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Now… to begin…

Chapter 8: Inconvenient Truths Cause Heartbreak

"Finally I began searching for explanations only words could give me. Except I couldn't find them. I don't think they existed."- Seven Tears into the Sea

"She didn't know how long they sat that way. She couldn't even begin to sort her own emotions, let alone care about his. For a month her world had been thrown into chaos, and now, once again, everything had changed, but in a way for which she never could have prepared herself."-Scarlet moon-Debbie Viguie

It was Tuesday morning. In the waiting room of one , sat Fujioka Haruhi as she fidgeted restlessly in her seat. Normally she would be at work, but she was given special leave for the morning for the doctor's appointment. Of course, it was Fujioka Haruhi after all. And you could always count on her to get her work done. Right?

Haruhi sighed as she thought about Monday, the previous night. That was the first time she took Kyoya to his Kendo lessons. He surprisingly was a natural at fighting, and had a great mind for planning moves out, as she was told by Mori. Haruhi knew he would be good at anything he set his mind to. He was related to... Yet she did NOT appreciate the fact that right when he got home he started to practice in the house! This resulted in one or two broken lamps and a bump on her father's head. Although, admittedly, her father getting hit was pretty funny. She would have to talk to Mori about restraint.

Also on Monday, Kyouko got her first flute lesson. Haruhi made sure that the person to teach Kyouko was patient and kind, not slave driver kind of a teacher. Kyouko needed someone to be there for her, it was just the way she was. Luckily, Haruhi found the perfect teacher, a nice lady whose name was Konoba Megumi. She had a great smile, and she used to be a part of an orchestra before she retired at 50 to teach children. Pretty great price too.

Even though Haruhi knew that someday Kyouko would get a hang of it, nothing could stop her from reaching for a Tylenol whenever Kyouko tried to practice by herself. For HOURS. All in all, it was such a stressful busy day yesterday, that she barely got anything done for the new cases she was supposed to be working on. It was a good thing that she often thought to work ahead whenever she had the time, or else she'd be knee-deep in paperwork. And that's never fun.

So she had a very good reason as to why she was fidgeting. Doctor's offices never spooked Haruhi, although many people didn't like it. There was no reason to believe that there was bad news, was there? She was a young woman in her prime, and in perfect health with two wonderful children. Surely, nothing bad could happen, right? But that's how life is sometimes. It just has to prove you wrong, sometimes right when you are perfectly happy. Even when you are in love.

"Fujioka Haruhi, you may proceed to the doctor's office." The secretary called, promptly interrupting Haruhi's reminiscence of Monday.

"Hai," and with that, Haruhi proceeded to the office.

Haruhi entered the office to be greeted by a slightly hassled looking doctor. "Bad day?" Haruhi asked quietly. She knew that everyone had those kinds of days. Ones where they aren't feeling so well.

sighed. He looked into Haruhi's honey-brown eyes. The life of a doctor could certainly be called grim at times. Even though you try not to, patients will always be fellow humans. You can't help but feel sorry for them. Empathize with them. And Haruhi was so young and caring, her whole life was ahead of her. What about him? Well, he was an old man, already full of life's experiences. He just felt sorry that she might not be able to do the same. 'She even asked if I was alright. God, how am I going to tell her?

In a falsely cheerful voice, said, "Why don't we step into my office? The thing I want to speak to you about regarding your condition is very private." Haruhi was surprised to say the least. She had never stepped into his office before. There were really two sections to 's office. One was where the patients got blood pressure checks and things like that. The second part was his real office. That was where he kept his diplomas and textbooks, and also his pictures and various mementos. Even though he wanted to tell her something urgent, Haruhi was not alarmed. It was just not in her nature to be so. She was never melodramatic. Instead she just said a simple, " Wakatte, lead the way."

When sat in his chair, and Haruhi was seated in hers, he decided that he couldn't prolong things any longer.

"Haruhi, I understand that you remember the X-rays we conducted on you almost a week ago? We… have the results… and we found something that… is cause for… worry…" At these words, Haruhi got an uncomfortable feeling. It was like a clenching in her stomach, one that she couldn't really describe. If she had to, she would liken it to whenever a thunderstorm appeared. Although she had gotten over her fear long ago, there was a certain feeling of worry that was slightly uncalled for. A feeling that was slightly, illogically, bordering on fear.

