There was once a houseful of women. These women were quite an anomaly, you see. Do you know why? Well, I'll tell you. These women were witches. And powerful witches at that, the Charmed Ones. They had a powerful book called The Book of Shadows, which had a magical stronghold against evil. These Charmed Ones had a congenital power passed down from their mother.

They had many adventures with their whitelighter Leo in which they vanished demons. One day, they found a person who was killed trying to protect a box. He was very blazon with what the box was.

The box had items that led to an imbroglio of the women. They didn't know the powers they contained and couldn't show anyone. So, they had to try. One spherical object opened when you set it down and caused the women to have oddly buoyant personalities for the time being. They were so perky, two of them got themselves shot, and while they lay dormant, the third called upon their whitelighter Leo to heal them. After a few moments of a golden glow flowing from Leo's hands over their wound, the two women were lacking open wounds.

It was just an ordinary day in the Halliwell household, and San Francisco suspected not a thing.

A/N: Okay, so this was an assignment in my English class. One person starts a story, and then a few more people continue it, then the first person wraps it up. We had to use at least two vocabulary words each time we wrote a new section and we couldn't repeat the words already used. The vocabulary is for the national Wordmasters analogy challenge, so if you are doing Wordmasters too, and you recognize the words, throw that in with the review I know you all are going to submit.