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Chapter 15 Retry

The war was coming to an end, just like 'Nell' had said it would, when she had told them that it was August, that gave them four more months for battle. The Soul Socitey only used one. Constant partying was happening they had finally won. All of the arrancar were killed, 17 left, Aizen, Ichimaru, and Tosen had all been executed, and the remaining espada were all taken care of, almost.

"Where is she? If we've gotten them all, where is she?" asked Rangiku durning a meeting.

"I don't know." answered Yamamoto truthfully.

"She needs to be back here, where she belongs, can't we send someone to Las Noches to look?"

"I don't know. But, you can bring it up with Central 46, they have also been debating on where she is."

Rangiku nodded.

An hour later the meeting was dismissed. Rangiku, who normally would have gone drinking now headed to Central 46's Station.

"Captain Matsumoto, what brings you here?" asked a member.

"I would like to go to Las Noches and look for Nanao."

"That will not be nessicary."


"Calm yourself, we have just recieved word, while you were entering, that her spirtual pressure has been picked up near District 29. You may go there and find her." said the member.

Rangiku was very shocked she didn't even move.

The Central 46 member who had been talking raised an eyebrow, "So are you going to go or is someone else?"

" I'll go. Thank-you." Rangiku bowed and ran out of the building.

She wanted to tell Shunsui about the good news. He wasn't in the meeting, he hadn't been the same since the war ended, everyone knew it and why. He was starting to lose hope that she would ever come back.

Rangiku was thinking of all these thing then she stopped, 'What if I don't find her, I'd get his spirit up for nothing. Ok I can't tell him. Not yet.'

Rangiku, who was half way inbetween the 7th and 8th divisons had changed her mind and headed for the North Gate.

It took her about half an hour to get to the 29th District, there she felt for her pressure. After a few minutes she felt it. Rangiku huridly headed that way. She wound up at a lake in the middle of the woods. Across it she saw a small body. She ran over to it.

"Nanao?" she asked quietly.

Nanao's head popped up, "Captain Matsumoto!" to say Nanao was shocked would be the least. "What are you doing here?"

"I came to get you." she replied with a small smile.


"No buts, come on."

Nanao was hesitant but she followed Rangiku back to the Court of Pure Souls. First she reported to Central 46 then she went to Captain Yamamoto's office, who was in another Captain's Meeting but she didn't know that.


The door creaked open a little, "Uh Captain Yamamoto?"

"Your back already?" he said as if he thought she failed the mission.


"You can come in, this is a Captains Meeting."

"Oh haha ok but umm.." she looked behind her, "I...I..found her."


"Yes." Rangiku left from the opening of the door and then came back with Nanao infront of her. Everyone was surprised, Jyuushiro felt bad that Shunsui wasn't at this meeting.

"Hello Ise." said Yamamoto.

Nanao bowed to all of the Captains.

"Hello. Captain Yamamoto."

They had just been discussing what would happen if Nanao had been found, it had been a unified agreement that Captain Kurotsuchi and Unohana would preform the needed surgry to remove the shell. Then she would be told of everything, no secrets, they had smartened up. After being told everything she would go to therapy with Captain Unohana until she was relieved by her approval.

Captain Yamamoto motioned for her to come in and down. "How are you?"

"Fine I guess."

"That's good."

"Sir, I don't mean to sound rude but I know there is something you would like to ask me that you're having trouble bringing up. You don't have to beat around the bush, please be blunt."

Everyone knew she had just made the conversation much easier.

"Ok. We, Central 46 and all current captains would like for you to return to your captaincy as the captin of the 9th Divison."

"But..I'm an arrancar."

"Another part, you can go though a surgery to have it all removed. As if it never happened."

"But why?"

"You never fought against anyone in the enitre war. It was agreeded the second you did this would not be offered to you. And we owe much thanks to your zanpakuto."

Nanao nodded, she did know about that conversation.

"I...don't know."

"It doesn't have to be immediatly. But the sooner the better."

"We missed you." said Rangiku. "Your divison absolutly adores having you as their Captain."

Nanao bit her lip still not knowing, "If I went through this surgury would I remember everything."

"All of your memories and such would be preserved during the process." Answered Captain Kurotsuchi.

Nanao was silent for a minute, "I guess I'll do it."

Everyone in the room was silently relieved that she was going to do it without force.

"Good." said Yamamoto happily.

"When?" she asked.

"Whenever Captains Unohana and Kurotsuchi can."

Nanao nodded her reply.

Plans were made for her to have the surgury the next day in the afternoon. She spent the night in her old house, 9th Divisons Captains Quarters. Walking around brought some not so good memories for her, talking with Ulquiorra, and arguing with Shunsui and Rangiku. The house was neat as if she had just been there the day before.

Rangiku was with her. When she went to house. "Umm Captain Matsumoto."

"Rangiku, honey."

Nanao smiled, "Rangiku?"


"Umm..where" she could barley get the sentence out but she knew who she was talking about.

Rangiku put her hand on her shoulder and smiled, "He misses you a lot. He was hurting so much when you left."

