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A water ship entered the port. The southern water tribe's chief helped his Kyoshi wife down along with his little boy. Katara ran to greet her brother, sister-in-law, and nephew. Ather followed his mother to see his nephew. The two cousins had met once when Hakoda died and Ather and his family went to his funeral. They got along well since the two boys were the same age.

"How have you been?" Katara asked Suki, who was expecting a another child.

"Fine, thank you." She replied.

That night, the great dining room was filled with conversation. The Gaang members talked about the past and the present. Soon, everyone retired to their rooms.

Aang sat on the balcony out of his room. Toph soon joined him.

"It's good to see everyone again." Aang said softly.

"It is." Toph replied.

"So much has happened since we saw them last." Aang said, "Toph, what do you think the next avatar will be like?"

"Well, that was a random topic change." Toph said, "All I know is that he'll be a waterbender."

"I know that." Aang said with a chuckle.

"And I do know that this earthbender is going to bed." Toph said as she kissed Aang goodnight.

The next morning Toph woke up to find Aang gone. She searched for him. Aang was talking to Zuko about rebels, who were old fire nation soilders or generals who didn't like the thought of peace with all the nations. Zuko and Aang had been keeping the peace since the death of Ozai but the group of rebels grew bigger over the years. The two decided to keep the growing rebel hidden from the others, so not to cause anything worry during the reunion.

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