It's Good to be Alive! – Chapter 14: Epilogue Part 1 – Galian Beast

Chapter Summary: Vincent's Limit Break's don't play nicely...

Author: Illusor Meaneld

Rated T: for Descriptive violence and injuries, No Adult Situations, No Cussing.

Disclaimer: I did not create, and do not own the characters from Final Fantasy 7. They are owned by Square-Enix, and I am simply borrowing them for my own (and hopefully your) amusements.

EPILOGUE! ((yes once more I'm going to start at that eventful moment in the clearing, please bear with me this will hopefully help everything make perfect sense. ))

Vincent pulled back quietly as the ruckus began, somehow he wasn't in the least surprised that Zack had started it. He flexed his left hand slowly, he felt naked without his glove and gauntlet, the air tickled against the soft fur that grew along his forearm. His crimson eyes slowly followed Zack and Cloud's progression around the clearing, the rising sun was bathing the area in a welcoming orange glow, Vincent winced, the light was not particularly intense but it only served to amplify his already growing headache. He knew he was ready for a 'Limit Break'. He'd been injured more than enough, the only thing holding back the demons before was his own weakened physical state. Now they all clamored noisily in the back of his head. Everything felt overly warm and bright, he winced again, closing his eyes for a moment. This, unfortunately only served to blind Vincent to the incoming wrestling men.

The gunman was slammed into the tree he had been leaning against, his still-healing body screaming in protest against the rough treatment. Even as he slid downward Cloud and Zack rolled away, continuing their childish banter, while remaining oblivious to any possible injury they might have inflicted on the Ex-Turk. The outside noises seemed to dim, his vision blurring slightly as Vincent rose slowly back to his feet, there was a growing pressure in his head, an oppressive darkness just behind his eyes. He knew the feeling and immediately dreaded it.

Time to kill… To rip them to shreds… What a glorious Morning this will be… Hellmasker rasped gleefully.

Now they will have proof of your monstrous nature… what more would they need to see than this? Chaos mocked.

This is boring… was all Death Gigas deigned to input.

Frantically Vincent pushed them away, focusing on preventing their release. He couldn't even imagine the sort of carnage any of them would inflict, Hellmasker and Chaos in particular. The latter laughed uproariously at Vincent's attempts to hold him back. This was all a game to him… Vincent felt his head begin to pound, how much longer could he suppress them? His vision began to darken even further. This certainly wouldn't end well if he…. Suddenly his eyes snapped downward, His vision wasn't just darkening… it had been tingeing RED! He had only the barest of moments to glance up at Sephiroth who stood next to him. The silver-haired Ex-General was staring at him uncertainly, Vincent couldn't blame him. In his attempt to hold off the worst of his demons Vincent had neglected Galian Beast… The rage, the hunger… the only one who never spoke…

Vincent felt his fingers twisting into claws, the bones in his back and spine cracking and popping as they elongated. His transformation should have been painful, but for some reason he felt only a strange numbness, his body going suddenly cold as his clothing dissolved and reformed into Galion Beast's thick purple hide. He felt the bubbling in his throat and instinct pulled his head back, his mouth opened wide even as his jaw and face erupted with teeth. A deep throaty roar spilled from his newly formed muzzle, his limbs twisting and reshaping even as he barbarically proclaimed his power. A long thick tail slid into place from his spine, his hair bled down his back brilliantly red against his current body's violet hue. When his head dropped back down turning to gaze at Sephiroth once more, his transformation was complete. Galion Beast's glowing eyes gazed hungrily at the Silver-haired man, baring its teeth in a demonic grin.

Galian Beast, while he never spoke, was not actually stupid. Its predatorial mind surveyed the clearing in fascination. Sephiroth's slitted green gaze stared right back at him when their eyes met. Many of the others had frozen taking sudden note of the demonic monster's presence. Yuffie was the first to move, with her trained Ninja reflexes she leapt into the trees, Galian's head snapped to face the movement, leaping into action the demon barreled past Sephiroth, causing the swordsman to dive out of the way. Someone started shouting, Galian ignored it, As Galian moved everyone else seem to snap out of their dazes and finally react. Cloud and Zack leapt to their feet, Sephiroth glanced around for something to use as a weapon. Yuffie finally realized Galian was after her and screamed, the chase was on… The purple demon was amazingly fast, leaping the length of the clearing in a bound. It clawed it's way up the trunk of the tree Yuffie sat in, its massive talons ripping the branches from the trunk when it passed, snarling as it approached where Yuffie huddled. The slender Ninja delivered one kick to his muzzle before leaping away, Galian Beast tried to chase her, but found much to its disappointment that it couldn't wedge itself through the thick branches that nimbly. It had to drop from the tree, grumbling its frusteration.

It fully intended to continue the chase even as it's taloned feet hit the ground. But an explosion of sound and small barrage of painful stinging bites caught its attention. Galian whirled with a roar. Barret stood his one hand steadying his gun arm, Glaring at the massive demon, A low growl issued from deep in Galian's throat, he flexed his hand-like claws. Barret set his weapon to powering up just as Galian tensed to spring, and then Zack began screaming. Sudden movement caught the demon's attention, now the Ex-SOLDIER was running… A feral grin split the beast's purple muzzle, the little bites didn't bother it overly much, but the thrill of the chase was too much to resist. Without any more warning Galian bounded after Zack with a guttural roar, the terrified shriek the black-haired swordsman uttered was absolutely delicious… Another several claps of painful noise and more nicks and bites let Galian know that Barret hadn't given up. The clearing was absolutely full of shouts and movement now. Galian swiped at Zackary's fleeing form, his claws raking shreds from the Ex-SOLDIER's shirt but missing the flesh. The raven-haired swordsman squeaked in alarm, Galian simply grinned.

