the meaning, slinked over to Auron silently and started sniffing him like a dog looking for a treat his master was hiding. Auron looked down to see the sniffing Ed, and jumped away repulsed. "Can we get going now?"

"Right, let's go." Tidus said, clapping his hands together.

"Oh? Jealous much?" Rikku teased.

"Of course not!" Tidus replied, blushing a bit. It suddenly began to dawn on Edd what was happening, but he decided to let it play out to confirm his suspiscions.

"I thought we were leaving." Eddy said.

"Yeah, Seymour's mansion. Yuna wanted to ask her father something." Auron replied.

The Eds stood there with stupefied faces. Ed even stupider than ususual, his toungue lolling out in confusion. Edd regained his composure first and cleared his throat. ":Uh…I thought Yuna's father had passed on."

"He did."

"Then what?" Eddy came back next. "She's holding aseance in ther or something?" pointing to the direction of the Farplane.

"No, all spirits go there after death. It's just this area is so tuned to the Farplane, that's what oit's called, that spirits can manifest and talk to their loved ones. Or complete strangers in some cases."

Edd was really put off by the thought of ghosts. As was Eddy, but Ed's eyes lit up with a fire seldom seen. "MUST SEE GHOSTS!" and he sped off to the Farplane in a cloud of dust.

"For the last time, I'm a ghost, that does not mean I'm psychic! I don't know what you're thinking!" yelled the spirit of a soldier.

"Ooh! But can you give me a tub? Of gravy?" Ed pleaded, a smiled smeared across his face. He was still in Farplane, and had already aggravated thirty-ish spirits with stupid requests and trivia. "I'm not even going to ask why. I'm not psychic, I'm not a genie, and I don't know how the Cyclops for Gorblack 3 knew where to find the intrepid Spasce Heros of the Earth Expeditionary Force. What's Gorblack 3 anyway?!" and with that, the spirit vanished in a huff. "Awww." Moaned Ed. He turned around to search for another spirit, when he noticed Tidus and Yuna next to each other talking to a spirit of an old man. He couldn't make out what they were saying until near the end. "If I defeated Sin, that would make everyone happy...wouldn't it? I must do what everyone wants, not just what I want."

"Let's go back! You gotta tell Seymour." Tidus said to Yuna.

"Before that... Call Sir Jecht. Give it a try."

"Don't worry. He won't come."

Ed turned away. Even he knew Jecht wouldn't come. Wait. Who was Jecht again? Oh yeah, the other guy's father who was a monster.

"Who's a monster?" asked a ghost that materialized next to him. Ed spluttered as he realized he was talking out loud. "Oh, a ghost! Can you guess my shoe size from looking at me."

"Eeeehhhhh…no." the ghost replied.

Everyone, barring Edd, Eddy, Rikku, and Auron, had finished their chatter with relatives and friends long gone, and were about ready to , when the spirit of a master ran out of the Farplane. "Lord Jyscal!" came someone's voice.

"Who?" asked Ed.

"Were you hit with Sin's toxin or something?" pondered the ghost next to him. "Jyscal was Maester Seymour's father. Wonder what he's doing out here?"

"Say, do you-"

"No I can'r give you a tub of gravy, no I don't know the process in which a Cyclops blinks its victim to death, and no, I'm not your great great great great uncle. I don't care how much I look like him. I'm not him."

"You are psychic."

"No I'm not, you keep asking that to everyone else, why am I explaining this?!" and the ghost vanished.

"He does not belong here." Auron said, his tone menacing. Jyscal had made it all the way to the entrance to the Farplane, and was stopped by Yuna. "Send him." Yuna nodded, ignoring the looks of terror etched across the Ed's faces.

Yuna began the ritual and Auron knelt down, acting odd. Edd noticed this too, and made a mental note of it. Yuna finished the itual and Jyscal vanished into a mist of colored light. Auron immeadiatley got up afterward as if whatever was bothering him had suddenly vanished. "Let's go."

"Does that happen often? That whole ghost on the loose thing?" Edd asked, worried they might encounter something like that more frequently.

"No it would takea strong emotion to bind a spirit to this plane, something that leaves them with a sense of purpose. Usually those that come back had suffered an unclean death, even if they had been sent." Lulu replied in a relatively monotone voice. Edd shivered thinking about it. Yuna had arrived at the massive double door to Seymour's home, and rushed inside. The group waited in the atrium and an attendant came by. "Do you people have business with Maester Seymour?"

"No, Yuna has some business with the guy though, and she already left to find him."

"Sorry, but he is currently not here. I believe he went to the temple in Macalania. Maester Seymour is also the high priest of that temple." she smiled, then directed her attention to Eddy "And that's Lady Summoner to you." a frown on her face.

