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The sun shone thru the window and into the red and gold room. It was finally the day. Katara had waited nine years. The week had been crazy, preparing for the visitors. After all the hard work, it was all about to pay off. The fire lady prepared for her day. Katara sat on the side of the bed. She looked over at her husband, who was still sleeping. She slipped on a dress and her slippers.

Then Katara walked out into hallway. She opened a door and looked upon the sleeping face of her child. The boy was three years of age. Katara smiled.

"Wake up, Ather." Katara said softly. Ather sat up and rub his eyes.

"Get dressed, and then come eat breakfast." Katara told Ather. The boy nodded his head and jumped out of his bed.

Katara opened the door next to Ather's room. She smiled upon a small infant in its cradle. Katara walked over and rubbed the girl's soft black hair. Slowly, the infant awoke.

After breakfast, the final preparations were made. At noon, a flying bison was spotted in the sky.

Appa landed in front of the palace and in front of the royal fire family.

Aang peeked over the edge, "I hope we're not too late."

Aang helped Toph down from Appa. The two had been married for five years and were both twenty-one years of age.

Aang and Toph greeted Zuko and Katara. Then Aang squatted down till he was Ather's height.

"You must be Ather. I've heard a lot about you."

Aang stood up and looked at the infant.

"And you're Enika."

Enika cooed softly and grabbed Aang's finger. Toph laughed at Aang's startled reaction.

"Let's get inside. I'll show your room." Zuko said.

"Okay, do you have anything to eat? I'm starved." Aang said rubbing his stomach.

Katara laughed, "Yes, I'm sure we have food."

The gang went into the palace. That night, Katara sat on the balcony outside her room. She gazed out upon the fire nation's capital city. At night, the town was peaceful. Zuko stood next to her.

"It's amazing what can happen in nine years." Zuko said with a smile. Katara nodded her head in reply.

"He'll be here tomorrow, I'm sure of it." Zuko assured her. Katara gave him a kiss, and then she went to bed.

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