Author's Note: So many fan fics often deal with Aang's fascination with Katara. Well, what about her's with him. I think she would find him just as fascinating. And for the sake of argument, let's say they are a little older.

He lay next to her, the light from the campfire playing across his gentle features. Katara smiled and reached a hand out to touch Aang's cheek, careful not to wake him. It had become something of a ritual for her to watch him as he slept. Not the whole night of course but long enough to drink in the pleasing sight of him.

The waterbender found him fascinating. She always had. From the moment Katara saved the young Avatar from the iceberg and Aang had focused his bright gray eyes on her, she was immediately fascinated by him. Then it was innocent fascination, she was fascinated by his abilities as an airbender, his history, and his Avatar state.

But somewhere over the course of their journey Katara became fascinated by far less innocent things. She was fascinated by the airbender's tattoos, not only how he got them and the process it took to put them on his body, but the way they curled around his long limbs and progressed from his forehead down his spine to a place hidden by his clothes. She was fascinated by his gray colored eyes, they way they reminded her of the sky just after a storm, the intensity in them and the way he could make her feel entirely loved just by focusing those bright shining orbs on her.

She was fascinated by his face, the smallish nose and the long, dark lashes. Aang's lips never ceased to be soft, warm, and inviting. His mouth, the taste of him, the soft pale skin. All of him fascinated her.

Aang was growing up, she was growing up, and their relationship was maturing just as they were. Katara now had new things about him to find fascinating. Her face heated up with a deep blush as she thought about the times they had spent together, exploring each other. She found his intimate parts fascinating, the way he responded to her touch fascinating, the sounds he made fascinating. Katara found the way he could incite passion within her just with a smile or a gentle touch of the hand or lips fascinating.

The girl lay there next to the fire, her hand still on his cheek, content to just be near him. She leaned in close and kissed Aang's forehead, the tip of his nose, and finally his lips. She knew he was awake when she felt pressure on her lips as he returned her kiss. He opened his eyes and smiled at her, reaching up to brush an errant strand of hair from her forehead.

"Can't you sleep?" He whispered softly.

"No." She replied, smiling. "Something fascinating caught my attention."