"Whoa better go find 'Lady Summoner' Yuna then." Eddy said, raising his hands at the quotation.

In a room, which is unknown currently, Yuna was looking at a picture of Jyscal. "Lord Jyscal, please tell me. What can I do to help?" There was suddenly a loud knocking.

"Yuna, let's go!" came Rikku's voice.

"The world is calling for us!" came Ed's voice.

Yuna stood there for a moment. that was probably the most intelligent and rousing thing she had ever heard Ed say. She smiled briefly at this before stepping out.

"So Seymour went to Macarena." Eddy said ponderously.

"Macalania Temple." Wakka corrected.

"But why would he leave without a message or a word to anyone?"
"Your guess is as good as mine." Wakka shrugged.

"Well in any case, to Macadamia Temple it is!"

"Macalania Temple"

Thunder Plains. The name is pretty self-explanatory, and the moment the party stepped foot in, a bolt of lightning came down and struck Ed. Rikku shrieked and cringed behind Tidus. "Ed are you alright?!" asked Yuna frantically.

"Of course he is." Eddy replied nonchalantly.

"He was just struck by lightning how can you say that?!" Wakka yelled, eyes wide. "What kind of-"

"I smell barbeque." Ed said stupidly as he got up, smoke rising from his messed up hair.

"See, told ya." Eddy smiled and walked off, leavinga stunned Yuna and Wakka.

" How are we supposed to cross that anyway?" asked Tidus, as another bolt almost hit Eddy, who jumped back with a yelp.

"See the lightning rod towers?" Lulu said. "The lightning is drawn to them...hopefully."

"Well that's reassuring." Edd muttered.

And the group mad a break for the closest tower before a bolt could strike again. Each time was a nwarrow escape, and each time lightingn struck, Rikku would shriek, or Ed would get struck, or both. Near what was probably a lodge, a massive bolt came down, leaving a crater where it hit. "What's so funny Rikku?" asked Ed. Rikku had seemed to lose touch with reality and was giggling hysterically. "Heh heh heh heh heh heh heh..."

"She just keeps laughing but she doesn;t say why. Should I?"

"With my blessing." Eddy said.

Ed brought Rikku's fetal forn to his height and "Rikku snap out of it."


"Rikku snap out of it."


"Rikku snap out of-"

"I'm better! I'm better already! Sheesh!" that hurt. Lightning struck again, causing Rikku to scream louder that before, and clasping Eddy. "Ack! Get this thing off me! She's squeezing tighter than Ed! Someone help!" Eddy screamed, his face turning an interesting shade of purple. Ed immeaditley began to pry the girl off, not succesfully, but enough to give Eddy air.

Edd was kneading his temples and pouinted to the lodge. "I move we stay there for a while. The screaming and the lightning is starting to grate at my shredded nerves, and I think Ed had his fill of being a human lightbulb." Ed giggled as flecks of electricity played accorss his spiked hair.

"Fine, we rest." Auron conceded exasperatedly. Rikku was almost crying with relief.

Inside the lodge after everyone had checlked in, Rin had suddenly appeared like magic. "Nice to see you again. Welcome to the Rin Travel Agency." he turned to see Rikku, who quickly put a finger to her lips. Rin seemed to understand and looked away. He turned to Edd. "Ah, your weapon has improved since last I saw you. Let me take a look at it." Edd nodded, smiling. He was among hiss own kind, or close to it for now.

"Jeez why'd I get stuck with you?" Eddy asked. The group disbandedand and all retired to their respective rooms, and Edd was currently using his share of wealth from fiend-slaying to upgrade his weapon and getting tips as to how to modify on the fly. Eddy was now alone with Ed, walking down one of the lodge's hallways. "Now what am I going to do? I'm notr tired, and that lightning doesn't look like it'll let up, so what can I do?"

"Have a scam?" Ed asked innocently.

"Ed, sometimes you seem to find your brain. Yes! Let's have a scam!" Eddy laughed and bounded off. The manic high would, last all through the night dealing in various ways to try and scam the local employees out of their gil, and getting beaten senseless most of the time. Eddy eventually stopped trying to scam, his face slighlty bruised, and sllightly richer than when he started. He and Ed we're walking back, when he noticed that Tidus was going into what he remembered was Yuna's room. He grinned an awfully grinch-y grin as he snuck over to Yuna's door to eavesdrop.

"...well... It's nothing, really. I...I just, uh... I'm sorry... I shouldn't have come in. H-Hey! Wasn't that that Jyscal Guado guy?"

