Chapter 5

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"Are we there yet?" asked Rinoa.

"No," replied Squall.

Two minutes later...

"Are we there yet?" asked Rinoa.

"No..." said Squall agitatedly.

Another two minutes later...

"Are we there yet?"


Everyone turned and stared at Squall.

He got up and left, and headed for an empty compartment. He had a migraine from Rinoa asking if they were there every few minutes, and he still wasn't all that happy about all the luggage they had brought, and he was seriously unhappy about having to go visit his father. He and his father were total opposites. He was a loud idiot, and Squall was quiet and smart. Polar opposites if ya ask me. He sat down and popped a few migraine medicines and tried with all his might to relax. Earlier he had heard some banging in one the compartments, but he had decided it was nothing and did not go check it out.

"Probably just something hitting the wall or something..." he said.

"Ok...I spy with my little eye something that is..."

"Does it happen to be the sky?"

"How'd you know?" Selphie asked Irvine.

"Because it's been the sky the last 10 times," he replied.

"Really? Well I make it different this time...ok I got it. I spy with my little eye, something that is..."

"Ok, THAT'S IT. NO MORE PLAYING I SPY!" Zell yelled angrily.

"Aww...why not? I had something good this time," Selphie pouted as she steered the Ragnarok over FH.

"I doubt it. Isn't there something else we can play?" Zell asked.

"Well I dunno. Do you know where Squall went?" Rinoa asked.

"No, he's around here somewhere, it's not like he could just open the hatch and walk out. He'd be dead."

"Well duh, anyone who did that would be dead. It's not like some magical force will save you from either being squashed flat or drowning in the ocean..."

Rinoa left Zell and Irvine alone to continue their argument and went looking for Squall. She found him sleeping in one of the empty compartments. She left him, and headed back into the compartment with the others.

"Rinoa, go get Squall, we're about to land!" Selphie said to her as she walked in.

"Uh no. I'm sorry I dont wish to incur his wrath."

Squall was very...scary when he was woken up and didn't want to be woke up in the first place.


"Uh...I think I'll pass...I dont want to have a reoccurance of last time..." he replied.

"Well...that leaves..."

They all turned to look at Zell.


Three minutes later...

"'s uh...time to get up...and stuff..." Zell said as he poked Squall's arm.

"Poke me again and you will lose that hand..." he grumbled angrily.

Zell stuck his tongue out and him and walked off.

"You'll lose your tongue too."

Zell stomped angrily back into the main compartment.

"YOU OWE ME BIG TIME," he said as he sat down, crossing his arms and pouted.

"WE'RE HERE!" Selphie yelled happily as she began to land the Ragnarok.

"Do you have to be so damn loud..." Squall asked as he walked in, holding his forehead.

"Look! There's Laguna!"

Everyone moved over to look out the window except Squall. They all looked at each other and gave each other sly smiles.

"Hey Squall...look out the window will ya?" Zell said mischiveiously.

He gave Zell an odd look but came to look out the window. He cringed and imediately backed away, shielding his eyes. Everyone burst out laughing.

"I guess your daddy really missed you huh Squally?" Zell asked Squall in a baby voice.

It was horrible. It was ghastly. It was absolutely cringe inducing. It was big. It was was...a banner. This said banner was white and had a silver lion off to the side, it's jaws gaping, claws ready to shred. And in big, PINK letters it said,
And in smaller pinker letters at the bottom it said,
"Love, Daddy"

Two poles were holding up the most accursed sign and standing next to them holding the poles so they wouldn't blow away, were Kiros and Ward, looking particularly unhappy. And under the banner wearing the biggest smile ever waving his arms frantically in the air, was Laguna. Squall turned to Irvine.

"Shoot me please. Put me out of my misery," he said to him.

Irvine put his arm around Squall.

"You'll live man. My gun aint for killing people no how."

"Arm off or I'll cut it off."

He promptly removed his arm.

"Should we wait to get our luggage? Or should we get it?" Rinoa asked.

"Leave it...he'll probably send people to get it..." Squall replied.

I pity the fools who have to carry all that luggage...

They all headed to get off the ship. Squall pushed the button to release the ramp. The hatch slowly opened and the ramp slowly made it's way to the ground. Laguna was waiting patiently at the bottom, so it seemed.

"HI LAGUNA!" Selphie yelled cheerily.

"HI SELPHIE!" he yelled back just as cheerily.

"SQUALLY! HI!" Laguna yelled as he ran up the ramp to give his son a bear hug.

Squall turned a little too late and was caught in Laguna's giant bear hug.

"" he manage to squeak out as his lungs were being crushed.

Laguna released him.

"How've you been? You've never wrote me...I only get letters from Ri anymore..." he said putting on his sad puppy dog face.

"I'll...start writing you from now on...if you promise never to make that face ever again..."

He instantly brightened up.

"Alright! I'll send the others to get your luggage a bit later. It's gonna get really cold out so we might as well head home," Laguna said beckoning the others to follow as he latched his arm around Squalls neck.

"We're gonna have so much fun!"

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