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Even though some lives will be lost, we will go on living…

A soggy sixteen year old lurched down an old muddy path to an unknown destination. Her white hair hung loosely in her eyes and allowed small droplets of water to fall lightly on her nose. Her clothes were wet and weighed down by the rain, causing her movements to become slow and even struggled; she was sometimes compelled to stop and breathe, taking a moment to look back over her shoulder at the disturbing train of thoughts she'd left behind. Even though her eyes were hidden by her hair, the obvious fear and unmarred sadness threaded into her expression were hard to miss.

She had just become a wanderer—a missing nin, but first, they had to torment her by taking away everything in her life that was precious. First, she lost her freedom.

"Higure Kaiyou, please step forward."

A heavy silence fell over the anxiously waiting cloud shinobi. A young girl—she was maybe thirteen years old—stepped out of the crowd and stood firmly before the ANBU troops that had announced her name. She glared impassively at the soggy ground, an expression of utter hatred and disdain plastered clearly across her face.

But in her heart, she felt an unwarranted amount of fear beginning to develop. Their eyes were burning holes into her back.

There were no adamantly placed hints of surprise, no utterances of horror, nor any traces of worry for her safety. "She is a one of them," they said. "She'll be better off away from the village."

The man who had announced her name handed her a scroll with her name written in delicate letters on it. "You are to report to the eastern gate of the city at sundown. You will receive further information there."

Of the seven others, Kaiyou was disappointed to find she the only girl. It didn't surprise her that her best friend Daisuke had been chosen either. They both knew it would happen. And they both knew they had no choice but to do as they were told.

They were greeted by another ANBU member this time—a shorter, somewhat fatter one. His voice presented fairly annoying in the least, but Kaiyou could do nothing to stop it. Were she to harm any of her superiors, they would undoubtedly have her killed.

She felt no need to risk her well being for the sake of another's comfort.

He presented each of them with their own, standard issue ANBU mask. Kaiyou felt heavy waves of resent towards the smiling cat face staring intently into her eyes. But after a moment, she followed in suit of the others, placing it on her face. The holes for eyes were barely enough to see out of. Her peripheral vision no longer existed.

Tch. How cheap.

The man, after a brief moment of silence, raised his voice and spoke again. "You seven will be sent to another training camp outside the village in preparation for the coming war. No mercy will be bestowed upon you. You will not be allowed to leave the camp unless permitted to by the Raikage, but chances of that are unlikely. Only time you'll be free is when you're on the battle field, but then, you'll just be following orders there too."

My, my. How…uplifting.

He paused, catching his breath. The seven recruits each held a look of shock, but found it vital to remain silent when the ANBU continued his speech. "Failure to cooperate," he said slowly, allowing the words to sink in, "will only result in your death."

In retrospect, Kaiyou would have very been grateful for death.

She still would have been grateful for it today.

Perhaps her life was a cruel game to those who were watching? They insisted on making her life the most miserable of all those who were born into this hell of a village… But she definitely did not agree with their sheepish way of forcing her to forage on through the dark, when there was no light at the end of her tunnel. Kaiyou wondered blankly if there would ever be any light for her to look foreword to in the future. As for now, that hope she so desired was so far out of reach, her fingers had given up long ago in their tentative steps towards the dream that was ripped away from her so cruelly.

"Do you think this is funny?!" she laughed maniacally at the sky, forcing her eyes to open wide in the rain. "Keep watching, you bastards… there is still more to come…"

Kaiyou knew then her mind was dangling on the brink of insanity.

The sky is crying, she told herself repeatedly. Or it's weeping tears of joy. Either way, she was grateful for the torrents of oncoming rain; it never failed to erase any trace of her existence. They thought she was dead, anyway.

But they hadn't killed her. They'd only managed to kill her best friend.

It wasn't raining yet, but the rumbling bellies of black clouds threatened to spill out over the land. As for the sun, it was well hidden by violent twinges remorse. Kaiyou felt no rays of sunshine when he stumbled into the medical tent; it just so happened she had arrived back from her mission the same time as he. Luck, the medics had called it. Blasphemy, she argued. The medics knew nothing about luck.

In her eyes, it was sheer stroke of coincidence.

The training camp was deserted for today, with the exception of her sobbing cries and his bleeding, freshly killed corpse.

Kaiyou cried openly over the body of her best friend. She stroked his blonde head gently, caressing his body and holding it close to her own. In her eyes, the medics couldn't have cared less about her dying friend. What was one more shinobi lost among the many who were already dead? He was just the ninja everyman, in their eyes.

In her eyes, the bleakness of her already depressing life had just hit an all time low.

By now, Kaiyou was a bloody mess. Staring at his pale face, she wished for a moment it was she who was dead, cold and unbreathing, as there was now nothing left for her in Kumogakure… But Daisuke, he had a family, friends and pure genius to keep him alive. Kaiyou could remember having something similar to that once before they had met, but now she could rely on nothing more than pure instinct to survive the heartlessness of the modern world. However, Kaiyou had managed to surprise herself by returning mission after mission in one piece, perhaps in some warped form of retribution for herself, her clan, and Daisuke. She knew they wanted her dead. Daisuke, on the other hand, was prized by the village in many ways more than one.