"What is it? What did you find?" Haruhi asked. got up out of his chair, and turned his back on her, looking out of his window. His hands were clasped behind his back and he fiddled with them. He never really knew how to break bad news to somebody. It was never something he had ever enjoyed. "Haruhi," she noted that he used her first name, something he had never done before. "The results from your test were positive… They were positive for cancer. Haruhi… I'm afraid to say… that you have lung cancer of the right lung. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry."

It seemed to Haruhi that the world was going in an agonizingly slow motion. Like a nightmare that occurred over and over, one word spun in a continuous reel over and over in her mind. 'Cancer… Cancer… I have lung cancer.' Her body felt numbed, and her eyes looked at nothing for a very long time. The only thing she was acutely aware of were the hot tears sliding slowly down her cheeks. He heart was saying things like: "It can't be true… It can't be true." But it was. And that was an inconvenient truth that she could not ignore.

turned around, and saw that his patient, no, Haruhi, was crying. Silent tears that were sliding down her cheeks. didn't know what to say, or what to do. He went forward, and, on an unseen instinct, put his hand gently on her shoulder. "Do you need anything? A drink, some tissues?" felt so guilty, that it cut him up inside.

The sudden reintroduction to the real world, brought Haruhi slowly out of her nightmare world. "Tissues would be nice, but I don't feel like drinking anything. Thank you." And with that, gave her a box of tissues, waiting until she had successfully dried her face to speak again.

"Do you have any questions about… your condition? Or anything, for that matter?" asked nervously. He was very uncomfortable, and he could not even begin to think about what she might be feeling. After she was done sniffling, she started to ask questions.

"Do you know… how bad it is?" she asked timidly. A part of her really didn't want to know the answer.

Dr. Wong sighed again, "That is something we are unsure of as of yet. We need to check the complete severity of your case. In other words, we don't know."

Haruhi breathed out. On the one hand, she wanted to see what was wrong with her and if it could be fixed. But on the other hand, she didn't think she would make it out of the office if she found out that her case was fatal.

Dr. Wong continued, "I already sent more tests in. Those results should be in by next week I'll call you when the time comes."

Haruhi surprised her doctor by getting up out of her chair. She sighed resignedly, "I guess I'll go back to the office now. I still have things to do, cases to get ahead on."

"You mean you don't want to be here?"

"What I mean is, I still want to continue with daily life."

"Haruhi as a doctor, I am bound in helping you get through this in any way possible. Whenever you need help, just call me, and I will make time for you."

"Arigatou. I will keep that in mind," Haruhi smiled softly, although it didn't reach her eyes. "Can you do me a favor?"

Yes, anything."

"Well I…" Haruhi began, "I don't want my family and friends to know about this just yet. Could you please not tell them? I don't want them to worry."

"But… but," said , "You can't carry this all by yourself everyone needs someone. Especially at times like this. I don't want to, but I see your point. I respect doctor-patient confidentiality, but," it was then that he put a hand to her shoulder. "If I can't tell them, I want you to. They deserve at least that, when you are ready."

"There is also… one more thing. I know that you are acquainted with the Ootoris. Please do not tell Ootori Kyoya about my condition."

"Why? He is the next heir for the Ootori cooporation, the most prominent name in the medical and business fields! If anyone can help you, it's him."

"That's exactly why, . I love him too much… to see him hurt," and with that, Haruhi left the office. Her composure regained, it was time to go on.

Unknowingly she left behind a stunned doctor. Many thoughts were going through his head. One of the most reoccurring thoughts was: 'I am sorry. So, so sorry.

Haruhi somehow got herself back to her office, but she felt numbed. It was raining outside by the time she went to her company parking lot, and, for the first time since she was a kid, she got out of the car and stayed in the rain. She wanted to feel the water on her skin, while she was crying in the rain. Outside, where no one could tell that she might be dying.

