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"Come with me," Vala pleaded.

Suddenly, Tomin kissed her, his soft slips infused with the power of all things left unsaid between them. She wanted to give in to him, in defiance of his faith, the Ori who had corrupted him, and especially in defiance of the universe that continued to toy with her sanity. Before she got a chance to overcome her reservation, he broke away, taking a step towards the dialing device.

"I'm sorry," Tomin said as he punched in the code, "I have done all I can do."

"Wait!" Vala interjected, stepping away from the rings towards her husband, "I think I'm going to stay."

"What? Why?"

"I don't know. I …"

"Vala, this is no time to jest. If you do not leave now, we will be discovered, and you may not return to your …"

"Tomin, my friends are dead. The village has been destroyed …" Yet, SG-1 had a knack for surviving the most dire predicaments. They must have survived the attack, they must have …

"If you stay here you may suffer the same fate. Vala are you listening to me?" Tomin grabbed her wrists and began tugging her back to the rings.

"Tomin!" Vala said, her voice quivering as she pulled her arms free, "I think I understand the story of Marcon."

"What?" Tomin stared at her incredulously.

"I understand the story of Marcon. The great chasm and everything. Except, not in relation to the Ori and their enormous propensity for forgiveness," Vala added with a look of distaste, "but in relation to you … to us." At Tomin's confusion, Vala continued: "See, like Marcon, you took the leap of faith. You took the first step across the gulf that lies between us. It's only fair that I return the favor."

"Vala, please, your words are as cryptic as your refusal to leave."

"I'm saying that you're my husband. You're all I have left, and I'll be damned if I leave another man behind again to die. I've done it once, and I refuse to do it again. Besides, now that we've become allies, I think we could use that to our advantage," Vala added, shaking her dejection away, then winking at Tomin.

"I still fail to understand you."

"I have a plan Tomin. It's not going to be easy, and will require deceiving a multitude of mind-reading priors. It will also involve reuniting with my beloved daughter again."

With that, Vala sauntered back towards her room, a devious grin plastered upon her face.

A bizarre sense of relief trickled through Tomin's veins as he followed her back, dodging a handful of guards along the way. The ship had veered out of orbit, preventing him from forcing Vala off. But, was he selfish for wanting his wife to stay? Was he foolish in his trust for her? She obviously planned to harm the beings he had believed infallible until late. And was he imagining the desolate abandon in her eyes, cleverly concealed by the upturned corners of her lips? He could recognize that look anywhere, for he had seen it in the faces of young soldiers under his command. Soldiers who had volunteered when they knew he was sending them to their deaths, not because they wanted glory, ascension, or because they believed they would survive under surmountable odds. No, believing they had somehow angered their Gods, they had deserved nothing less than death.