"The sphere is his will... It says, "Take care of my son."

"His son...? Seymour?"

That was juicy. What was Yuna doing with Jyscal's will? And for that matter, when would those two get to some action? That's why he came. His thought processs was interuppeted by Wakka clearing his hroat directly next to him.

"What are you doing down there?" he inquired, a frown over his normally happy features.

"Uh...I dropped 100 gil; I was just looking for it here."

Wakka's demeanor instantly shifted to a cheery attitude "Okay." then shifted back to frowning as he barged into Yuna's room. So much for that little reconnaissance mission. Eddy scooted back to his own room to find Ed fast asleep on his bed, and Edd reading an Al Bhed book on his rifle and the various ammunitions he can make for it with everyday items. "Edd, you can read that jibbery-joob?"

"Barely. And I cna;t really speak it yet either, but I'm improving." he smiled. "Where were you?"

"Oh, just going to the bathroom. Yeah, just the bathroom."
"Why not use ours?" Edd asked, suspicion in his eyes.

"Cause Ed was using it. For you-know."

"If that was true, then just being in this room would be a health hazard. You were eavesdropping on Yuna weren't you?"
"No I-"

"Well what did you hear?"


"I have a few suspicions about what she's doing, but I'd like a little more data to run with, so what was she doing?"

Eddy got over his stunned silence and told Edd the little he could hear from Tidus and Yuna."


"You thought of something?"

"It's still very unlikely, but there is a chance."

"Of what?"

"Nothing. No need to concern yourself. If I truly believe I'm right, I'll be sure to let you know."

Eddy eyed Edd for a moment, before shrugging and went to bed. Before falling asleep, he said "We've been friends since we could talk. There are still things about you I don't know, probably never know. I wonder if that's a good thing." Then the only sound was Ed's loud snoring.

Edd then continued to ponder at the theory he was thinking of. "If Yuna has Jyscals will imploring to 'take care of Seymour, but I could be misunderstanding. But if I'm right, then I'm gonna need all the ammo I can make. Cause If I am right, which I somewhat hope am not, were going to make some powerful enemies." He then set the book aside, opened his pack and began to make solutions for 'special' bullets.

"What time is it?" Eddy groaned, he stretched his limbs and suddenly lightning struck. He jumped up awake. "Oh right." Eddy yawned quickly and made for the bathroom to shower and at least attempt to wash his clothes. Edd was in a corner of the room, putting the finishing touches on his new bullets, his barely open eyes a testament to how long he had been awake. Ed was still sleeping like Ed usually slept, snoring louder than the storm raging outside.

"So everyone is assembled?" asked Auron, one eyebrow raised.

Edd didn't respond. He tried to blink exhaustion back from his eyes, but was losing the fight. "Anyway, if we're all together, then let's head out."

The group barely made it to the next Lightning rod tower when Yuna stopped


Will it? Edd wondered. He stared at Yuna through one eye, resting the other.

"Why? We're making good time."

"Ya what's up?"

"I have something to tell you."

"Can it wait till we're out of here?" Lulu asked.

"I have to say it now!"

Possibly but...

"Okay, okay, sheesh." Yuna took deep breath, looking like she was about to choke on something then blurted. "I've decided to marry."

"WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?! To who?" Eddy stammered.

"Maester Seymour."

"WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?!" Eddy was dumbstruck, like he never was before, Ed stood there in shock. Edd simply nodded. I knew it. Unfortunately. What if she's...?

"B-But why? Why'd you change your mind?" Wakka asked, barely out of his daze.

"For Spira's future...and Yevon's unity. I thought it would be the best thing to do."

Edd scoffed to himself. And no ulterior motive? We'll see.

"Wait, is it... Is it because of Lord Jyscal?"

"You mean his will" Eddy turned to Tidus.

"Show me." Auron demanded. Yuna shook her head.

"I can't. I must speak to Maester Seymour first. I truly am sorry, but this is... It is a personal matter."

"Just one thing." Auron began.

"I won't quit my pilgrimage." Yuna said

"Then it is...fine." Auron finished after a moment.

"Whoa time out now, you're okay with this?" Eddy stammered.

No, I'm not. As long as she is willing to face Sin...all else is her concern. That is a summoner's privilege. As long as she journeys."

"But that's..." Tidus then grunted and turned away.

Eddy raised his arms in the air in exasperation. "Come on Ed, let's get out of here." and trudged along the path close behind Tidus. Yuna looked at the departing boys sadly.

Is this what Sockhead was thinking about? Eddy wondered. What else is that guy concocting?

"Wait." Auron said. Much of the traveling had been done in silence, so it gave the Eds a bit of a start.