People had even gone as far to consider him a suitable candidate for the next Raikage.

She was nothing but a shadowy assassin.

He had been the first of them to go off to and fight as the favored assassin of the Raikage next to herself and her long dead father. The likelihood he would come back alive had been slim from the very start. They all knew that. But somehow he had managed, keeping alive only long enough to become lost in the memories of the oblivious villagers.

Kaiyou wished desperately on more than one occasion that it wasn't real, that it was just a nightmare, but she knew it was reality. A reality so cruel that all she could do was cry.

Ever since her esteemed father had been killed, the village had steadily begun to shun what was left of her pride. They'd ripped it to pieces, until all honor and faith she'd placed in those she sought to protect vanished within the blink of an eye.

Her mother had never been anything more for her to rely on other than a fading picture in a broken frame. And her clan members… the majority of them had vanished with the coming shinobi wars. Of the few that remained, Kaiyou found little reassurance in their appearance other than the fact that they may have been able to keep their quickly fading clan alive.

However, her faith in them to do so was small. She felt a small chuckle arise at the very memory of her family.

That was when her village finally turned against her.

Even walking through the streets was hard enough on its own. The villagers had never felt a need to blunt their words for her sake; in fact, the only time she could recall ever been spoken to kindly was when her father was alive. Time had led Kaiyou to believe they must have enjoyed tormenting her day in and day out.

"You're nothing but a nuisance!" they'd yelled.

She would pretend not to notice.

"Go back to hell, you demon!" they'd said.

Okay, maybe their words hurt a bit.

"It's your fault Daisuke was killed!" they'd accused.

That was when they went too far.

And in truth, their words began to sting her more than any of the torture that she'd ever experienced. But there was nothing she could do to stop them. More than once Kaiyou had asked herself why she'd never found the heart to kill them, to stop the suffering—but her flimsy conclusions only made it worse, because they were the people she had vowed to protect. She'd promised her life to keep them safe.

After a while though, she realized that her vow had been made a long time ago.

In the long run, silly vows didn't matter anymore.

Kaiyou was now nothing more than an empty shell, destined to crash and burn on the path of life. She'd tried more than once to appease the needs of her fellow villagers, only to be pushed away and shunned as if she were some kind of monster. Their jinchuriki had been determined long ago, but that woman was far from an exile. She lived the life Kaiyou could only dream and hope for, praised as a hero and not a monster…

Pushed away. An outcast. A monster.

And finally, they managed to completely destroy her dream. Perhaps that was why the majority of her story was so pathetic. Her striving need for a dream had been crushed far beyond recognition.

And whan she'd finally done it, some part of Kaiyou finally crawled under a rock and died. She'd gone haywire and killed them all. Well, most of them anyway.

They'd pushed her and pushed her until karma had come back with full intentions of a hellish retribution. What did the whole of Kumogakure expect? Did they expect to be able to sit back and watch her allow them to continue with their prolonged amounts of torture? Kaiyou was certainly not stupid; that flaming need for revenge had been simmering beneath her skin for far too long. It was bound to overflow any day of the week; Kaiyou just couldn't find the time to unleash hell onto the wary people like she'd intended.

But oh, how it boiled.

The lightning was her power. It was her birthright. There was nothing in they world they could do to take that away from her.

She couldn't remember any details of the massacre either—her body had just been taken over by that all that pent up rage and Kaiyou had found herself killing all who got in the way of her path toward the village's exit. But there were no regrets of not being able to be a hero. Perhaps life as a killer was better suited for her naturally violent nature.

Kaiyou felt another hearty chuckle escape her lips when she remembered there was nothing she could do to stop that murderous rampage.

Very slowly, Kaiyou once again raised her head and stared into the rain, wishing, praying, that someone would come and kill her while they had the chance. Tomorrow, perhaps, she would find the courage to rid the world of her tainted existence. There was nothing left to live for anymore—there never was anything worth living for. Just memories. That was all she could think to live for.

What she would give to forget.

There was a slender cut on her cheek that bled profusely, staining her white hair and leaving a foggy trail of blood behind her. It was eventually washed away from the rain.

Observing her surroundings, Kaiyou found she was well away from the village. The mountain it sat on was well hidden by clouds, but that was not all that obscured her vision: indistinguishable from the rain, tears mixed with sadness and joy flowed freely down her cheeks.

A tree, a flower, a river…

Kaiyou slumped against a tree, utterly defeated by her own thoughts and actions. She was staring intently at the blood that had stained her hand. The cut on her cheek still hadn't stopped bleeding she'd left the village. It had healed temporarily, but immediately reopened after she'd taken up residence under a tree.

Perhaps it was the remnant of her curse.

She closed her eyes, but upon opening them, found shadow obscured her vision of the sky.

He bent over her, blond hair casting a faint yellow glow over his skin. His blue eyes lit up with a look of utter delight when he brushed her hair carefully away from her eyes. Kaiyou looked up slowly, staring blankly at this blonde haired intruder, eyes widening for a mere second. He resembled Daisuke so closely that for a moment she thought it was him, but the fresh memories of his death removed all hope that he could have possibly been alive. She was so intently focused on the man's appearance that barely noticed the ridiculous grin that crossed his face when he announced quietly, "I've finally found you, un."

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