"I don't want to hurt him!"

"I know you didn't mean to. He just cares for you so much, he really does want the best for you honey. Even though that may be hard to believe because of...things. Shunsui cares about you ok?"

Nanao, not knowing what to say, just nodded.

"Let's go then." Rangiku said lighting the mood.

"Ok." Nanao said in a whisper.

8th Divisons Captains Quarters-Kyoraku Shunsui's house


A groan could be heard from inside. Then the door opened, "Ahh hi Ran.-" Shunsui turned but left the door open, "-come in I'm cooking would you like some?"

"Uhh Shunsui."


Rangiku pushed Nanao infront of her to show him what she couldn't say.

Shunsui's eyes visably widened, "Nanao?"

"Captain Kyoraku."

Shunsui looked above Nanao's head at Rangiku and nodded.

He ran up to Nanao and hugged her, his eyes started to sting with tears. Rangiku walked into the kitchen to watch whatever he had just been cooking.

After what felt like forever to Nanao he let go but placed his hand on her shoulders, "Is it..really you?"

"Yeah, Captain Kyoraku."

"Shunsui, Nanao, please."

"Ok." Nanao said while nodding.

A moment of silence passed until Nanao spoke, "I'm sorry so sorry."

He knew what she was talking about but he shook his head, "It doesn't matter, you're here now. That's all that matters."

Silence was with them again this time Shunsui broke it, "Would you like to stay for dinner, I made lasgana."

He saw Nanao's eyes widen, "Yeah thanks...Shunsui."

They both smiled and went into the kitchen where Rangiku had broken out the sake.

Shunsui went to the frig, "You're too young for sake what would you like?"

Nanao had a feeling repairing what she had with Shunsui and Rangiku would not be as hard as she had thought.

Next Day

"The offical announcment of your return will not be made until tomorrow." said Yamamoto.

"Ok." she replied softly.

"You can go over to the 12th, I believe that Captains Unohana and Kurotsuchi are waiting your arrival."

Nanao bowed and left the first divison.

12th Divison

Nanao was greeted in the front room by Vice-Captain Nemu, "This way please, Captain Ise."

Nanao followed Nemu into a room.

"Hello Captain Ise." welcomed Captain Unohana.


Captain Kurotsuchi just nodded in acknowledgement.

"If you will come with us Ise." he said.

Nanao nodded and then followed Unohana who was following Kurotsuchi.

"You can lay down here, this process will not take long." said Captain Unohana calmly.

"Ok." Nanao got up and layed down. Captain Unohana placed a mask over her mouth and nose. The surgury began.

Two hours later Nanao woke up.

"You should lay down." said Nemu.

"Sure." said Nanao leaning back down.

"I'll be back in a minute and with Captains Kurotsuchi and Unohana."

Nemu was out of the room with out any needed reply from Nanao.

A minute later, like said, Nemu was back with the two captains.

"Do you hurt anywhere?" asked Unohana.

"No, Captain."

"That's good." she replied.

"My part is done. But Captain Unohana has a little more to do with you." after that he left and Nemu followed behind.

Unohana smiled at Ise as the Kurotsuchis left. "Before we sit and talk I need to run a few physical tests."

"Like what?"

"Agility, physical health, that sort of thing."


"First I'll need you to run around the edge of the court I'll be timing you."

Nanao looked confused.

"I need to make sure you're still in good shape."


They went to the 4th Divison which would be her starting place, "Ready?"

Nanao nodded.

"Ok, go!"

Nanao ran around as fast as she could. When she got back Captain Unohana pushed the button on the stopwatch.


Nanao just smiled. "Now for your physical."

They both walked into the 4th to exam room.

Nanao did everything that Captain Unohana had asked and wrote the results in her report. Then had her vice-captain deliver the report to the 1st.

"This is the last part, but it may be a little harder."

"I'm ready."

"We need to talk."

"Umm..I don't understand how that would be hard."

"I mean about everything, being sent back to the living world, being an arrancar/espada, being a captain,-" she paused, "-even your former vice-captaincy."

"Oh-" she said quietly. "Everything."

Unohana nodded, "We won't get through all of this today or even this month, but, I'd like to have weekly counciling sessions with you."

"I can do that, just not on Wednesdays."

Unohana gave a small laugh knowing why.

"Certainly, but while you're not in session with me I'd like you to keep a journal. Write down everything about your day, if someone made you mad anything. We need a way for you to deal with all your emotions. Of course all this will be confidental, no one will know what you say to me."

"Not even Captain Yamamoto and Central 46."

"Not even Captain Yamamoto and Central 46. But they do want a report on your progress."

"Got it."

Unohana smiled.

"When would you like to have these sessions?" asked Nanao.

"Whenever you like, you can pick a day of the week now if you'd like."

"How about Mondays around 6:30pm?"

"That will work. And, you if there is something you really need to talk about you don't have to wait until then, you can come in and talk to me anytime."

"Thank-you." Nanao hopped off the chair and headed to the door.

"I'll see you tomorrow at 6:30 then."

"Tomorrows Monday?"