"What, we going the wrong way?"

Auron didn't reply, but instead turned to a heap of growth and started hacking away branches, opening a path. Tidus silently followed him, followed by the Eds, and everyone else.

"It is here...somewhere."

"What's here?" Tidus asked.

"Something you should see."

Yuna stepped up. "But, Sir Auron..."

"It won't take long."

He revealed a clearing where a body of water that had a strange sparkle to it. "A pond?" Eddy asked.

"No, I think there is much more than that." Edd replied, swaying on his feet.

Auron walked to the edge of the liquid. "This is what spheres are made of. It absorbs and preserves people's memories."

"There's more right?" Edd asked tiredly as a blob-like monster rose and began to form.

"Fiends are also attracted to these places."

"We can see that." Eddy frowned as the Spherimorph engulfed the sphere Auron was going for. "GO!" Eddy charged at the blob, swinging his knives into its body only to have the wounds reform after each slash. Ed's attacks proved barley more effective. "A little help?" Eddy asked desperately.

"A minute!" replied Edd, loading a bullet into his rifle. Yuna had summoned Ifrit, which began to blow fire at the fiend, only to have the Spherimorpgh change color. When it did, Ifrit's attacks were rendered useless, and ended up being unsummoned. Others feared attack, lest they accidently hit the two Ed's jumping around the frame. "Out of the way!" Edd yelled and aimed his rifle and pulled the trigger. The blast was much different. It was louder, brighter, and a white projectile went straight through the center of the fiend. Instead of reforming, the fiend began to melt and evaporate. Eddy stared dumbstruck at Edd. "What the heck was that?!"

"Anti Fiend solution No. 3. There are multiple different solutions and I made a couple of each. Those Al Bhed know what they're doing. ("Humph" came Wakka)"

Tidus walked over to the remains and picked up the sphere.

Click whirrrrrr…

Auron: What are you taking?

Jecht: Well, you said it was gonna be a long trip. We'll be seeing a lot of neat things, right? So I thought I'd record it all in this. To show to my wife and kid, you know.

Auron: This is no pleasure cruise!

Jecht: Hey, Braska. Ain't this supposed to be a grand occasion? Where're the cheering fans? The crying women?

Braska: This is it. Too many goodbyes-people think twice about leaving.

Jecht: Hmm... If you say so. Well, it better be a lot more colorful when we come back. A parade for Braska, vanquisher of Sin!

Braska: We should go. Day will break soon.

The recording phased out and re-phased on a new scene.

Braska: Auron, could you stand closer to him?

Auron stands closer to Jecht.

Braska: Good. That should do it.

Jecht: What's the matter? Afraid I might bite?

Auron: Jecht...

Jecht: Braska! You should take one, too. It'd make a great gift for little Yuna!

Braska: I suppose.

Auron: Lord Braska... We shouldn't be wasting our time like this!

Jecht: What's the hurry, man?

Auron: Let me tell you what the hurry is!

Braska: Auron!

The recording stopped.

Click click click whirr click click click…

"What's the point of that? He wasn't on some pleasure cruise."

"There's more." Auron replied.

Click click click

Jecht: Hey. If you're sitting there, watching means you're stuck in

Spira, like me! You might not know when you'll get back home, but you better

not be crying! Although, I guess I'd understand. But you know what? There's a

time when you have to stop crying and move on. You'll be fine. Remember, you're

my son. And... Well, uh... Never mind. I'm no good at these things.

The recording stops and then plays again.

Jecht: Anyways...I believe in you. Be good. Goodbye.

The recording ended.

Click click…

Tidus looked at the sphere, silent for a moment.

"He sounded almost serious, but it was too late."

"He was serious. Jecht had already accepted his fate."

"His fate?"

Eddy felt this was probably a good time to leave, it seemed private, and the two should be left alone…or at least have them believe that, he smirked inwardly as he started ushering everyone else out.

Everyone had made it to lake Macalania, where they found Clasko and a chocobo.

"Would you look at this? They always leave me behind." sighed Clasko. The chocobo started chirping irately. "You want attention huh? I think you got enough from him know how?" Ed was all over the bird. "Pet the chicken, pet the chicken." In fact, he was squeezing it so hard that he was starting to strangle it. "Ed, even chocobos need to breathe."

"Huh? Oh yeah." He let go, but still continued to scratch its head.

"How'd you know it wanted that?" Eddy asked.

"I'm guessing it's just something he's good at." Edd said, his eyes closed, so it looked like he was sleeping standing up.

"Yeah I guess. Y'know, I always thought of myself as a breeder more than a knight. What do you think?"

