Mary Jane closed her eyes and leaned into the kiss. She had been surprised, but she quickly became a willing participant. In that moment, she realized that she wasn't crushing on Tommy - she loved him. She offered no resistance when he reached around and pulled her into his lap. Sitting as she was, she could feel how much he wanted her. She almost purred when his hands began to stroke up and down her spine. She began running her hands across his shoulders and arms.

When she lightly stroked her fingers across his neck, he shivered again and kissed her harder. His tongue stroked gently across her lips as he sought to deepen the kiss. She responded immediately and the flames burned even hotter. Without breaking the kiss, she shifted on his lap, so that she now straddled his legs and the proof of his arousal was pressed against her. Both groaned at the contact, in spite of the clothes still between them.

Tommy slid his hands around to her front and stopped just under her breasts. Without a word, she broke the kiss, pulled his shirt off and then her own. She pressed her lips to his once more, moaning when he stroked his thumbs across her hardened buds. She reciprocated the gesture, smiling against his lips when he responded with a moan of his own. Once more, she broke the kiss and gasped for air. She began to kiss and nip at his neck, until she found the spot that had made him shiver before. He slid his arms around her and pressed her hips even closer. He lost contact with reality and once again brought his hands to her front - this time to the top of her jeans.

One quick pull was all it took to unsnap them and another second had the zipper undone. He slid his hand inside and touched her gently. She sucked in a breath and moaned again as he continued to touch her. Her head fell back as her arousal grew. He could feel how much she wanted this, too. He leaned forward and pressed kisses all over her breasts, stopping every now and then to feast on the rosy centers. She squirmed delightfully against him each time he did. Suddenly, he felt her body tense and he knew she was very close. He doubled his efforts and in no time, he felt her reach her peak as she cried out.

Quickly, he stood them both up and pulled her jeans and panties off. He was beyond thinking now. He lowered her gently to the table behind her and quickly kicked off his boots and shed his jeans and boxers. He positioned himself and, as he leaned forward and kissed her, thrust his hips forward. Mary Jane wrapped her legs around him and urged him on. Somewhere in his mind, Tommy knew he had found heaven. Harder and faster he went until they both cried out and went over the edge together.

Several minutes later, when they had both caught their breath, Tommy lifted his head. She smiled at him and he smiled back. He stood and pulled her into his arms. She felt so right in his arms, he could hardly believe it. Somehow, he knew that she was the one he had been waiting for. But did she feel the same?

Mary Jane pulled back slightly and kissed him gently. It was short, but sweet. After a minute, she stepped back and looked around the kitchen. Clothes seemed to be everywhere in the small room. "Ye gods. It looks like there was an orgy in here!" she said in disbelief.

Tommy laughed and grabbed his boxers. "I think an orgy requires more than two people. I wouldn't have wanted more than two people."

"Hah, I've got you beat. I only wanted one people."

Tommy laughed again. "You know what I meant." They dressed, stealing kisses from time to time. Mary Jane made a pot of coffee. They took their steaming mugs and went to the living room. Mary Jane unlocked Alexis' cage and joined Tommy on the couch. He held his arm up in silent invitation and she slipped under it and snuggled up to his side. They sat in comfortable silence, drinking their coffee.