Finally, and with a deeply profound regret that she could not name, she went inside, into her job, her duty. What was once her dream to become seemed so small compared to the hope that everything would turn out alright.

The secretary, her friend, Mrs. Yorito, looked up from her work. "Ah, you've come back, I see, and it looks like the rain got you, too. You know, with all these days off, you might actually become like one of us the other lawyers. People who don't do their work like robots," Mrs. Yorito said jokingly. You could almost always count on that woman for a laugh, or some good advice.

"Hai. Hai," Haruhi said tiredly, and jesting as well. "You know that's just who I am. But it seems all of the cases get more and more boring. I miss the good old days," Haruhi said this with a smile.

"Now, now," clucked. "Am I the old one, or are you? You shouldn't be talking like that, you've got a lot of good days coming for you." With these words, Haruhi felt a sharp pain run through her body, but she valiantly ignored it.

"You're not old. You don't look a day past thirty," Haruhi said.

"How you spoil this old lady, you. Now go on, shoo, go to your own office. I'm sure whatever case you'll be representing next will surely be one of the best. As always," and with that, Haruhi left the old secretary, who happened to be a very good judge of character, and a friend. She could tell that something was wrong. 'Even though she tried to hide it, I could tell that she was depressed. She's hiding something. Her shoulders were hunched, and her smile… it wasn't like usual. I hope, that whatever is troubling her, someone will be there for her. Someone closer than a friend. She's been through so much.

Ah, yes, this secretary also knew all that had transpired with Kyoya. She knew it all, that was the one time that she had ever seen her weak. In all the times after, whether it be in the courtroom, or at work, Haruhi had put up a strong suit… And yet this time… The young woman, not yet thirty, seemed broken in a different way, one that Mrs. Yorito had never seen before. Sighing resignedly, turned back to the stack of paperwork that still needed to be filed. Some things really just couldn't get done by themselves.

When Haruhi went into the office, she closed the door softly. Haruhi went over to her desk, and sat in her padded chair. It was warm, and she put her head in her hands, and thought. It seemed that all of the crying was over for her, now there was only what lay ahead, whatever that may be. 'I'm not even sure yet. Maybe it can be treated, maybe it can't, but no matter what, I can't give up. No one can ever teach me how to give up. But now what do I do in the mean time, do I just act like everything's normal? Yes and no, I guess. I want to be happy, and do things I didn't do before.'

And then she stopped, sighing. Things I didn't do before… What about Kyoya, what will happen between us, he might find out sooner rather than later, he is part of the medical community. I can't tell him… And our date… Our date tomorrow night.'

"I… want to still be with him. No matter what. Kito. I can't keep myself from happiness, that might make everything worse," Haruhi just had to say that, it seemed that she was not only saying it to reassess her thoughts, but also to avail to herself that it could be done.

After awhile though, she chuckled to herself. "First sign of going crazy: Talking to yourself," but right then, she felt… happy. Maybe one could say that it was a good start. She was about to start on her case folders, but she stopped when she saw the phone, hesitating.

'I know I have to tell someone. But who? Wait… I think I know someone…

She looked at the one name in her address book that sat prominently among all the other ones: Hatori Sawaya.

'I'll call her when I get home from work. Right now, I can't.' And with that resolved, Haruhi finally turned to her work, and started doing it.

Haruhi finally got home at around 6:30 at night. She, of course, worked a little bit ahead, and was a little bit tired. As she got to her front door, she stretched and yawned. 'I feel exhausted. But there is a part of me that wants to do something still. I don't want to waste a second… Just in case… I guess that's a part of me I never had before. I just feel like… standing outside in the rain…'

Forcefully shaking herself out of her thoughts, she opened the door. Haruhi was greeted to the aromatic smells of her father's dinner. The welcoming sight of family.

"Ah, Haruhi! You're right on time," Ryoji exclaimed. He gestured to he food on the table, and her children, already seated. "We just made dinner, get washed up, we'll wait for you."

Haruhi hurriedly went to the bathroom, and she washed her hands over the sink. She looked at herself over the mirror. She even looked tired. But that didn't matter, to her father's questions that would come, she would just attribute it to working too hard. Haruhi coughed, as was common these days. Coughing blood. At times, like at work, she could hold it in, but whenever she could, she would just let it out.

