Love Or Glory

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Chapter 1: Surprising News

"Did you find her?" A cold indifferent voice loomed from a darkened room away from prying eyes. One could see his high stature, the way he crossed his legs and his businesslike air. Even though the news he was awaiting was very…important.

"Yes, I did. It is easy, after all to find one of the most up and coming lawyers in Tokyo." Replied a man, bowed over, and yet he too, seemed to have a high stature himself.

"You have served me well, as always, Yoichi, tell me, where does she live now?"

"She currently lives in a three-bedroom apartment with her father in the high-end district in Tokyo, sir."

"Ahh, so I see, she has done well for herself I see, after attending Tokyo University, as one would expect from the scholarship student at Ouran. Does she still keep in touch with her... friends...?

"Yes she still keeps company from that Suoh boy, the Hitachiins, the Morinozukas, and the Haninozuka. Though currently, she has had no romantic relationships since your son.

"Hmm... Intriguing, you have done well to tell me this. I will leave, I do have business to attend to after all, Yoichi"

Just as the man was about to leave, however, a voice stopped him. "There is more though, Ootori-sama..."

Slowly, Ootori Yoshio turned to face his assistant, pinning him with his onyx eyes. "Something more?"

"Yes, Ootori-sama, based on gathered information, Fujioka Haruhi is the mother to your grandchildren," Yoichi stated, his head down, knowing that this news would shock even the great Yoshio Ootori.