"Don't go the way based off others judgments, you'll never be happy." Edd spouted sleepily, this time leaning on his rifle.

"Yeah, you know what? I think I just might be a breeder. I got a knack for that it seems." Clasko then pried Ed off the chocobo and rode off, Ed chasing him for about five minutes before the chocobo disappeared in a cloud of dust. Yuna giggled slightly, but her mood instantly changed for the worse as she saw Trommel up ahead.

Trommel was beaming as he saw Yuna. "Lady Yuna, we've been expecting you. We were surprised you decided to come so soon. Pleasantly surprised, of course. Lord Seymour sends his apologies for having left without notice." At this point, Eddy had turned his gaze elsewhere, as if looking at the Guado sickened him.

"It's quite all right. I have one question if I may, sir."

"My lady?"

"I want to keep journeying, even if I marry. Do you think that Maester

Seymour would let me?"

"But of course, my lady. Lord Seymour wishes nothing else, I'm sure."

Yuna turned to Tidus and the others. "Goodbye." She seemed to direct her statement to Tidus more than anyone else.

Trommel continued to smile, oblivious to what was happening. "Well... We must follow Guado tradition. I'll have to ask you to wait here a little longer. I'll send someone to escort you."

And it starts, which way will it go from here? Edd thought.

"Go on Yuna, we're still with you." Edd reassured her, though by this point he seemed ready to fall asleep. He elbowed Tidus "Got anything to say?"

Tidus than ran to Yuna and was saying something to her. He whistled, followed by Yuna. Edd smiled slightly behind drooped eyelids. Then he fell asleep on his rifle, he simply had so strength left.

Suddenly, "Oh no!" came Rikku's voice.

"Al Bhed!" yelled Wakka.

"Get back, we'll deal with this!" grunted Eddy to Trommel. "I got to get rid of some tension anyway."

"Right! Thank you!"

Yuna ran in an opposite direction, which Trommel followed panicking.

Out jumped a familiar looking Al-Bhed. He was leering from the top of a cliff, directly at Rikku.

"Rikku!" he yelled. "Tyh'd ehdanvana un oui kad dric?" (Rikku! Don't interfere or you get this?)

A large Crawler…crawled next to him

"Oain bnaciuic magic and aeons yna caymat!" (Your precious magic and

aeons are sealed!) he continued, this time directed at the others. Rikku gasped.

"I'm guessing he said something bad right?" asked Eddy worriedly.

"He's gonna use an anti-magic field on us!" Rikku responded.

"Thought so." He drew out his knives, and began to twirl them in his hands. Let's do this then. Brother (The Al Bhed on the cliff) yelled "Ked dras!" (Get them!) and the Crawler thundered down the cliff. The group prepared to engage until a thunderous roar signaled Edd's rifle going off. A large electric bolt went flying towards the Crawler, puncturing its hull ,and detonating inside the machine, shorting out systems, and melting others. The Crawler advanced only one more pace before it spluttered and died. Tidus turned to see Edd grinning wolfishly before collapsing, snores emanating from his throat. Brother started fuming, then pointed an accusing finger at Rikku.

"Rikku! I femm damm Vydran!" (Rikku! I will tell Father!)

"E ys dra guardian of Yuna, oui caa? Yuna ec cyva! Fa femm kiynt ran! Cra ec cyva!" (I am the guardian of Yuna, you see? Yuna is safe! We will guard her! She is safe!)

"Oui tu drec ymuha, cecdan!" (You do this alone, sister!)

And Brother vanished over the side. Rikku sighed unhappily and turned to see Wakka scowling at her suspiciously. "How come you speak Al Bhed?"

Rikku started playing with her index fingers and looked away from his gaze. "Because I'm Al Bhed. And that...was my brother." Wakka couldn't have looked more shocked and angry then he was then. He turned frustratingly to Tidus. "You knew this?" Tidus nodded "yes."

"Why didn't you tell me?"

"You never asked." Eddy replied calmly, placing his knives into their scabbards.

"We knew you'd be upset." Lulu agreed. Wakka threw his arms up. "This is great. I can't believe I've been traveling with an Al Bhed! A heathen!"

"You're wrong! We have nothing against Yevon." Rikku rebutted angrily.

The two started arguing furiously, while Eddy went to check on Edd. He beckoned Ed forward. "Ed, left pocket." He said, and Ed delved into his left pocket, pulling out uneaten, rotten leftovers from Seymour's mansion. He thrust some under Edd's nose. Edd simply stirred. "I thought that would work." He said disappointed, throwing the mush on the ground. "Well Ed, looks like you're carrying him to Mumbo Jumbo Temple."