"I think first you need a calendar." she lauged lightly.

"Ahh yeah that might help a little. Tomorrow at 6:30 then."

Months later

"I think her sessions with Unohana help her." said Shunsui to Jyuushiro and Rangiku.

"Yeah, she did have a lot to go through." said Jyuushiro.

Rangiku nodded in agreement.


"I'll get it." Rangiku sang.

"You don't have to answer my door." said Shunsui.

Rangiku waved it off.

"Hi." said Rangiku when she opened the door.

"Hey, I'm ready for lasgana."

They both laughed and went back into the kitchen.

"Hey look who I found." said Rangiku.

"Hi Nanao." greeted Shunsui.

"Hello Ise." said Jyuushiro.

"How was it with Unohana?" asked Shunsui.

"Good. Building my people skills."

"Ahh Nanao-" Rangiku then hugged her, "-you have somewhat semi-kinda decent people skills."

Nanao laughed, "Yeah I know, that's why I'm working on it. How's the lasgana?" she turned to ask Shunsui.

"Cooling." said Shunsui.

"Yes!" she said happily.

"I think you like lasgana a little too much." said Jyuushiro lightly heartedly.

Nanao did a fake gasp, "How can you say that?! I look forward to these lasgana dates! It's so good. I believe we should change it from once a month to at least twice a month."

"And why can't you cook your own lasgana?" asked Jyuushiro.

"I don't have the patients and last time I did I burnt it, then came here to eat."

"Ahh yes I remember that." said Shunsui.

"Uhh Nanao, you shoulda come to my house we coulda had a party with junk food and cook something." said Rangiku.

Nanao smiled, "Well this is closer and umm..well..if you cooked it..I...don'twannaeatitsorry." she rushed to get out.

Jyuushiro and Shunsui busted out laughing at this and Rangiku's mouth dropped, "Don't you like my stir-fry? You ate like four bowls!"

"Uh umm well, I was really hungry and you were right there and you kept giving me more and I didn't wanna be mean about it, but I really don't like your stir-fry...or anything else you cook. Unless it's like something outta the bag, like chips."

Nanao smiled trying to make it better but it didn't help Shunsui and Jyuushiro were still laughing.

Rangiku put her head on the table and faked cry, "You're so mean to me!"

Nanao walked over and patted her back, "I'm sorry."

Rangiku's head then popped up and she tickled Nanao down to the ground, "Stopstopstopstop-ahh..noo.."

After a minute Shunsui spoke up, "Lasganas cooled." Nanao's head popped up.

"You looked like a parrie dog popping out of its hole just now." said Jyuushiro.

Nanao just smiled and grabbed a plate. Rangiku then pulled her back. "You last."

Nanao's jaw dropped, "Fine that means I get the center piece."

"Humm..Shunsui I think I want the center piece."

"NO! It's mine. If you get it this means war."

Rangiku couldn't hold down her laughter. She had the center piece already on her plate but when she started lauging Nanao grabbed it and switched plates with her before Rangiku realized it.

"HA!" Nanao then she licked it, "Don't want it now do ya?"

"Fine, fine it's yours. Geez, Lasgana Monster."

Nanao grinned with a piece of cheese hanging down from her mouth, she slurped it like spaghetti.

Journal Entry: July 6

It's been months since everthing has happened. I feel calmer and more trusting. Captain Unohana said that I don't have to come to the sessions anymore, if I don't I think I'll miss them. I think I am going to wait a little longer and see, she said it was fine and I didn't have to stop. I spend most of my time with Rangiku, Jyuushiro, and Shunsui. I have heard people say that they are like my parents. I know they have heard it also, but we don't talk about it. I see them as role models and wish I could grow up to be half as great as they are. Rangiku calls me, "Lasgana Monster." I haven't thought of a name for her yet. Shunsui's "Lasgana Supplier" when I think about it. I don't have one for Jyuushiro either. Captain Yamamoto has allowed me to spar with Captain Zaraki again. We haven't had a fight as bad as that one where I was in the 4th for a few days. I feel closer with my divison more then ever, I believe they are having a 'suprise' party for me tomorrow, I'll be ten, but it isn't much of a surprise, Rangiku let it slip but I don't think she knows I know. I'll let her think that. I'll act surprised so I don't ruin the fun. I'm glad I am back here in the Gotei 13. At the end of July I plan to go to the Academy, part time. I want to take some introduction kido classes along with some advanced hand-to-hand. Soi Fon said she could help me with the hand-to-hand, and a few of my divison members said they could help with kido, but I want to go to the Academy anyways. Everyone just accepted it as something I had to do, so I will be gone for most of August but spend my days off working here and have important paperwork sent to me. When I get back I'm going to give Hisagai time off, but he doesn't know that yet. Our relationship is the same, like nothing ever happened. We still call each other names, which means it's all good. It is peaceful and calm in the Seireitei. I still sit at Execution Hill and at the lake in the woods. Just some alone time. I should stop writing now, I'm almost late for my check up at the 4th. But in short everything is good and I'd like to keep it that way.

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