This second chase was interrupted when pain seared through Galian's leg, snarling he whirled just in time to watch Nanaki's fangs release from the demon's thigh and the great cat leap out of range. That one had HURT! Another flash of movement whirled Galian back around to the front, the purple beast ducked almost instinctively dodging Cid's lance, the next swing from the spear-man found Galian's teeth locking onto the shaft of his weapon. Growling past the obstruction in its mouth the demon lashed out with his massive claws, his left arm wreathed itself in flame as it came. Cold metal wrapped painfully around Galian's blazing hand as Barret grabbed the claws just before the Purple-beast could sink them into Cid's shoulder. Galian gnarled indignantly, chewing ineffectively on the metal shaft of Cid's lance. The demon hesitated when Cid's gaze shifted, glancing at something over Galian's left shoulder, when Barret's eyes also turned the same direction the demon knew something was up. In one motion he leapt backwards, releasing Cid's weapon and yanking his left arm forcibly from Barret's grasp. Galian felt fire burst across his shoulder as a blade grazed the bone there. An ear-splitting roar punctuated his pain as Galian skittered even further away.

Now standing before Galian Beast was Sephiroth, the Ex-General had somehow gotten a hold of one of the pieces of Cloud's First Tsurugi, brandishing the blade which now sported a line of red across the tip. Galian snarled, not liking this turn of events at all. He took a moment to gaze around the clearing once more, Tifa and Nanaki stood off to one side, Yuffie was no where to be seen, Cid, Barret, and now Sephiroth stood in front of him, and… Galian leapt straight up into the air when a twig snapped behind him. He wasn't about to fall for that one twice! Sure enough Cloud stumbled forward swinging his sword through the space Galian had previously occupied. Unfortunately the blonde was quick-witted enough to keep moving, so when the demon's purple form dropped back down his own claws met with empty air. His tail lashed behind him, revealing his frustration. Now all his enemies were before him, and his intended prey behind the lot of them. Zack's spiky black hair poked up behind cid as the Ex-SOLDIER glanced nervously at the monster. Galian grinned baring its teeth, licking across his long fangs and thrilling at the whimper his actions incurred. Now to get past the problem of Sephiroth and the others, the Ex-General was only armed with the one blade, and Cloud also only had one piece of the First Tsurugi in his hands. Galian smirked again, it was worth a few scratches to hear the little black-haired one scream…

Without warning the Demon launched itself forward, Racing along on all fours as it tore towards the warriors. Sephiroth was the first to react, and Galian expected this… He ducked towards the ground as he tensed for his next bound, the silver-haired man's blade skimmed painfully over his back, digging into the thick flesh on his left side, but another leap took him out of range of the Ex-General, Cloud's sword left a rather nice gouge in Galian's right arm, Cid managed a glancing blow against his shoulder and Nanaki barely missed his hamstrings… Galian took a single moment to whip his arm forcibly against Barret, sending the bulky man flying before he could fire his annoying gun again. Then he was free! Blood oozed from his various wounds but he didn't care, his goal was right before him, and Zack's eyes were wide with terror. With exactly the shriek Galian was looking for the young raven-haired swordsman took off, the Demon was in fast pursuit. Even the rather painful bullets that fired unexpectedly from the trees didn't slow the demon down, somewhere in the back of his mind Vincent recognized the gunshots as Turk issue pistols, but that didn't matter to Galian. In one more bound he wrapped his claws around Zackary's shoulders, throwing the young man to the ground. The man was screaming hoarsely, thrashing futiley against Galian's mass. Leaning his head down the demon Tore into Zack's shirt with his teeth, ripping it forcibly from the young man's body, before shaking it and tossing it away, Deciding to indulge in more torment Galian gave the exposed flesh a considering sniff, then ran his tongue along the man's spine for a taste.

Unexpectedly, the Demon's delight ended without warning, in it's glee it had the misfortune to decide to 'taste' Zack's hair. One swipe of his massive tongue and Galian realized his miscalculation. Rolling off of the Man in absolute disgust Galian gagged, the taste now filling his mouth was revolting! So revolting in fact that the demon hacked, eventually throwing up whatever meal Vincent had recently eaten. Staggering away from the shocked Zackary with a groan, the purple beast tossed the Black-haired swordsman a detesting glare. Much to everyone else's surprise, Sephiroth started laughing, Galian glared at him too. Snorting and growling the Demon leveled an outraged glower at the lot of them before taking off into the woods. Once there it was happy to vent it's frustrations out on the nearby monsters and wildlife.

Nearly half an hour later a rather ragged-looking Vincent Valentine returned to the clearing…

((Author's note: This story will have AT LEAST one more chapter coming! XD I just couldn't fit all this fascinating information into one, once this is finished then I'll be working on the Sequel, which is coming out REALLY cool to my plotting mind! :D ))