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Chapter 2

Beep, beep. Squall quickly blinked. Before he drifted off to sleep he had set his alarm to about eleven thirty so he had enough time to make himself presentable (not that he cared.) He got up, stretched, grabbed his jacket out of his closet and headed out of his dorm.

"Wow, this place sure is empty around eleven thirty at night," he commented to himself as he walked toward the Quad.

There was a faint rustling noise behind him and he quickly turned around. Nothing. He shrugged and entered the Quad. As he rounded the corner, he saw Rinoa sitting on a bench. She smiled warmly as he made his way over to her and sat down next to her.

" you mad at me?" she asked.

"Mad? Mad is not the no."

"I'm...sorry if I ever did make you mad, I'm just so happy that, well you know," she said blushing.

To Squall it was impossible to stay mad at her...period.

"Even do say or do some things to embarass me, I've never really truly been mad at you."

She put her head on his shoulder.

"I'm" she was cut off.

From behind them in the bushes jumped out someone clad in all black. They lunged at Rinoa, putting their hands around her neck. Squall was completely taken off guard.

Good thing I brought my gunblade. Time to die Mr Crazy Person...

He whipped out his gunblade and quickly slashed at Rinoa's masked attacker. They fell to the ground, KO'ed. He helped Rinoa up after putting away his gunblade and headed over to the masked assailant.

"Time to see what's behind that mask..." he said, pulling off the mask.

Rinoa gasped. Squall was just as equally surprised, but without sound effects. It was Quistis.


He pulled out a phoenix down and threw it on her. She stirred after a few minutes. Her eyes shot open. She didn't look like the normal nerdy teacher anymore. Her eyes were bloodshot and shifty, and she was extremely twitchy, especially her right eye. It was way uber twitchy and creepy to look at. She looked at Rinoa, who looked at her, and then she turned her attention to Squall. He gave her a 'what the hell' type look. Suddenly her left eye started twitching and she ran off, saying random stuff under her breath as she left. Squall looked at Rinoa. Rinoa looked at Squall. They both shrugged, equally surprised at how creepy that encounter was, and left the Quad. Squall made sure Rinoa got back to her dorm safely before heading back to his.

That was the weirdest thing ever. Qustis looked absolutely mad...I wonder why she attack Rinoa...?

He headed to his dorm, still pondering what he had witnessed.

"ARE YOU SERIOUS!? SHE ATTACKED YOU!?" Selphie Tilmitt said surprisedly.

"I'm dead serious. She jumped out of the bushes and tried to strangle me. Luckily Squall was there and he stopped her before she actually killed me."

"OMG! We should investigate into this more! IRVINE!" she yelled out.

"You called m'lady," said Irvine Kinneas as he came into the room from the bathroom.

"Irvykins, can you do me a favor?" she asked sweetly.

He smiled a very interesting smile.

"Anything for you."

"Can you follow Quistis around and see why she is acting like a crazy person?"

"WHAT?! You want ME to follow her!? WHY?!" he cried.

"Because she just tried to kill Rinoa!"

"Aww...alright. I'll do it for you..." he said, moping on out the door.

"I love him so much! He'll do anything for me!" Selphie smiled happily.

"Hopefully she doesn't try to kill him..."

Two hours later...

"What is taking him so long!?" Selphie said impatiently.

There was a knock on the door. Selphie ran over to the door and opened it. She screamed when she saw who it was.

"IRVY! WHAT DID SHE DO TO YOU?!" she cried.

Irvine looked horrible. He had two black eyes, a cut lip, bruised cheeks and his hair tie holding his hair back had started to fall out. On his head was his hat which looked like it had been stomped on repeatedly and smushed back onto his head.

"I...need an asprin..." he said, fainting in the door frame.

"NOOOOOO! IRVY!" Selphie cried.

Both her and Rinoa dragged Irvine into the dorm and laid him on the couch. Rinoa ran to the kitchen to get a wet cloth for his head. As she returned, he opened his eyes.

"Whoa...I feel like crap...where am I?"

"IRVY! YOU'RE ALIVE!" Selphie cried, hugging him tightly.

"Yeah...and I'm die...if you dont...stop CHOKING ME," he said, turning blue.

"Oh...sorry. I'm so glad you're alright! WHAT DID SHE DO TO YOU?!" she said, shaking him back and forth.

" in...a...closet!" he said between shakes.

"I WILL KILL HER!" Selphie roared.

"NO! There is something seriously wrong with her. Shall I tell you my story?" he asked.

"Yaye! Story time! What happened.

" was like this..."

cues the Pink Panther theme

I was walking down the hall, remembering what the little kid had told me. He said that Quistis had gone toward the library about a few minutes ago, so as stealthily as I could, I headed toward the library. DUN DUN DUN DUN. I hid behind a bookshelf as I spotted her sitting at one of the tables, muttering to herself. I watched her for some time...bored out of my mind. She just sat there and mumbled random phrases...and twritched. It was creepy to watch. After a couple minutes, she got up and headed out of the library. I follwed her as stealthily as possible. DUN DUN DUN DUN. As soon as we headed past the utility closet I tripped over some little punk running by. Damn brat...anyways! She saw me and gave me this really creepy, twitchy wide eyed stare. I backed up to the utility closet. She grabbed me by the collar, opened the door and beat the crap out of me. I managed to survive though, and drag myself back to your dorm.

Rinoa and Selphie stared at him.

"It's true...every word."

They looked at each other.

"What? I was the one beaten to a bloodied pulp!"

"We believe you, it's just..." Rinoa's voice trailed off.

"She has gone major beyond're lucky she didn't do what she did to Irvy to you..." Selphie said.

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