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Full Summary: Being a Guardian is a tough job and it's rather stressful, especially when there's only two of them. Thus the Headmaster concludes that it's high time they added more students to the team! However, no one must know of the dark secret of the Cross Academy, that it houses both humans and vampires! He decides to have two students from the Night Class to join! Meet Arashi Tsukino, a mischievous young vampire who's childhood friends with Aido, Kain and Ruka and Takako Fujimoto, a self-proclaimed pervert and lover of cute men and women both human and vampire (bi).

Chapter One: New Guardians

"There will be new guardians?" Yuki asked as she cocked her head to the side. Headmaster Cross nodded with a silly grin, "Yes, I decided that it would be more efficient if there were at least two vampires working as Guardians as well."

Yuki glanced nervously at Zero, "I don't know if Zero is ok with that..."

Zero however, seemed unmoved by this comment as he continued to stare intently at the battered desk of the Headmaster. He looked down at her and frowned, "What?" Yuki flinched from his tone, "N-Nothing!"

"Now now, I need you both to greet our new Guardians!" Exclaimed Headmaster Cross as he shooed the two out of his office. Yuki looked up at Zero and almost fell over from shock, he didn't look to happy.

Zero walked with a loud thud and a dark face, "Work with vampires, our job is to stop the vampires from doing anything and he wants us to-" Yuki snapped her fingers in front of his face to snap him out of his daze, "Zero!"

She put her hands on her hips and pouted, "We have to treat them nicely, I'm sure that they won't do anything and if any we should be glad that we're getting help!" Zero growled, "Yeah, from vampires."

Yuki rolled her eyes, "You're the one who said we needed more people so hush!" Zero was about to say something else when Yuki grabbed him by the wrist and dragged him towards the meeting place. "Come on already!"

At the meeting place, which was by a tall sakura tree, there stood several Nigh Class students of which Yuki immediately recognized. "What're you guys doing here!?" she shouted as she pointed at the "usual crew" which consisted of; Aido, Kain, Ruka, Shiki, Rima and Ichijo, excluding Kaname.

Ichijo of course, was the first to greet them and he did it as enthusiastically as he always did. "We're here to keep our friends company while they waited for you!" Yuki blinked at this comment and moved aside a bit to look behind him.

There, in the middle of the group, were two Nigh Class students who she recognized as Arashi Tsukino and Takako Fujimoto. "Ah, hello it's nice to meet you!" Yuki automatically said as she quickly bowed respectively to the two students.

The one known as Arashi, who had elbow length violet hair and was at least a head shorter then the other, nodded at her in recognition. "It's a pleasure, you are Yuki Cross, correct?"Yuki smiled in return, "Y-Yes! But you can just call me Yuki!"

Arashi grinned, "Fine then, I'm Tsukino Arashi, but Arashi is just fine, no need to add the "senpai" to it, understand?"

The other, which was Takako, smiled and instantly latched onto Yuki, making Zero tense. "She's so adorable!"

Arashi rolled her eyes at the redhead. "Taka, must I remind you that suddenly hugging people out of nowhere, especially if they don't know you, makes them want to avoid you?"

Takako stuck out her tongue childishly. "What, I can't help it that I'm attracted to cute things!" She was obviously older then Arashi, but insisted on acting like a child or at least that's how Arashi would describe her.

"U-Umm...could you please let go...you're...suffocating me..." gasped Yuki, as her face brightened in a deep shade of red. She realized that Takako's breasts pressed into her face. Arashi snorted and put a hand on her hip. "Taka," she warned once more.

Takako sighed heavily in disappointment and reluctantly let go, that was when she noticed Zero and her smirk widened. "My my, this one's cute too!" However, the minute she said that she received a cold glare from Zero.

"Uhhh...I think I'll just...mosey over here," she said. She went to stand next to Arashi who shook her head in embarrassment. "Anyway, as you both know, we're the new Prefects who will be your new partners, so, hopefully, there won't be any problems."

"Same here!" said Yuki excitedly as she nudged Zero roughly.

"Say something!" hissed Yuki, as she gave Zero a dark look. Zero grunted in reply. "Yeah...whatever."

Takako grinned, "Not very enthusiastic to be working with a couple of vampires are we?"She folded her arms and made a movement to rest on her right leg.

"Well I assure you Kiryu-kun, we won't get in the way and we most definitely, won't cause' any problems." She looked over at Arashi, "She however, may be a bit of a problem."

Arashi cocked an eyebrow at the vampire, "What's that supposed to mean?!"

Takako shrugged with a silly grin on her face, "Oh nothing, nothing at all."

Arashi scowled and folded her arms. "Yeah, nothing my ass!"

As they separated, Arashi glanced back at Yuki and smiled, "So she's the one...the one who holds Kaname-sama's heart, how very interesting." Takako looked down at her companion, "What's with you Arashi?"

