By Evilevergreen

Summary: On the side of the story you know, he lost everything and with it his humanity. He was trapped between worlds and lost outside of time encased in darkness until the last person he ever thought released him. Now she will remind him what it is like to be human and maybe even what it means to be happy. (Dark Gray)

Posted: January 29, 2007


Amusing really, the thoughts that run across one's mind when left in the hands of time. Black, dark, empty was his world now. He was completely and utterly alone within the space he had been captured in.

Powerful, he was. The deadliest and most feared ghost of them all within both the ghost and human realm. Now look at him and what he has been reduced to. He had become, against his will, nothing more than a shadow, an echo really, of an era that no longer exist.

When he thinks about it, he finds himself almost jealous of the fate that had been dealt to him. The same one he tried to force upon his younger self. He figured that the young boy would thank him later, once he had what the other had. He had respect, without doubt from his fellow ghosts, and he had fear that ran as cold as ice when it came to those puny humans.

Well, expect maybe for one human.

In his weaker of moments, when he allows his mind to drift, he thinks of her. Flying high in the sun's sky, her weapon charged, and her eyes filled, not with fear, as he was so accustom too when it came to other humans, but with a determination to bring him down. It was her life's goal after all.

It was a song they dance to. Complicated, but simplistic at the same time. Around and around they went in a game meant only for them to play. Each trying to outdo the other, but neither in all their years ever succeeding. He always gave his all when it came to battling her, knowing it would be a mistake to let down his guard. He couldn't say that about anyone else. She had a certain way of keeping him on his toes that he didn't quite understand. She was only human for crying out loud and he a step away from being a God. She, of course, was that step. For he knew once she was gone, there would be no one left to stop him. There was only the small matter of his current situation.

Forcing his way out of the thermos was useless. Despite it being something Jack Fenton had made, let me repeat that, in case you missed it. . . despite it being something Jack Fenton had made, it was quite durable. He had spoken to Clockwork once about letting him out, but the Master of Time was an unreasonable being. How dare he think that the Great Dan Phantom was not capable of changing his stripes? Of course, Clockwork was right, but that was beside the point.

So he would be patient and wait out his days and as he did so, he allowed himself to be weak. "Valerie Gray," he whispered into the darkness. "Your death will be my greatest accomplishment. . . since I killed myself." He grinned wickedly.

To Be Continued. . .

A/N: This was going to be a one shot, but I kept reading that last paragraph and all I could think was, this sounds like the end of a chapter. And every time I tried to write something after it, it bothered be. So eventually I went screw it and made the next part chapter two.

I hope no one minds a short chaptered story.

This is dedicated to my girly, ABoxFullOfSharpObjects.