After she was done, and rinsed the sink thoroughly, she went out to where they were waiting for her.

After a dinner of sushi, Haruhi just spent time with Kyoya and Kyouko. She tried to ignore the searching looks that her father threw in her direction. They told her about their day. Kyouko happily told her about more practicing with the flute, and Kyoya was saying how much he couldn't wait for his next lesson with Mori.

Haruhi was listening, but it felt like she was far away. It felt like… Like it wasn't her life, and she was looking in a double-sided mirror. The feeling was unreal, as if the world was unreal. And when her children finished their stories, she did something unusual.

Usually, they would watch t.v., or she would read another story, or continue with Kyoya's Harry Potter 7. Instead, she suggested, "Would you like to visit the Gardens?"

To this question, Kyouko and Kyoya stared at her with wide eyes. Then their faces simultaneously split into wide grins. Her father, just raised his brows and said nothing. Ever since Kyoya and Kyouko were born, he had changed his loud ways a bit. Questions would come after, definitely. But right now, Haruhi just wanted to be… Spontaneous… Which was an unfamiliar thing. But times like these called for unfamiliar things… Didn't they?

"The Gardens?" Kyouko asked in wonder. "I thought you said that was for special things." Kyouko said.

"Well today is special… I'm sorry it's a little bit late… But I wanted to celebrate both of you learning new skills," Haruhi replied. It was half-true, she had intended to celebrate their learning, but now there would be something better.

The Gardens: They could be the most beautiful place that she had ever seen in Japan. An hour's drive away, lay fields and fields of flowers. They were lovingly tended by an old lady and her family. Haruhi was given free reign in them, because the very same old lady was Megumi Hatori's mother. She didn't really want intrude there, only for special occasions. Every year, on the anniversary of her Mother's death, they went there, it was the kind of thing she Fujioka Kotoko would have liked. Haruhi just didn't want to abuse the generosity of the family.

But now, she felt the strange need just to go there. To find answers, maybe, to the questions she didn't want to ask herself. And sometimes, she just sat in the middle of the field, and thought about things. She felt it would be the right time for another one of those moments.

As she was driving the car, she watched the scenery roll past. She listened to her children playing a game with themselves in the back seat. It all seemed so… strange. Just like it was an ordinary day. Like all of the others. But it wasn't, and she knew that, and that was why she was going.

When they finally reached The Gardens, Haruhi just told them they could play in the fields. And they did so, both Kyoya and Kyouko running into the field to pick all the flowers they could fit into their small arms.

A lady, came and approached Haruhi, as she knew that she would. The woman, Sawaya, her friends called her, was a cheerful sort of person. She started it all, the whole garden. In her blue eyes was a deep wisdom that came from experiencing almost all life had to offer. One might even call her beautiful, in a timeless sort of way. Her hair had strings of grey shot through the black, and they shined like bands of silver. She was almost Haruhi's height, just shy of 5' 6" and she wore it well. What most people noticed first was none of these things, however, her smile was her most catching feature. It was friendly, but it was more than that, it was almost motherly in a way that convinced people that, everything would be alright.

That simple reassurance was what Haruhi needed most right now.

"Now now," Sawaya called as she came near, "this is unexpected. But it's very pleasant. I've been missing the sound of childrens' laughter." Sawaya smiled slightly, until she took a good look at Haruhi's face.

"Ahh… Soka… I think you need to tell me something," Sawaya concluded. " Let us go, I think there is another place that is more suited to this type of talk."

Haruhi followed faithfully as Sawaya led her up a hill with a rocky path, she could still see and hear her children. When they got to the top, there was a large rock, just big enough for two people to sit and see the fields below. When they both were on the rock, back to back, Haruhi asked softly, "How did you know?"

Sawaya laughed gently and said, "A mother always knows. Anyway, you always were like a daughter to me, from the day we met. And I also know, that what you will be telling me will be bad news. So for now, just forget about it, sit, and enjoy the view. Heaven knows I've done that a thousand times over, sitting in this exact same spot."