"Macalania Temple!" Wakka yelled in his direction.

After much arguing, Wakka finally retreated to just sulking, his made even worse when out-voted to use the motor-sleds. Eddy and Ed got one while strapping Edd to the back, letting him sleep a little.

"Say Eddy? I was thinking."

"You know that's dangerous Ed."

"Do you think Edd knew about Yuna getting all mushy loveys with that weird-guy-with-blue-hair."

"She's marrying him, but I don't think she like him. And yeah, Edd was talking about it last night. I just don't know what Yuna's thinking." Eddy was just speaking as the words came to his head.

Ed stared up into the sky, his hands gripping the seat through the cold. "Well, if Double D knew that, then I know Double D has a lot of other stuff planned. He always does."

"Maybe. But I'm not to sure, in fact I doubt it. The situation looks pretty hopeless."

"Eddy, do you like Yuna." Ed asked, fear in his voice.

"No Ed, don't worry, I'm not, but I think this is really going to mess up our chance of getting home sooner." Eddy replied, not even turning to face Ed.

"So this is Macarena temple." Eddy said, "Not too different from all the others, except that I'm freezing my butt off."

"Macalania Temple." Wakka correct sullenly.

"Well, it's cold enough to wake me up, so let's hurry inside. Then Guards stopped them ! The likes of her are not welcome in this hallowed place." He pointed to Rikku, Edd had thankfully concealed his rifle under the cloak he was using for a jacket, so the guards weren't suspicious of him.

"She's a guardian." Auron retorted in a challenging tone.

"An Al Bhed, a guardian? Preposterous!"

"Well it's true" Edd said under his cloak, his temper short thanks to his sleepiness.

"I've decided to be Yuna's guardian now, and that's all I want."

"And that's all one needs to be a guardian." The guard sneered, then relented. "Very well."

The door opened to reveal a wide-eyed Shelinda (Everyone but the Eds seemed to know her relatively well.)

"Ah! There you are! Maester Seymour and Lady Yuna... I couldn't be happier...even if it was my own wedding. Now, victims of Sin will have something to be joyful about."

"I suppose." Edd said, looking deep in thought.

"You're not happy?" Shelinda looked between Tidus and Edd, who didn't seem to be very happy.

"No it's not that, I'm just thinking rally hard.

"It's complicated. Say... Do you know where Yuna is?"

"I believe...she's gone to the Cloister of Trials with Maester Seymour."

"Lord Jyscal! A sphere, in Lady Yuna's belongings..." came a voice, and with that, Edd rushed off to Yuna's chambers in a quick burst of energy, everyone following suite. Inside the room, Edd held the sphere in his hand. "This may well answer a few questions." Auron said. Edd handed it to Tidus. "I dunno how to turn those things on."

Tidus played the recording from the sphere. Jyscal's voice suddenly fills the chambers. "What I am about to tell you is the unclouded truth. I swear it on my honor as a Guado. Listen to me very carefully, for I shall tell you the truth about my son, Seymour. His mind is closed even to me, a maester of Yevon. But I can feel flames of darkness burning in his heart. He is using Yevon, the Guado, and even the summoners. If he is not stopped, he will surely bring destruction and chaos to Spira. I will leave this world soon, killed by my own son. But I do not fault him. Because I was not wise enough he has suffered, and become twisted. I could not protect him and his mother from the world and its cruelty. I will accept death as punishment for my deeds. But whoever is watching this...I implore you to stop Seymour! Stop my son." Jyscal sounded almost pleading in the end. "As I thought." Whispered Edd, loud enough that only Eddy heard him. He knew this too?! Is he faking it?

Auron groaned. "Wonderful."

"Will Yuna be all right?" asked Rikku, worryingly.

"Doubt it." Tidus replied. Auron then left the chambers and proceeded to the Cloister. "Where you goin'?" asked Wakka.

"Where do you think?" Eddy answered with his own question as he and the other Eds followed him.

"Off on another adenture!" cheered Ed. Tidus was next to leave. "You saw, didn't you? Seymour's bad news!"

"But he's a maester! And saw what? It was a voice; how do you see that?"

"Fine! Stay here if you want!" Tidus ran into the Cloister folloed by all but Wakka and Lulu.

"Come on, Wakka. Let's at least hear him out." Lulu said before walking calmly in as well.

"This can't be happening." Wakka groaned miserably before going in as well.

Seymour was waiting patiently outside The Fayth's chambers, he heard the footsteps long before already, and already knew who was coming.

"Seymour!" Tidus yelled angrily.

"Please be silent. Lady Yuna prays to the fayth." He said without even turning.

