By: mikeslikb

The phone rings continuously before Gale rushes into the livingroom to answer it.

"I'm coming, I'm coming!" she yelled, annoyed with the non-stop ringing.

She picks up the phone and puts it to her ear. "Hello?" she says, taking the phone with her as she walks.

"Hello, Gale..." the voice says.

Gale walks into her home-office and sits at her desk where her laptop rests. She smiles, "Whose this?" she asks, leaving the phone on her shoulder, holding it with her head as she types.

"Who do you think this is?" the voice asks.

Gale rolled her eyes as she scrolled up her computer page. The computer wrote,

The Woodsboro Murders : 25 Years Later

By: Gale Weathers Riley

"Hm... let's see, I think this is some freak asshole who thinks he's funny." she said, sarcastically, smiling as she grabbed the phone again and put her elbow on the desk.

"Oh," the voice laughed. "You have a funny sense of humor for a..."

Gale interrupted, "for a what? A reporter? A journalist? How 'bout the most popular line... a dead woman?"

The voice laughed again, "that's a good one. Right on the money. Guess we don't need to play a little game with your life. You're right on the money."

"Yup. And you're lucky..." she said, leaning back in her chair.

"Oh yeah, why is that?" the voice asked.

"'cause, you're only the, hm, let's see, third caller this month pretending to be the infamous ghost masked killer when in reality you're just some punk ass kid that goes to school with my daughter and that makes you lucky enough to have me on the phone this long."

"Oh yes, you're daughter, Tatum."

"Yeah, Tatum Riley." Gale said, smirking.

"Sorry, Gale. I'm not just some punk ass kid pretending... I'm the real thing." the voice said before a brick came flying through the window.

Gale jumped up. "You motherfucker!" she yelled, hanging up the phone. She then picked up the brick. "Shit!" she yelled. She then dialed the police.

"Woodsboro Police department, how can I help you?" a familiar voice asked.

"Dewey!" she said, going out to the livingroom.

"Gale?" he asked. "What's wrong?"leaning back in his chair.

"Some little shit just called and threw a brick through my office window!" she said, going back into the livingroom and looking out the window, trying to see if she saw anyone.

"Gale, calm down. They're probably gone anyway. It was probably just some kids that go to Woodsboro High." he leaned up and picked up some files, turning his chair and putting them into a file cabinet.

"Yeah, no kidding." she said, scoffing, irritated.

"Look, Gale, I'm about to punch out. I'll be home after I pick up Tatum at Sid's." he said.

"Alright, I'll see you in a bit." she said. She put the phone down on the charger. She then walked back into her office and picked up her laptop off of the desk when she realized that the broken window was now open. She squinted in confusion and then felt scared. She was breathing heavily. She put her computer down and grabbed her cell phone off of the desk. She went to her contacts and found Dewey's name. But before she could press the "send", she realized that her article had been erased and something else had been written in red letters,


Right then, Gale heard behind her, the sound of a knife being released. She quickly picked up and laptop and turned, throwing it at this person dressed in the trademark ghost masked outfit.

"Ah!" they yelled, falling to the floor.

Gale kicked them in the face and then ran out of her office, before they grabbed her ankle and pulled her down, causing her to fall on her face, dropping her cell phone. They got up and pulled her ankle, stabbing her in the upper leg. She screamed and kicked them with her other foot in the chest, throwing them back.

She crawled over to her phone as fast as she could and pressed send on Dewey's name. The phone began calling. She then turned around and saw them coming after her.

"No!" she yelled, throwing her phone, the only thing she could to stop them.

Dewey sat in his car, about to start the engine when his cell phone rang. He looked at the caller ID and seen 'Gale'. He opened his phone. "Gale?" he said before he heard in the background her screaming. "Gale!" he yelled.

"Dewey!" she yelled, crawling as fast as she could away from the intruder who kept coming at her. "Dewey!" she yelled again.

They came, walking rather slow as if they were sure of themself. They pulled their knife out again. Gale tried to keep crawling, but she wasn't getting very far. They jumped on top of her and stabbed her twice in the side and then pulled her upper body up and slammed her off the floor, then got up off of her and rushed to her cell phone.

"Gale!" Dewey yelled and yelled.

The intruder walked back over to Gale with the phone in their hand. They took the voice changer out of their pocket and put it to their mouth. "Listen to your wife scream one last time, Dewey..." they said, hitting the speaker phone on.

"No! GALE!" he yelled again.

They put the phone down on the side table next to the couch and grabbed Gale by the hair and pulled her up again.

"GALE! I'll kill you, you son of a bitch!" Dewey yelled.

"Deeewweeeyy..." Gale, in a weak voice said.

They held Gale up and with their other hand pulled the knife back and then quickly stabbed Gale, hard and deep in her mid-back. She screamed a piercing scream before the killer pulled the knife out and let her hair go, letting her body slap to the floor.

"NO! GALE!" Dewey yelled, opening his car door, about to get out when someone behind him in the back seat grabbed his head, covering his mouth and pulling him back. They wore the same ghost masked outfit. Dewey tried to pull their hand off and hit them but they had him down tight.

"You've been stabbed one too many times, Dewey!" they said, in the distinct voice before slicing his throat. They let him go before his body fell, falling half out, his hands hitting the concrete and his body just laying there.