Posted: April 6, 2007

Chapter Three:

It had been nearly a week since Kwan had spoken to his girlfriend. He just didn't know how to approach her after she had turned down his proposal. He laid in his bed, staring up at the ceiling. In fact, instead of staying in his dorm, he would come right home, go to his room, and lock himself inside. He knew his mother was starting to worry about him. She had asked him to talk to her or with his father if that was more comfortable for him, but he refused. He was embarrassed of his rejection and he didn't want to prove his father right when it came to Valerie.

His father, Tokito, had always told him that he didn't believe that Valerie was a nice girl. He told him that she was the kind of girl that fell into the three S's: selfish, stuck-up, and spoiled. "Your heart doesn't need that kind of ache, my son," Kwan remembered his father telling him that about two years ago, when Valerie had admitted to cheating on him while she had been away, for a semester, on internship down in Arizona.

They had been having some problems before she left, but he didn't think that they were so major that she would actually cheat once she was gone. He remembered not wanting her to go, but she insisted it was a great opportunity that she couldn't pass up. She had been interviewed by the great Vlad Masters himself and had made quite an impression. Masters was a self-made man and his ideas were revolutionary.

"The man believes in ghost, Valerie!" Kwan had argued with her one Friday night inside of his dorm room. "I mean, when will you see that there are no such things?"

"But there could be," she had to make him understand. "I mean, think about it, Kwan. What if we could reconnect with people from the past?" she asked him. "We could learn so much." She seemed excited despite Kwan's protest. "I know his theories are crazy and he's not all there himself, but how can he be when he watched his two best friends die in a lab accident when he was in college?" she asked. "Mr. Masters is such a great man, you would see that if you just met him."

"I don't want to meet him. He's a crack pot," Kwan expressed his opinion. "You can't bring back the dead, Valerie. No one can."

"Well, I think he can. And I have to believe in that. I have to," she said angrily.

It was then, in that moment, when Kwan saw the sadness behind her eyes that he realized what this whole thing was about. "Val. . ." he began softly. "Please, don't let that man give you false hope," he asked of her. "Your mother, was a wonderful person, but she's not coming back. She's gone and if you don't except that, if you can't let the dead go, you will never truly live."

"That's easy for you to say, Kwan, when you can go home anytime you want to and see both of your parents," she pointed out. "While I go home and find a broken man. That is, when he is home and not buried in his work," she spoke of Damon, her father. "Tell me, have you ever heard your father cry? And I don't mean that macho shit, that 'Oh, I got something in my eye' line. I mean, completely and utterly break down?" She stared at the man before her who simply shook his head. "No? Well, I have," she admitted. "And I can't stand it. So I'm sorry, but Mr. Masters and his ideas does give me hope. I'm going to go to Arizona, Kwan. So either stand beside me or step aside," she made clear. "But I really hope you're with me on this."

Kwan sat silently for a moment before he turned to his girlfriend, who waited anxiously. "Make sure you email me every week."

Valerie's face grew a wide smile as she threw her arms around him. "I knew you'd understand." She then pulled away, relief in her voice, as her hand stroked his cheek. "My beautiful, beautiful Kwan." She then kissed his lips gently. "I love you," she told him sweetly.

"I love you too," he said sweetly before returning her kiss.

Valerie sighed softly as his tongue entered her mouth and they deepened their kiss. She placed her hand on his thigh as he brought her closer to him on the bed. Both breathed heavily as they broke only for air, each still staring into the other's eyes. Valerie's hand than slowly began to move up Kwan's thigh, who gasped when her fingers ran across crotch. Kwan quickly grabbed her wrist and held it away from him. Valerie frowned. "Come on, you know what I believe," he reminded her.

"Yeah, I do," she confirmed as she pulled her hand away as she sat up as she knew full well that Kwan didn't believe in any sexual activity before marriage. None.

"Do you really?" He wanted to know.

"Yes, Kwan," she snapped. She then stood up and started looking around. "Where did I put my bag? It's getting late and I need to go."

"You're angry with me, aren't you?" he couldn't help but ask a little dishearten.

"No," she said simply. She then sighed as she turned back to him. "Do you know what it's like to be the only virgin among your friends?"

Kwan couldn't help but laugh at her question. "Yeah, I kinda do," he pointed out as Dash had teased him about it just that very morning.

"Don't laugh at me," she hit him playfully.

"Aww, I'm sorry," he said as he placed his hands on her waist and she stepped closer to him. "But come on Val, you know I love you, even if I don't express it physical. Our relationship is beyond that. It's about honor, loyalty, and-"

"And support, even when the other disagrees," she added with a smile.

"Yes," he agreed. "Even if they really, really, really disagree." Valerie giggled at his silly expression as he spoke.

She then pulled away. "I really need to get to my dorm and start packing. My internship starts next week, so I leave next Saturday."

"I'll drive you to the airport," he offered. Valerie thanked him as she gave him a kiss on the cheek before leaving.

Kwan sighed as he continued to wonder about that night as he continued to stare up at the ceiling. He then began to wish that he had fought harder for her to stay with him that night two years. But little did Kwan know that he would have another opportunity and that this story, was only just beginning.

To Be Continued. . .

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