NARUTO: Fallen Angel

It was a sad day for the people of Konoha for not just six hours ago there greatest hero fell he had sacrficed him self so he could stop the kyuubi no kitsune from destroying there villige, he left behind greving friends and teammates but most of all he left behind his legecy a new born baby boy the sole living member of there once proud clan now rested the the thirds hands thought his finally wish was for his son to be seen as a hero that he was the villagers and a good part of the ninjas saw only the kyuubi recarnated not the boy who was the living jail for it.

"What I'm I going to do with you?" the witherd Hokage asked the sleeping child.

"You could adopit him." said the old mans perverted stundent.

"No I'm afried I can not the consule would not aollow it."He replyed.

"Well whatever you decied to do you should be ready when he actives his bloodline because the boy might end up reviling it to the wrong people." Jiraya said before leaving

'(sigh) Arashi I hope you will forgive me for what I'm going to do.'

Six years later

"Die demon" yelled the mob as the began to beat the life out of the six year old naruto. This was not the first time this had happened and the boy knew it wouldn't be the last. But unlike most he didn't look for a reason why he just accepted it, but this time it was different for the boy passed out as soon as the blows began. His vision slowly came back to him and all he saw was a dark hallway. Water was up to his ankle and a sick smell filled the air. He stared down the dank hallway before finally deciding to make his way down it. He might have been imagining it but he thought he could here a sinister laughter from down the hall.

'Were am I' he thought to himself 'did they bring me here'

"No kit thoses fools didn't bring you here I did"a dark voice said as he exited the hallway into a large room with a large cage in front of him, a large set of glowing red eyes stared down at him

"Wh-what are you?" he asked. The creature that was a giant red fox began to shrink down. The fox morphed into a small girl about his age. She had short fire-like hair, fox ears, and blood red eyes.

"Hello Naruto." said the girl. "I am the Kyuubi."

" Impossable the fourth killed you how could you be in me?" Naruto shouted relizing he was in his mind

"I'm here because I was sealed here by your fourth Hokage, and I brought you hear because I have a deal to make you."she said.

Naruto looked up at her curiously thinking about something. "You're the reason I'm being beat up right?" he said in an odly even tone

"Those people are fools Naruto, they all deserve to be killed every last one of them." said the Kyuubi.

"If you are in me what does that make me?" asked Naruto. "Am I human?"

"No." said the Kyuubi instantly. "Naruto you are a human sacrifice, they gave away your humanity the second I was sealed in you. For such a crime they all deserve to die."

"Die?" asked Naruto.

"Yes I can help you get your revenge." said the small girl. "All you have to do is use my power. I can make you great Naruto you can make them all suffer and pay for selling your soul. Do you except?"

Naruto looked down and his hair shadowed over his eyes. A smile came onto his face

The Kyuubi stared at the boys smile and an evil smirk appeared on her own face. "Looks like I win, you were a fool to seal me in your son Arashi. I will make him destroy everything you considered precious all he has to do is say ye-"

"No." said the blonde interrupting the fox's thoughts. Naruto stared into the fox's eyes with a childish smile on.

"Wh-what, why?" asked the small red headed girl in shock.

"Because I don't trust your eyes." Said Naruto in an innocent voice. The Kyuubi slammed against the cage changing back into the giant fox form.

"Insolent brat I will tear you-" Once again the Kyuubi was cut off as a giant wall of light appeared in front of her when she slammed into the cage. She cringed back in shock. She looked at the boy who was now glowing with a light blue aura. His innocent smile was still plastered on his face, and his eyes were glowing a crystal blue. He gave a presence of pure srenitiy, which shocked the Kyuubi even more. "A mental defence ho-how?"

"I finally understand now." said Naruto not in his childish voice. However it held a tone of maturity. "If I was meant to be your jailer then that is what I will be. Even if I am no longer considered human I will still protect them because…" The Kyuubi stared at him listening intently. "…that is what I have been trusted to do." Naruto then turned around and began to walk out of the dark room. Kyuubi was screaming at the top of her lungs from behind the barrier while trying to break through the wall of light.

"You'll regret this brat YOU'LL REGRET THIS!" shouted the Kyuubi, not that it could be heard through the barrier.

Naruto slowly came to consciousness in the ally. Everyone was still surrounding him screaming out unmentionable things. He slowly began to stand up the entire mob fell silent in shock that he was moving considering all the blood he had just lost. His bones were broken, flesh torn, and body was bruised, but even so he stood. He looked at all those gathered with glowing blue eyes and first time he saw it, all the pain they had been hiding through their anger.

'I'm sorry' naruto thought before walking thru the crowd as they opend up before a feeling of peace filling them all

Sarutobi looked into the crystal ball with a neutral expression on his face. He knew where the boy would go next; Naruto would come here demanding answers and most likely blame him for what he had done. The old man gave the order to let the boy in.

The Hokage watched Naruto stumble into the room on a leg that appeared to be broken; Sarutobi wondered why the Kyuubi hadn't healed him yet. Sarutobi slightly cringed at the boys state but waited for the boy to speak his words of hate. However the old man was surprised beyond belief as he saw the boy look up. There was no hate or anger held in the boy's eyes, all the Hokage could see was determination, and understanding.

Naruto got down on one knee and bowed down. "Hokage-sama, I wish to become a strong ninja." said Naruto.

Sarutobi was in shock no shouting no demanding of answers only satment the he wanted to become a ninja

"Ok naruto I'll enroll you in the academy you'll begin tomorrow morning at seven,and after you go i want you to come here after school there's somethings I want to tell you." Sarutobi told him.

"Yes Hokage-sama." Naruto said before getting up and leaving.

'Well Arashi It looks like are fallen angel will regain his wings yet.' Sarutobi thought to him self


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