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"Hey Bella," Alice was walking towards me, a look in her eyes. Even though I had only known Alice for a few months - wonderful, amazing months - I knew what that look meant. I might not be a mind reader like Edward, but anyone who knew Alice could have guessed what she was talking about.

"I was just lying on my bed this morning, reading one of those wonderful teen romances, and I thought of you. And you know what I saw?"

I smiled, already knowing the answer. "Hm, did you see a shopping trip in my future?"

Alice gave a fake gasp. "Yes! So obviously, you are going to go shopping soon!" I looked at my outfit, which consisted of an oversized T-shirt and jeans. My hair was in a simple, no-fuss ponytail. I thought I was the epitome of comfort.

"Nothing's wrong with my outfit," I mumbled. I was sure that I looked fine. It was 8:00 in the morning, after all. We can't all be stunningly beautiful all of the time. At least, not yet.

Apparently, Alice did agree with my opinion of my outfit. "Bella" Alice said, shaking her head so that part of her pixie cut fell in front of her golden eyes. The way she said my name made me think of silver wind chimes. "Bella, Bella, Bella. You really do need some new clothes. And it's a good thing that I'm such a fashionista!"

I was grasping at straws when I said "But I don't have any money! I would ask Charlie, of course, but he's not coming home for a few hours. Too bad." I tried to look dejected, but did a bad job of it.

"Don't worry Bella," Alice said, smiling. "You know we have more than enough money to get you things."

I frowned. I knew that the Cullens were wealthy - what with Alice being great at the stock market and them not needing to eat at all - but whenever Edward or Alice or any of the family tried to spend money on me, I felt bad.

"Ok," I sighed, not being able to resist Alice's bright smile.

Five hours later, Alice and I were ready to walk out of the mall, our arms full of bags from just about every store in the mall. Alice looked like her usual perky self, but I was lagging behind a bit, feeling and regretting every hour I didn't sleep the night before. I began to daydream, thinking of Edward, and smiled to myself.

Alice's squeals shocked me awake immediately. "Look at that!" she said, pointing to a bookstore we hadn't visited yet. "Do you think they have the new Seventeen magazine yet? Oh, the new one is supposed to be FULL of lots of fashion tips!"

I grinned and laughed. "Why don't you go check, Alice?" I said, still smiling. "I'll wait here with all of our things." Thankfully, she went to the bookstore, humming something underneath her breath as she skipped.

I smiled. Alice was decades older than me, yet she sometimes acted years younger. I turned around to find a bench to sit on – who knew how long Alice might take – and another very different store caught my eye.

It was a nondescript jewelry store. I left mine and Alice's bags on a wooden bench and walked towards the display case.

Dozens of gorgeous pieces of jewelry in all different types, shapes and colors were arranged in glass cases, but I was only looking for one type of jewelry.

It was a simple ring, really. I don't know why it caught my attention, but it did. A small, perfect diamond was encrusted onto a thin band. Somehow, I found myself hoping it would be mine.

"If you want me to be the one-then you'll just have to meet one condition."

"Condition? What condition?"

"Marry me first."

I shook my head. Someday, I thought to myself. Someday soon. But I knew that even if we got married that minute, sooner couldn't be farther away.