Author's Note: I watched the finale the other day and just jotted this down, while sketching too! I was a busy girl. I hope you enjoy. I just thought it was a nice way to tie up the end and the events of EIP.

Katara framed Aang's face in her hands and kissed him tenderly. She had always known how wonderful he was, but it was just in the recent months that she realized just how crazy she was about him. Of course there were people who would question her choice, even with him being the Avatar. He is bald, shorter, thin, a bit goofy, younger…

But he was all hers now, even when he was supposed to belong to the world. And maybe that was the most attractive thing about him. Katara could possess what should have been unattainable. And now the young waterbender just wanted to let him know how much she loved him. How much she adored him. How much she truly needed him.

And of course like most people who are blessed with a gift that came unexpectedly, she almost didn't realize his priceless-ness until it was nearly too late. As they stood on the balcony wrapped in each other's arms and holding on as if it were all a dream, no words were needed. The kiss, the one she initiated, did all the talking for her. Making her feelings known loud and clear.

After all, the last time she had actually used words to communicate her feelings, she had said what she did for her own comfort and hurt him terribly in the process. He was looking for some sign or to hear that his hope for them to one day be together was not fruitless. And in the moonlight, on the balcony of the playhouse, Katara knew when she uttered "I'm just a little confused" she wasn't being truthful. What would have been a perfect romantic setting to finally tell Aang how she felt ended up being the setting where she realized that not the world, the fire nation, or even the attack from Azula could hurt him like she did.

In the glow of a beautiful sunset, she deepened their kiss and enjoyed a world at peace and the knowledge she had found the real love no war could diminish and not for one moment would she ever take it, take him, for granted again.