"Make me." He yelled back. Yuna emerged, seemingly drained. And was surprised to see everyone there.

"But why...?"

"We saw Jyscal's sphere." Eddy said through clenched teeth.

"You killed him." Auron growled.

"What of it? Lady Yuna, certainly you knew of these things, did you not? Well then, why have you come here? To stop me? To kill me?"

"I…Yes!" Yuna shouted

"Again, I was right."

"And if she doesn't, I will!" Eddy yelled.

"Get in line." Tidus said.

"…You came to punish me, then. What a pity. Ah, of course. 'Protect the summoner even at the cost of one's life.' The Code of the Guardian. How admirable. Well, if you're offering your lives, I will have to take them." Seymour smiled, his attitude getting dramatically violent. "If that's how it's gonna be, then we'll just have to kick your sorry butt." Ed said, his claws out and ready to fight, he charged straight for Seymour, who jumped out of the way, and sent a spell in his direction. Ed countered, slashing at his chest, instead grazing his robes. Eddy joined in, managing to get a knife into Seymour's left arm. Seymour frunted in pain as he blasted Eddy away, removing the knife and throwing it at him. This distraction cost hi dearly, as he revieved a dual punch to the face courtesy of Tidus and Ed. He flopped back, and then waved his hand in the air, and summoned his aeon, Anima. "Feel my pain! Come, Anima!"

"That's cheating!" compained Eddy, getting up from across the room.

"Just as planned." Edd said. Before anyone could ask what he meant, he had already loaded his rifle with another one of his special bullets, and fired it at the massive anima. It pounded a whole through half of its face, and he quickly reloaded before Anima finished reeling. Another shot, another chunk evaporated. Another, and another, and another. Anima gave a roar as it disappeared, unable to anchor itself on this plane any longer. Seymour looks stunned for a moment, before reasserting himself, casting another Spell. A Jet of Water spewed out from under Edd's feet, sending him spiraling into the air, and landing on Eddy, who had just finished regaining his posture.

Seymour was to busy conjuring another, spell ready to strike Edd again with it, until he felt a throbbing pain from his stomach. His vision blurred as he looked to he Ed had bowled into him. The spell went wild, blasting Ed away, with an electric shock. When Ed left, Seymour saw deep marks in his abdomen. Ed had stabbed him, and drove his claws deep. Seymour limped up, and turned to Yuna, in a weak voice, he asked " would pity me now?" and fell.

Yuna closed his eyes when the Cloister doors flew open , with Trommel and a swuadron of Guado storming in. Seeing Seymour, Trommel turned immediately from alarm to horror. "Lord Seymour! What happened here?"

"You wouldn't believe us I we told you anyway. Seymour got ticked, attacked us, and we were forced to well…this." Edy said, pushin Edd off of him.

"You did this?" Trommel asked outraged. "Traitors!"

"Now hold on just a minute! Seymour's the bad guy, right? We'll explain to everyone what happened!" Tidus yelled desperately.

"It won't be that easy... Let's get out of here." Auron said, and that was all it needed to send everyone running out of the Cloister as fast as they could.

All would have been explained possibly, but they were surrounded the moment they set foot in the main room of the Temple.

Trommel Walked up to them, his face distorted by rage. "Please..." Yuna pleaded.

"Give us a chance to explain." Auron continued.

"No need, I already know what I'll tell the other maesters."


"That's not a good thing is it?" Ed asked.

"No it really bad."

"You're not letting us go." Tidus said, already knowing the reply.

"Let you go? Lord Seymour would never forgive us if we did."

"Wait, wait! Jyscal's sphere! We can show it to them!" Rikku suggested. Trommel scoffed and held the sphere in his hand. "You mean this?" letting everyone see it before he crushed it. "The Guado take care of Guado affairs." He said gravely and turned as the Guado began to move in.

"Away!" Kimahri yelled, bowling through, and the others followed through the hole he knocked in the Guado line. The Guado gave chase, Ed saw them coming even as they left the temple. "Distraction device is required" he remarked solemnly reaching into his pocket and throwing something at the incoming Guado. Whatever it was, it released a foul cloud of gas that chocked and blinded the chasing Guado. It seemed to be set, as the Guado were nowhere to be seen, but just as Everybody started to slow, Two Guado jumped in from like out of nowhere with a Wendigo.

"Big." Eddy said.

"Big." Ed said.