And so they did. As it was spring, the night came later than usual. It was 7:30 and the sun had yet to set fully. The rain had stopped long ago, but it had left a glistening dew that blanketed the fields and sparkled in the sunlight. There were all sorts of flowers laid down. Many years ago, Sawaya bought the whole plot of land, and started planting flowers. All of the flowers from those days were still around, and Sawaya did not have to plant every singly flower, that would've taken forever! No, instead she had just planted a few of each variety, and let them blossom as they would.

It worked. And many species of bird and insect came to live there, so Sawaya also planted many trees. Her Garden, was one of the largest in Japan now, and housed some very rare, near extinct species. She could have opened it as an amusement park, and made lots of money, but she didn't.

Sawaya always thought that it would ruin the place. If she opened it to everyone, people would use it recklessly. Sawaya wanted to keep The Gardens a place of wonder, and beauty, which was the original purpose. But that didn't mean she opened the place only for family and friends. Sometimes she would walk in Tokyo and pass out cards with the address to people she thought deserved it. People who practiced random acts of kindness.

And once they visited the place, they usually remembered it forever. The gardens had all sorts of flowers. There were all sorts of exotic lilies and daisies, garden mums, and petunias. There were so many different kinds that it would put a botanist to shame. There were also the little flowers, one corner of the field was devoted entirely to forget-me-nots, and that was where Haruhi focused most of her attention on. In that one spot, there were also the most trees. And in the slowly fading sunlight, Haruhi could see the flowers sparkling. She thought sadly, 'I hope no one will forget me. I hope someone… will always remember me…'

"I guess that's enough looking, for now," Sawaya said after awhile. Haruhi was so deep into her thoughts that she hadn't noticed that Sawaya was looking at her face.

Haruhi sighed and said, "Well… I guess there's no delaying this any longer…"

After Haruhi had told her everything about the doctor's appointment. And about Kyoya,how he came back, and how he still loved her. They both stood up. Sawaya wrapped her arms around Haruhi, and rubbed circles into her back as she cried. When Haurhi finally pulled away, she was shocked to see that there were tears in Sawaya's eyes as well.

"My poor, dear friend. My daughter. I don't know if I can help you, or if there is anything anyone can do. You say that I am the first person you have told… But you can't keep something like this a secret forever. You must tell someone," Sawaya said grimly.

"Dare mo kizutsu keta kunakute," Haruhi replied. "What do I do? I don't know…" Haruhi said in despair.

"Ah, my child. I think there is a long road ahead of you. But I too, have faced a similar type of grief. When I found that my daughter died," Sawaya said softly.

"I don't think there aren't real answers. There never are," Sawaya said continuing. "But I found an answer here, right on this stone, amongst the flowers and the sun."

Haruhhi listened fully, this was another reason why she came.

"The truth is, you must find your own answer," Sawaya sighed, and then smiled. "All you can do, all anyone can do, really, is hope that… Hope that tomorrow will be sunny as well. Look…," Sawaya gestured to the setting sun.

"It's a beautiful today… Think about tomorrow when it comes, nee, Haruhi?" Sawaya hugged Haruhi again, and Haruhi breathed out, deeply. For the first time that day she felt at peace.

Haruhi decided that it was time to go home. When she called Kyouko and Kyoya, they came running. Kyouko gave her a flower necklace of forget-me-nots. Kyoya gave her a crown of white lilies. And with that, hand in hand, they went home, mother and children.

'I hope that no matter what, their tomorrows will always be sunny. And if they are not, please let them have the strength to survive those rainy days.' Sawaya thought, looking from the road long after they left. Unbeknownst to anyone, she wiped a tear from her eye.

When they finally came back to the apartment, Kyouko and Kyoya were already asleep. She carried them up to their apartment, and tucked them in their beds. She kissed both of them softly on the forehead. When she got out of their room, she almost ran into her father.

He had a very serious face when he asked, "Are you going to tell me what's wrong? Or will I have to wait?"

Haruhi sighed. She thought about what she had said before to Sawaya. Dare mo kizutsu keta kunakute She still wanted to stay true to that. So instead of telling him, and letting him hold her again she just said, "Don't worry otou-san, it's alright. I was just worried about my date with Kyoya tomorrow. I'm okay." It was partly true.

