Disclaimer: Thanks to JKR for allowing the use of all these brilliant characters!

And the song featured here is my parody of "No Reply" by The Beatles


Voldemort has returned and Harry Potter is stuck at Number 4 Privet Drive! He is getting restless and wants to know what's going on…

Harry Potter paced his bedroom over and over again, continuously peering out his window for Sirius' response to when he was getting out of here. Suddenly Hedwig shot into the room and dropped a scroll of parchment on his bed before landing on top of her cage.

Harry ran to it and tore it open, it bore one line

Not today Harry. Stay put we'll come and get you soon.

Harry threw himself on his bed in frustration. How many times would this happen before he could leave? He glance back out the window and began to sing in despair.

With every letter that I wrote

I got back the same note

Not today

They said to stay put

That they would come get me

In no time

Chorus 1

I was so scared

That nobody cared

To tell me what's going on

Not even my best friends

Hermione and Ron

Chorus 2

I tried to let you know that I wanted to go

You said no

Coz Voldemort is out

Looking for me

It's dangerous

Chorus 1

If I were you I'd tell me everything

Not leave me in the dark

Or allow me to go to the park

Where Dementors could find me

Chorus 2

Chorus 1

Not today (x2)

Harry closed his eyes in frustration. When will they come? He thought, I can't take the Dursley's much longer.