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Angels Blood

Chapter 4

joureny to the land waves

prt 1

"Get it of me!" normal talk

'Help!' thoughs

Makyo no nekos (War of cats)jutsus

"here kitty kitty kitty!." demon talk

'Kill that damn cat!' demon thoughts

IT had been over two months scinces their 'attack' on team seven and time seemed to fly by, unfortunatlly for naruto they ran into the green grusome twosome agian they also had to 'attack their team which happend to be hinata's cousien's team. The guy seemed to have a grudge aginast the main house and had tryed to take it out on hinata, had it not been for and timely intervetion from naruto and shikamaru hinata would have been hospitalized.

Speaking of the shy hyuuga girl, she had really growen she was no longer the shy girl who couldn't look anybody in the eye and blushed when people pay attion to her and gave praise,though she still couldn't talk to naruto without stuering and blushing let alone look him in the eye, of course the blond still suffers from being oblivious to the obivios. She no longer wears that bulky jacket but insted a more form fitting purpleish-blue long sleves shirt that go past here hands, she also wears black cargo pants with wrapings along the ankles. She now also usess twin seratied battle fans that compliments he twist to the hyuuga jyuuken taijutsu style she can also infuse them with some chakra to throw them for mid ranged attacks seeing as for some reason the always fly back to her.

Shikamaru also grew a lot after anko introduced him to asuma,and betting the lazyness out of him, he took to the trench knives like a fish to water, even though he's still his lazy self when it comes to missions he is deadly serious.

And lastly is Naruto the villages resadent fallen angel had changed the most he got an entire new wardrobe a few new jutsus and last but not least he learend more of the uzumaki's lost bloodline. Like the uchiha bloodline it has three stages, the first stage which is called the blissed stage this is the precourser for the next to and all it really doses is prep the body for the next stage it strengthens the bodys muscles of the body, lightents the chakra, and gives his eyes that nice hipnotic glow. The next stage gives him his wings and a few angelic final stage is an unknow for no one had reached that stage.

Anyway after months of non-stop tor.. I mean trainning they were getting the first mission, at the current moment they were being debrifed on there mission by the third hokage.

"I've called you in today because I have recived a request for back up from team seven," He expliend,"It seems that the C-classed mission they recived is in fact an A-class it seems that the client lied about the diffuclty because of they could not affored due to a hostel takeover attemp by a man named Gato, normally I'd send another team but I have a better idea."

"And what would that be Hokage-sama?"Anko asked.

"Your mission is to elimanate Gato, I feel if he is left alive he will cause troouble for us and that is a risk we cannot take."The aged hokage explined. "Team seven is at a villiage on the outskirts of wave wating for your arrivel."

"Okay team I want you to meet me at the east gate in half an hour."Anko dissmissed her team.

"You sure there ready?"Iruka asked. "Yhea I'm sure."

(At the east gate)

"You guys ready...LETS GO!" Anko yelled pummping her fist in to the air.

Jummping from tree to tree naruto moved closer to shikamaru, "Hey what info do we have on this gato guy?" he asked.

"Well naruto gato is your standard low-life he runs a massive shipping company but thats just a front for his drug smuggling and slave trade ops he runs."Shikamaru told to the group recalling the info from the mission folder.

"Why is targeting tazuna?" Hinata asked.

"It's because of the bridge he's buliding if he complets it then gato's shipping monopoly goes down the drain, now come on the village is just ahead."Anko told them.


Sasuke was brooding (agian, figures) he hated the fact that he couldn't show off when the demon brothers attacked oh sure he was able to lock there chain to the tree and knock the away but did he get to finish them off nope that went to the loud mouth and his dog and kakashi, and whats more he decied that they should call for back up they didn't need backup they would just get in his way and he wouldn't be able to test himself if he had to look after more weaklings how could he bring his brother to justice if he was held back by them.

There was a knock on the door before kakashi opened the door, "Get your stuff were leaving." he told him.

Grabbing his bag sasuke walked out and down the stairs were he noticed that his pink haired banshie fangirl was sending a deathglare towards there 'backup' namely the blond prankster, sending his own (if only for a bit) sasuke fell inline next to said blond and started to brood agian but on a different subject, he still hadn't paid the blond for ruinning his faviorte outfit.


Zanji wacthed as the group of leaf ninja left the inn were the first team stopped, he didn't really cared for this gato person and he kill the fat slob the first chance he got but they needed the money so he hold off for now.

'They' that was a new concept for him for a long time it had just been and his pack of wolves he had been travelling with for years now and only a few months ago did they meet zabuza's group and started working with them. He looked back at the demon brothers and signeld them to notifie zabuza about there targets movement, chuckling he and his partner for the moment Tsume wacthed as the demon brothers left they could understand there anger they got pissed on by a puppy and while they couldn't attack due to risk of exposing that they had help.

Keeping close zanji soon ran into haku, shaking his head he couldn't understand when the first meet that she insisted that she was male when her sent was clearly female, but she got over that now if only they could spend more time and really get to know each other.

"Zabuza-sama wishes us to wacth the fight in case he louses." Haku's voice broke thru zanji's thoughts of melting the cold exterior of the ice princess, thanking kami for his wolf mask was covering his face zanji truned to haku and nooded hoping that she wasn't one of the girls that seemed to know what men were thinking when they were hinding.

Haku noticed the stiffing of there newest comrade before he truned and nooned, she wonderd about him of all the people she worked with his was the only face she hadn't seen he was a complet mistory to her along with the wolves that traveld with him. Turing towards the wolf that was with him today she study it, It was a large dark gray wolf with an 'X' shape scar on it chest and from what zanji told them his name was tsume. (A/N: I don't own wolfs rain)

Wacthing the fight between Zabuza and the leaf ninjas he couldn't help but feel some sort of familatary comming from the blond he'd had to speak with darcia about it tonight seeing the kakashi and anko go in to finish the fight haku and zanji inthervend.

"Thank you for weakning zabuza for us we've been tracking him for weeks now wating for the right time to strick." Haku explained while zanji and tsume scured the 'dead' body.

"Will be leaving now,"Zanji said,"may we meet agian." with that they left in a swirl of mist.

(Team 7& 10)

When the group got to Tazuna's house caring a unconncis kakashi they were abnormally quiet the whole fight with zabuza and the interuption by the pair of hunter nins had the whole group deep in thought. They were still thinking when anko came down the stiars from droping of kakashi,"Okay kiddies I've got good news, bad news, and worse news." She annouced.

"Whats the bad news?" Shikamaru asked in a lazy but knowing tone.

Anko glared at him before continunning "As you know kakashi will be out for a while, the bad news is zabuza is still alive and should be back in about a week maybe two."

"Whats the worse news?" Sakura asked.

Anko got an evil gleam in here eyes and smiled a very sadistic smile, "You guys are going thru my advance trainning program." she answerd which caused team ten to groan.

Walking out the door naruto wondered outloud "I wonder whats the good news."

"I've got more blackmail material." Anko said pulling out kakashi's orange book, casuing the gennins to facefault.

to be continued...

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