As Haruhi retreated to her room, Ryoji looked after her daughter thinking, 'She still didn't tell me the truth. But, I guess she'll just tell me when she wants me to know. That's just the way she is. Oh Kotoko, I hope that I'm doing a good job here with our daughter.'

After she got ready to go to bed, Haruhi slipped between her sheets. They were cold. 'Ahh… the date tomorrow, I'm meeting Kyoya again. But I can't tell him either, we… just began again… it would be too cruel. So many uncertainties.'

Haruhi looked out the window from her bed, she could see the stars, and a beautiful full moon. 'I just hope that tomorrow will be sunny. That's all I can do…' And with that in mind, Haruhi rolled over in her bed to fall into a fitful, dreamless sleep.

It was 5:30 the next day, Haruhi was pacing nervously around her room, it was almost time for him to pick her up. And they would go on a date.

The problem was: What did one wear for such an occasion?

Haruhi hadn't dated once during the whole four years without Kyoya, she just didn't seem to have the heart to. But now, now she was so inexperienced that she kind of wished she had. I mean, how does one relearn how to date?

The answer, thankfully, seemed to be in the form of her father. Ryoji stepped into her room carrying a carefully concealed package with him. One of the good things about having a dad who used to be a crossdresser: You always had advice on just what to wear. A prime example was this date.

Ryoji held out a box in front of him. Lifting the lid carefully, he said, "Ahh… I knew you wouldn't know what to wear. So I got this for you when you went on that drive with the kids yesterday." Her father grinned widely.

"Oh, otou-san, you shouldn't have," Haruhi said, gasping in surprise, and delight. What she saw was unbelievable.

Out of the box came a beautiful dress. It was blue, but not just one color of blue. From the top it was navy blue, and then, the colour of blue became lighter until at the end of the dress, was a color that was almost white, but still blue. The dress had no sleeves, and was tied back at the neck, sloping down to go slightly past her knees. It had ruffles, and Haruhi could tell it fanned out a little.

"And," Ryoji said. "There's more," and he pulled out a necklace and a set of earrings. The necklace was a silver chain with a butterfly pendant. Inside the pendant were dark and light blue stones. They were obviously sapphires and topaz jewels. The earrings were made in almost the same way, but instead of butterflies, there were flowers.

Haruhi tried it on. It fit like magic. "Oh dad, how did you get so many things? It must have cost so much," Haruhi said wistfully.

"Ah, Haruhi, don't you ever change? Even though, you're a lawyer, you don't want to spend a dime on yourself." Ryoji smiled. "But I guess that's just the way you are, just like your mother. And to answer your question, the only thing I really had to get, was the dress. Blue was her favorite color too. The earrings and necklace were the things I gave her when we got engaged. I think she would have liked you to have them. I think you are ready."

Haruhi fingered the necklace, and she smiled, hugging her father. "Oh, otou-san, what can I say? You've done so much for me, Thank you." Haruhi felt like crying, she was just that happy. But she also felt… sad.

When she finally let go of her father, she was shocked to find that it was already 5:55. "Ah, I have to go soon otou-san. Kyoya will be here any minute." And at that minute, the doorbell rang.

Haruhi could hear her children running to answer the door, while she stepped out of the bedroom.

"Nee, nee, otou-san. Why are you dressed up so nice?" Haruhi could hear Kyoya say to her date. She felt that same clenching of her stomach muscles.

"Well I…" It was then that he stopped. He could see Haruhi from the door.

'She's so beautiful," He thought.

Kyouko was the first one to speak. "Sugoi, okaa-san. You look so pretty. Like a flower."

Haruhi blushed from the stare she was receiving from Kyoya. She walked over to him, and put her arm in his. She nudged his side gently. "Kyoya. I'm ready, let's go."

"Nani! Kyoya didn't come to play with us? Then that means… Is otou-san going on a date with okaa-san?" Kyoya asked. He, with traits learned from his father, no doubt, raised his eyebrow suspiciously.