"Cam prepared." Edd smiled, as he loaded his rifle, and fired. The shot grazed the Wendigo's shoulder, but it drove the fiend into a howling rage, and charged at its assailant. Edd panicked and desperatley tried to load, but received a massive backhanded slap. Edd flew through the air, slamming into a block of ice, and slumping over. Ed and Tidus had already dispatched the two Guado, and turned to see the Wendigo slap Edd. Ed, in a fit of rage, roared just as loudly as the Wendigo, and charged at the fiend. The Wendigo bought its arms up preparing to counter. All sense of self-preservation gone, Ed slammed into the monster, slashing at its ribs, and shooting under its legs before the wendigo could react. He climbed onto its back, retracted his claws, and began to punch its head. The wendigo reached up to grab Ed, but he simply headbutted it, throwing it into a dave, and falling over. Ed then jumped into the air, and slammed his elbow into its back. The wendigo roared, quickly turning into a shriek as Ed got up and delivered a bone-crunching kick between the fiend's legs. Tidus moved to support Ed, but Auron held him back. "He's got this. At this point you might just get hurt getting in his way."

Ed had delivered a punch to the wendigo's stomach, and it doubled over right into Ed's incoming knee, sending it keeling back, bloodied and bruised. Ed gave a final roar, as he baought his claws out again, and delivered an eye-bluring combo of slashes, that evicerated the beast, and the remains evaporated. Ed was still breathing heavily when he turned to see Yuna tending to Edd, giving him a phoenix's feather. Edd blinked his eyes open in shock and surprise. Before he could say anything, Ed zoomed up to him, squeezing him tightly. "Ed, thank you for your concern, but I need oxygen!" Edd managed to say as Eddy pulled the big lug off. The cheerfulness in the air was short-lived however as the ground began to shake, and the party plunged into the abyss.

"Well isn't this new and different." came Eddy's voice. Edd came to and saw a sight that stunned him. "We're under the lake ice, aren't we?" Lulu asked. Her question was directed at Tidus.

"How are we at the bottom of a lake?" Ed asked. "Isn't there like water in a lake?"

"There must be ice protecting us." Edd said, gazing at the marvel around him.

"Who knows." Tidus replied, talking to Lulu.

"Look." She pointed. "That's the bottom of the temple." She pointed at Macalania temple far off.

"What now, I wonder." Auron said aloud.

"Climb?" offered Ed.

Auron looked at him and opened hismout to explain the futility, when Edd interrupted saing. "Don't bother, he'll forget in five minutes anyway."

"No I won't I'll forget in six." Ed argued stoutly. Tidus noticed Wakka staring at the temple sadly. He walked over and gently placed a hand on his shoulder. "Hey, Wakka, would you cheer up? Look, we only did what we had to do."
He turned to Tidus, frustration on his face.

"It doesn't matter! Don't you see?("See what?" asked Ed) I've always walked the path of Yevon...but now, I'm a traitor. How could this happen? Damn." He turned away and sulked off, punching a large piece of debris Ed was sitting on.

"Looks like Yuna's awake." Eddy said to Edd, trying to snap him back into rality.


"You wanna go see her?"

"I'm sure she's alright."

"So…how did you know all that anyway?"

"All of what?"

"You know what I'm talking about."

"I just read the signs and subtleties and pieced together what I thought was right, and prepared for the worst. It's something you never were good at."

"What do mean by that?"

"I'm the brains of us three. I think of the plans, you put them into action. You simply don't have experience in this sort of thing that's all."

"And I'm Ed."

"Yes Ed." Eddy ran his hands through his hair and sighed. "How much longer do you think we have to stay here then?"

"I think we would need to figure out how to get out first."

"I mean this world. How much longer do you think that little brat is going to keep us here?"

"I don't know. Even I have my limits. All I know is that these people need out help, and until we help then, we're stuck here."

"And then?"

"Then we move on. Hopefully next stop will be home."

The Eds then sat in slience while the others debated. "Anyone else hear that or am I going crazy already?" Eddy asked. Tidus stopped and listened. He realized there was chanting. "That is Yevon's gift. It soothes the hearts of the faithful." Yuna said, making the prayer.

"Jecht used to sing this song..." Auron said.

"Huh. I'm getting a weird mental image now." Eddy said, imagining Jecht, his hands in prayer singing at the top of his deep grating voice. Eddy shivered. "Now I can't get it out of my head."

Suddenly the singing seemed to stop. Followed by shaking. "There's something here!" Wakka shouted.

"What water?" Ed asked, as if totally oblivious to the shaking.

"The ground!" Auron said.

Right next to their little pocket of ice, was Sin.


"The toxin! Watch out!" Lulu warned.

"To late." Eddy said as the world started to spin around him and fade to nothing.

That's the end of that one. At this rate, I think I'll be through in maybe two or three more chapters. Good cause I'm running out of titles and I still got FFVII and a few others to go through.