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There was only animal coldness in her expression when Kaiyou raised her head from its dangling position between her knees. She found herself trembling only the slightest bit after deciding it was useless to even try and see through the blinding darkness of the cell. She was neither cold nor scared, but perhaps there was the smallest possibility to consider that she may have been going insane. But strangely enough, even thoughts of insanity struck no nerve of fear in her mind.

She noticed, after her eyes had adjusted a bit to the darkness, that there was a single flickering source of light coming from somewhere down the hall from outside her cell. It threatened to go out several times—but she realized the pathetic light source would make no difference in this darkness, even if it were to burn one thousand times stronger.

As far as she knew, there were several other isolation cells within the area around her own, but they were so significantly quiet that either there were no others in them at all or the people they contained were dead. She would rather have had it not been the latter. For some reason, death scared her. It always had.

Kaiyou found herself surprisingly considering death herself. She had no real defined ranking in her village, but as a shinobi she must have known more than two dozen ways to end her pitiful existence. But she was a coward. A coward that wanted to live.

Even through the barely lit barred door of the chamber she sat in, Kaiyou could recognize the likeliness of two shadowy figures, one of which was significantly taller than the other. The menacing weapon strapped to his back carried an ominous feel in itself, which made his presence appear even more frightening than he already was. She discovered, after raising her eyes slowly, that the shorter man carried no weapon despite the aura of hatred and power that her radiated around the small room.

It took her a moment to realize that the taller man had already spoken—his voice broke out over her ears with a cruel, raspy tone. "Kaiyou-san," he'd said dryly. "You have been called for."

Kaiyou could see a sadistic grin bending the flaky grey skin on his face, leaving her with a nauseating sense of disgust that made her insides churn. She felt her right hand twitch out of irritation; she greatly preferred the company of the dead mouse that lay opposite to her over these men. But she was without a doubt, deeply intimidated by their presence—their monstrous amounts of chakra and bloodlust left her nearly frozen stiff with fear. But the suffix at the end of her name—was she not just a lowly prisoner to them? After all, Deidara had lied to her, claiming his only purpose was to offer protection, when all he'd really done was lock her up in solitary confinement.

"Come on. Get up," the sharkman said gruffly, when she remained still after his first command. Despite her newly found anxiety, she felt no will to obey him at all. Her gaze carefully drifted upward after a moment of considering the circumstances, and she made the mistake of making eye contact with the easily recognizable Sharingan eye.

Kaiyou couldn't tell whether it was out respect or the hope that she would be killed that she stood abruptly. Her mind was beginning to swim with an array of horrible images—and to make the punishment worse, every single scene she was forced to act out was a crime she'd already committed. Her nightmares were being relived.

The sharkman chuckled softly at her short cry of pain, but she did nothing but stare at him, impassive and blank.

They led her down a dimly lit hallway, but now she could see the red and white designs amidst their long black coats. The flickering lights that hung from the walls spilled a pale yellow light over her pasty skin and white hair, making it no surprise that she took on the likeness of a ghost.

The men had no need for rope or restraints of any kind, partially because the exhaustion she felt was winning out over the fury that was tearing at her mind. Kaiyou was not unaware of her surroundings, but she did realize that the comfortable state of oblivion her mind was in was beginning to fill her heart with the ever so familiar presence of bloodlust. The stronger it became, the louder the pounding in her head became, but she didn't dare utter even the slightest muse of pain in their shadowy glowing presence.

There was a door—but the moment Kaiyou came face to face with the piercing glares of almost six other shadowy figures, she found each of them held an aura that was far more powerful than her own. None of them spoke, but the pressing darkness urged her to close her eyes and almost feel for even the smallest trace of hope with her mind, but doing so she could only be reminded to stand in the center of their half circle, alone.

"Kaiyou-san," one many finally announced from somewhere out in the darkness, but where exactly, she wasn't sure. When she opened her eyes to answer, she could see out of her peripheral vision the shadows of the Uchiha and the sharkman slinking into the darkness out of view.

The man's voice demanded a respectful audience from the entirety of the room, echoing off the walls with a deep, passionate sense of leadership. Kaiyou felt her sore, bruised muscles tense, as did she feel the attention of everyone around her shift to the commanding voice and his shadowy, dark form directly in front of her.

Their was a breathy silence among the figures that stood about her, until the rustling of cloth and a vicious snicker resounded from somewhere to her left. The red clouds became more apparent as her eyes adjusted to this dark lighting. She was correct. There were six other people, not counting the Uchiha or the sharkman. She noticed, much to her dismay, that each one of them was a man.

"Remove your headband," the voice echoed again, and without hesitation, she raised her arms to untie the small piece of cloth that was holding her white hair out of her eyes. She extended her arm, allowing the fabric to drape over the sides of her hand, revealing the reflective metal plate where her village's insignia was engraved.

She followed a silhouette with her eyes as is moved closer in her direction, removing what appeared to be a kunai from the recesses of his coat. After a moment of brief silence, a single fine scratch was created swiftly across the Hidden Cloud's symbol that was akin to the one on the Uchiha's. Among the shadows that surrounded her, the realization she made was mutual; she was now an official part of the Akatsuki.

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