"Yeah," Kyoya answered gently. "Gomen, maybe next time. But right now, I'm taking your mother on a date. Wish me luck, okay?"

Both Kyoya and Kyouko gave him a mock salute. They were both smiling. But before the door could close, however, Haruhi's father could be heard saying things like: "If you're not coming home tonight call us!" And "Remember to use protection!"

By the time they got to Kyoya's car, which was an eternity for Haruhi, she was still blushing. Kyoya was still silent as they got in the car, and even more so when driving. She looked up and down his profile. He was clad in a simple white linen shirt and black jeans. He had on a watch and his glasses as well. It didn't look like much, but Haruhi knew from experience that what he was wearing could probably be enough to sum up an entire month's pay. But there was something different about his eyes, focused straight ahead. They seemes, dare she say, vulnerable? Maybe it was just the night.

Haruhi just had to ask, "Where are we going?"

Kyoya turned to her for a second, and smiled, his onyx eyes meeting hers, "Well, if I told, you know, it wouldn't be a surprise, now would it?" He asked, his eyes were back on the road.

Haruhi then replied, "You know I don't like surprises."

Kyoya smiled again, "You'll like this one."

What seemed like hours to Haruhi, and what was really only half an hour, later, they finally reached their destination. Haruhi did not know where they were, frankly, she didn't think she had ever seen this part of Japan.

"Where are we Kyoya?" Haruhi asked.

Kyoya smirked one of his 'Shadow King' smirks that would have sent shivers down her spine if she was still a teenager and still under his debt. Which, thankfully, she was neither.

Kyoya put a blindfold around her eyes. "I still want to make this a surprise," Kyoya said gently.

"But I can't see!" Haruhi exclaimed. "How am I supposed to get there if I can't see my way there?"

"Do you trust me?"

Haruhi said nothing in reply, she just held out her hand. She trusted him enough to do this, to lead her blindly. She wanted to trust him this much in other things as well. But she didn't know hoe long that would take.

After a while, Kyoya stopped his walking, making Haruhi stop as well. "We're here," Kyoya said softly pulling the blindfold off of her.

Haruhi gasped for the second time that night. "It's so… beautiful"

'And so are you,' Kyoya thought. Though he didn't mention this aloud, instead he said, "It took me awhile, but I finally found a place in Tokyo that was quiet and beautiful, and allowed me room to breathe. Right in Tokyo too, it's just kind of hard to get here. And yes, I did plan this ahead of time," Kyoya finished with a self-satisfied smirk.

What Haruhi was seeing was unbelievable. They were on a high hill, and below them was the entire city of Tokyo underfoot. They were in a cave on the hill. To the left of where they were standing, there was a gigantic cherry blossom tree, its branches gently swaying in the breeze. To the right of them, there was a blanket on the ground, with candlelight, and there was a basket of what Haruhi presumed to be food. Haruhi couldn't believe that Kyoya took her to a place that was so… breathtaking. She thought he would just take her to a fancy restaurant or something, but he didn't. He remembered, from their younger days, that she didn't like those kinds of places. Kyoya truly did have her tastes in heart.

Kyoya smiled again, "Sit, I made dinner, and the view, as you can see, is spectacular."

Once they sat down and set all the food out, Haruhi looked at him in shock. "Wow, I didn't think you could cook. Back when we were dating," Haruhi stopped to swallow the sudden lump in her throat, "Back then you didn't do any cooking, I was under the impression that either you didn't know how, or that you didn't like to."

"My dear Haruhi, it wasn't either of those. It's just that you were too busy cooking that you didn't give me a chance to. Instead you seemed intent on stuffing my face in with food. We 'Rich bastards', can do more than you think, Haruhi."

Haruhi laughed. "I suppose so," Haruhi then sighed, "How much I miss those times." Haruhi seemed to say this with sadness.

"Don't worry," Kyoya took her face in his hands. "It's no good to think of the past, we have the future, that is enough for me. And anyway, we are doing just fine." Kyoya smiled, and looked deep into her eyes.

Haruhi turned away, and laughed kind of nervously. "You always had a way with words, didn't you?"

"Yes, that's why I was called the shadow king. Now, let's stop talking for awhile and eat and talk, and enjoy the view!"