Arashi shook her head, dismissing it, "Nothing."

She smirked at Aido, "Neh, Aido that girl...Yuki, she's the one who you bit right?"

Aido frowned, "Yeah, she's the one."

Arashi let out a chuckle, "Haha, and you got your ass chewed out by Kaname-sama!"

Aido glared at her, "Watch it Arashi!"

Arashi stuck her tongue out, "You can't hurt me otherwise I'll have to blast your ass off!" Aido and Arashi sent heated glares at each other as Takako clapped her hands loudly to disperse the twos' fight.

"Ok that's enough you two!" She said loudly. She smirked and flicked her short hair. "Now, I want to talk about that Kiryu boy," she said.

Arashi grunted and shook her head. "There's really nothing to talk about, he doesn't like us, so why bother?"

Takako scowled, "Yes well, aren't you curious?!"

She folded her arms as she continued to walk with Arashi, Kain and Aido. "But that's what I meant, I meant that this guy hates vampires, how are we supposed to work with a man who hates us?"

Arashi frowned, "Easy, we just do and ignore him!" She put her hands on her hips and sighed.

"Anyway, the Kiryu family has had a record of killing vampires and it's only natural that he'd hate them even more after what Shizuka-sama did to him."

Kain sighed as he looked at both Takako and Arashi, "Just don't get your heads blown off by Kiryu."

That Night...

"It's cold!" complained Arashi as she sneezed loudly. The cold made her bones ache, but the heat made her feel sticky and sweaty, so she preferred it being cold than being hot, now that she thought about it.

"I wonder why Kaname-sama wanted us to become prefects all of a sudden?" she wondered. After all, it was Kaname-sama's orders, so she really had no choice but to comply.

But she had a bad feeling about it, mainly because Zero Kiryu is a prefect, and everyone among the Night Class knows and has felt his deep hatred for them. Which made her angry for no apparent reason, just thinking about it.

There was a snap somewhere off in the distance, but that distance was currently cut short as Arashi dashed over there. She frowned at the scene before her. "What're Day Class students doing here at this time?" She sighed and shook her head, obviously they want to see the Night Class males, but still, to think some people would go to such lengths!

She jumped down, startling them.

"What are you doing here, you are not permitted to be out at this hour!" scolded Arashi as she folded her arms and frowned at them. Now that she had a closer look at them, there were two guys and one girl, the girl had apparently fallen.

The girl was the one who spoke. "Y-Yeah but, we only wanted to take a picture of the ghost! We didn't mean any harm!"

"Ghost?" Arashi thought as she shook her head. "I assure you, there is no ghost here so please return to your dorms," she commented in a cold tone.

She tensed, that smell. She looked down once more and realized one of them had scraped their knee.

Her eyes widened, "Blood!?" She bit her bottom lip, making blood seep through, trying to regain control of herself. One of the guys gasped in shock, "A-Are you alright, your lip is bleeding!"

Arashi waved it off, "I'm fine, you three need to hurry, it's not safe!" The other boy frowned in response. "But why? this academy is heavily guarded by the Prefects, and you're out at night!"

Arashi quirked an eyebrow and brought out her Prefect badge, surprising the Day Class students.

"Y-You're a..."

"Yes, I am now a Guardian, please do as I say before I am forced to use-"Arashi stopped in mid-sentence, the scent, even though it was fairly faint, was still there, and it was driving her crazy. And she came to the conclusion, that even at this, which could make even her lose it, may attract unwanted attention, meaning it could become very dangerous for these three.

"O-Ok, we'll get going..." said the injured girl, as she was helped up by her two friends. Arashi sighed in relief but she tensed once more, she just now sensed the presence of a third party, and that someone was definitely not human. She turned quickly to see a man in a brown coat with disheveled hair.

Her voice caught in her throat as the Day Class students gasped out in surprise. "It's the ghost!" said the girl excitedly. But Arashi wasn't excited at all. "Shit, he reeks of a Level E!" Blood thirst and mad confusion, this was what came off of a Level E vampire.

Arashi scowled as she never took her eyes off the vampire, "I am warning you three now, get out of here!"

Right when she said that however, the vampire lunged foreword with his mouth wide open, revealing his razor sharp fangs. "He's a vampire?!" the girl screamed, and ended up fainting. The other two panicked and stood rooted to the ground due to fear.

Arashi scowled at their reactions and she took a quick fighting stance. Her hands were brought up, and her fingers tightly pressed together. "If I take care of him quickly, I may have time to prevent the other two from running away!"

"What's this? I've heard about vampires living here in this school among these meat bag humans, but this is extroidinary, to see a vampire noble, defending them?!"

