Disclaimer: I don't own the Scream series, only just the characters I created for this one.

Sidney laid on her couch, flipping through the channels. Her father sat on the other couch reading. The two couches were still separated by a small coffee table. As Sidney flipped through the channels, she noticed that the infamous movie Stab 2 was playing. It was the ending scene right before Cotton Weary shot Mrs. Debra Loomis who was holding a knife to Sidney's neck. Sidney watched the scene in a bit of disgust.

"Sid, shouldn't Mark be home by now?" Neal asked, trying to get her to stop watching.

Sidney looked over at her father and then looked at a clock above the television. "Does that say eleven-thirty?" she said, squinting.

"Yeah. Doesn't he usual get home at nine-thirty?"

Sidney sat up. "Yeah. Maybe something happened." she turned off the television with the remote and grabbed the phone. She stood up and walked out of the livingroom and into the hall, turning on the phone when she heard Tatum laugh loudly upstairs. She turned it off and went back into the livingroom. "Dad?"

"Yeah, Sid?" he asked, looking up.

"Dewey never showed up to get Tatum?" she asked.

Her father turned his head in question. "Wait, she's still up there with Ray?" he asked.

"I just heard her laugh." Sidney said as she walked back out of the livingroom, through the hall and up the stairs to Ray's room.

She knocked twice and then went in. In Ray's room, Ray was on the bed, laying with Tatum as they watched A Nightmare On Elm Street.

"Hey, Mom," Ray said, looking over at her.

"Hey guys," she said, walking over to the bed. "Tatum, did your dad call?" she asked.

"No... Oh man, I forgot that he was coming to get me." she said.

"Well, it's eleven-thirty." Sid said.

"What?" she said, jumping up and looking at Ray's alarm clock.

"Is Dad home?" Ray asked.

"No. He hasn't called either. I'll call the station." Sidney said.

"I'll call my mom." Tatum said, taking out her cell phone and calling the house. The phone rang a few a times but no one answered.

"No one's answering at the station." Sidney said, hanging up the phone.

"No one's answering at my house." Tatum hung it up. "I'll call her cell." she said, putting the number into her phone.

"I'll try Mark's cell."

Meanwhile, downstairs, Sidney's father turned the television back on and Stab 2 was just ending. Her father looked at the remote to find the channel changing button when the news interrupted the movie credits.

"We interrupt Stab 2 which some breaking and yet ironic news." the reporter took a breath. "We're sadly... reporting that reporter Gale Weathers Riley and her husband, former Deputy Dwight Riley have, um, have been murdered." Sidney's father was in shock. He turned the television off quickly and took a deep breath. He wasn't sure what to do.

Sidney was still up in her son's room, trying to call her husband. She called a few times but he did not answer.

"My mom's phone is off." Tatum said.

"Her phone's never off." Ray said.

Suddenly, the telephone rang. Sidney answered it. "Hello?"

"Sid... it's me," Mark said.

"Mark, what's goin' on? It's eleven-thirty where are you? Dewey never showed up to get Tatum." she said.

"Sid..." he said.


Tatum and Ray sat and listened to Sidney on the phone.

"Something happened."


"I'm on my way home. I'll be there in five minutes. Don't turn on the news." he said.

"Mark, what's going on?" Sidney asked, worried.

"Just don't turn on the news. I'll be there soon." he said before he hung up.

"Mark! Mark!" she said before clicking the phone off.

"What's going on?" Ray asked.

"Turn the t.v. off, Ray."

"Why?" Ray asked.

"Sidney, what's going on?" Tatum asked nervously.

"Sidney! Sidney!" Neal yelled, calling from the bottom of the staircase.

"Don't turn the t.v. back on. Stay up here." she said before walking out of Ray's room, shutting the door behind her.

"Somethin's up." Ray said, sitting up on his bed.

"I'm callin' Dad's phone." she said, trying unsuccessfully.

Sidney walked to the stairs and began down them. "Dad, something's going on. Mark just called and said not to turn on the news. He's on his way home." she said as she got off the very last step.

"Sidney..." Neal said. He looked his daughter in the eyes.

"You turn the news on?" she asked, knowing he knew.

Neal's jaw trembled.

Sidney's jaw then started. "Someone was murdered?" she asked.

Neal nodded.

"Who?" Sidney demanded. "Who?" she yelled. She then walked began walking down the hall toward the livingroom. "I'll find out!" she said.

"Sidney! No!" Neal yelled, grabbing his daughter in the hall and stopping her.

"Daddy, let go of me!" she said, ready to cry.

Ray and Tatum heard the yelling and came out of his room and went into the hall, leaning over the banister, just seeing Sidney and Neal in the hallway.

"Oh, my gosh..." Tatum said as her Ray looked at each other.

Just then, Mark came rushing through the front door. "Sidney!" he yelled, rushing over to her and her father in the hall.

"Mark! What happened?" she asked, hysterical. "Who was murdered? Who?" she yelled.

"Sidney..." Mark said, about to tell her.

"And don't say...!"

Mark interrupted her and said in a low tone, "Gale and Dewey."

"NO!" Sidney yelled, her knees dropping and her father grabbing her. Mark grabbed her too and bent down with her.

Ray looked at Tatum who couldn't even speak. He grabbed her and pulled her to him and she pulled away. "No," she said in an almost whisper. "No," getting louder. "NO!" she screamed.

Sidney, Mark and Neal all turned and looked to see Tatum in Ray's arms, crying hysterically in the hallway upstairs.