And they did.

After they were finished, Haruhi found herself leaning against Kyoya as they both watched the Tokyo lights. It was sunset by then, and Haruhi thought it was finally time to say what she wanted to say for a long time.

"Oh Kyoya. This is just, so much. I never could have dreamed a year ago that you would come back. And that we could… be like this again."

Kyoya tightened his hold on her, and whispered in her ear, "Well, it's time to believe it. I'm here. And I promise, I will never leave."

"Promise?" Haruhi asked, holding up her pinky finger.

"Promise," Kyoya said linking his finger with hers.

Haruhi turned around in his arms until she was facing him. She linked her arms around his neck and whispered softly, "I think I can trust you Kyoya. There are so many questions I want to ask. But that's irrelevant, right? We have today. And now, that's all I need," and with that, Haruhi pulled his head down on hers and started to kiss him.

It was magical, and breathtaking, and unbelievable all at once. It felt like her world was spinning.

Kyoya shivered as he felt Haruhi moan into his mouth, and his arms tightened even more around her waist. Kyoya slowly brought her down to lay on the ground, and her reluctantly let her mouth free to skim his mouth down the column of her throat. She was breathing very heavily, almost gasping for air.

When he kissed her collarbone, she moaned once more. But when his hand reached the zipper of her dress, she stopped, and opened her eyes.

Kyoya quickly got off of her, and they both sat up. An uncomfortable silence stretched between them. Kyoya was the one who broke it.

"What's wrong, did I hurt you? If I did, maybe… we shouldn't do this again."

Iie, iie," Haruhi said, and Kyoya was surprised to see tears in her eyes, "It's not that. Please… don't ever think it's that." Haruhi leaned forward, and hugged him close to her.

"It's just that… It's been so long, and I don't know. I don't think I can right now. Onegai. Wait for me. Onegai. I am just not ready."

Haruhi broke her hold on him and looked up at his face. She expected to see anger, but what she wasn't prepared for was the slight sadness in his eyes. He brought one hand up to wipe the tears off her face, and he said, "Don't ever think that. Don't ever think that I might ever leave you because of something like that. If you can't, I will wait, and if you never can, kisses are enough for be. Just being with you is enough," Kyoya smiled, "I made a promise remember? Just trust me." And with that, Kyoya kissed her gently on the forehead.

Kyoya got up, and pulled Haruhi along with him. "It's getting late, I think we should get back." Haruhi simply nodded. She was about to help pack up the things he brought, but Kyoya put out a hand to stop her.

"I just want to ask you a favor. Even though we can't do… that, would you mind it if we could go to my house, together? Please? I just want to hold you in my sleep like we used to. I missed you so much all of these years."

Now it was Haruhi's turn to smile and lift a hand to Kyoya's cheek now. "Of course," she said softly, "I'd love to."

After they packed up, and after Haruhi called home saying that no, she would not be coming back for the night, they went down the long trek down the hill, and they went into Kyoya's car. They were going, for the first time in many years, to spend the night together.

After they arrived, Kyoya and Haruhi crept up quietly to his room, which was a difficult task since his room was the top floor. They didn't encounter anyone except Tsukino, Kyoya's maid, who winked at them as they passed. This caused Haruhi to start blushing like mad.

When they got to his room, they didn't bother to change clothes, the just went to bed. They were both exhausted, but exhilarated.

Kyoya, almost asleep, wrapped his arms around Haruhi, and she returned the gesture. It was warm, and she felt… safe, welcome. For the first time in what seemed to be a long time, she was with Kyoya. And they were holding each other close.

"I love you Haruhi," Kyoya whispered softly. "I want to spend the rest of my life with you."

Haruhi wanted to answer him, but he was already asleep. Haruhi instead held him closer.

'I almost forgot. I was so happy today. Oh Kyoya, I love you too… But what if… what if my life is cut short?' Haruhi couldn't bear to think about it any longer. So instead, she concentrated on the warmth that she was surrounded with, and slowly drifted off to sleep. But not before she let one tear escape from her eyes, and one thought enter her mind…

'May the weather be fine tomorrow.'

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