With a smirk, Arashi merely shrugged. "Yes well, that's what happens when you start to co-exist with people!" With a swift movement, she lifted her right foot, placed it in front of her left, twisted fully and shot a single lighting bolt out from her index and middle finger. This was enough to burn the level E to a crisp, and he soon turned to dust.

"Arashi!" shouted Takako, as she bounded on over to the violet haired vampire. Arashi turned swiftly only to be suffocated by Takako's assets, "Don't kill me!" She growled as she tried to get away.

"Oh my god, are you alright?!" said Takako. She brushed some stray hair from Arashi's face. "You didn't get hurt did you?" she asked, her eyes scanning over the lighting wielding vampire with concern. Arashi looked away, slightly embarrassed by all the attention. "No, I'm fine."

Yuki and Zero ran over to her, or at least Yuki did. "Arashi-senpai, are you alright?!" Yuki said in concern as she stood by Arashi's side. Arashi nodded and ran a hand through her hair, "Yeah I'm fine...they however," she gestured her head towards the three unconscious students, "...might not be alright."

"What did you do?" asked Zero as he quirked an eyebrow. Arashi sent him a heated look, "I didn't do anything, though I wanted to..." she muttered but Zero heard as he motioned to get his Bloody Rose out, Arashi quickly added, "...I meant to smack them of course." She instantly put her hands up in the air in defense, "God this guy is scary!" she thought as she quickly averted her eyes away in fright.

"Apparently, there's a rumored ghost around these parts and they had wanted to take a picture. I tried being patient and ordered them to leave," Arashi sighed in annoyance, "...but of course, they stubbornly stayed and I had to fend off the Level E with them as a distraction."

"You must be really strong then." Yuki said as she smiled happily at Arashi who frowned. "Not really, any Noble should be more than capable to fend off a Level E."

Takako snorted with snickers, "Otherwise we'd be taunted by our peers." Arashi scratched her head, "I thought you would know that, surely you must after all you're the Headmaster's adopted daughter."

Yuki blushed in embarrassment, "O-Oh." Arashi blinked in confusion, obviously not knowing she had done any damage mentally to the poor girl. Takako however, noticed this quickly and roughly nudged Arashi who looked up in surprise, "What?!"

Takako sighed, "You really aren't good with other's feelings are you?" she whispered loud enough for only Arashi to hear. Arashi furrowed her brows, "What do you mean?" Takako shook her head, "Arashi dear, you hurt poor Yuki-chan's feelings!"

Arashi gasped in surprise, "I did?!" she quickly turned to Yuki and flinched, "O-Oh...shit." She sighed as she scratched her head, "Hey, Yuki...I didn't mean it that way ok, so don't be mad."

Yuki looked up, "I am mad, as a fellow Guardian I should know the capabilities of my partners!" Zero frowned, "When was that established?" Yuki narrowed her eyes, "It's always been a rule!"

"No it hasn't!" argued Zero as he folded his arms. "I honestly don'tcare what you can and cannot do." Yuki gasped, "You're such a jerk Zero!"

Arashi stared in surprise, "U-Umm...no need to bicker over such a petty matter."

Yuki shook her head, her eyes full of determination. "No, I want to know everything about Arashi and Takako's abilities!"

Takako smiled seductively, "Ehhh...?" She wrapped an arm around Yuki, "Eveything eh?"

Zero twitched with disgust and perhaps, jealousy.

Arashi however, gave her dear cousin a dull look, "Taka, I'd put away that arm of yours if you don't want Kiryu over there to blast it off."

"Eh, but why?" whined Takako as she rubbed her cheek on Yuki's. "She's so adorable!"

Arashi rolled her eyes, "Perhaps, however you're scaring her!"

She folded her arms, "And I doubt she meant it that way."

Takako pouted and let go of Yuki, who sighed in relief,

"That was...rather odd."

Takako put her hands on her hips, "One can always hope."Arashi waved it off and started walking away. "Yeah, yeah." She was soon followed by Takako, who quickly latched onto the smaller vampire.

Next Morning...

"Why must the Day Class students be so loud?" groaned Arashi, as she peeked out the window. Takako muttered something in her sleep, and turned over, pulling the covers over her head.

"What was that?"

"I said, perhaps they are just happy people?" was Takako's usual, cheerful, though tired reply. Arashi raised an eyebrow and turned her attention back at the Day Class students.

"Happy people, huh? But surely that doesn't apply to all the Day class students, I mean, look at Kiryu!" she said. She sat down on her bed and went back to sleep, sort of.

But was once more, interrupted by noise, this time by Ichijo.

"Arashi-chan, Taka! Do remember that today is St. Xocolate's day!"


C.C.: Haha, Arashi is true to her name, she has a very stormy character which is fun to write. Takako is also fun to write, Bi-sexual perv is what I like to call her, however in her own words she would say it's, "A way of loving everyone and anyone in an open manner." D I hope you all liked this chapter