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Chapter Four: A Warning from a Hunter

Arashi walked away from the still going on party, feeling a little uncomfortable after the little 'gun' incident with Zero. She hadn't felt like participating anymore, her nerves getting the better of her. She had left Takako back at the party, as Takako was busy juggling some crystal balls.

"She's such a clown," Arashi thought, sticking out her tongue. Her cousin could be a handful at times and she needed a rest. Speaking of handfuls, that Kiryu was definitely a handful. He was a vampire, a Level E to be precise, that was enough reason to label him as a threat to the students of the Day class.

However, it's not like she cared about the Day class students—it was just a mere statement. She ran a hand through her dark, violet locks, turning slightly as she stopped to take in a heavy sigh. It was then that she noticed a certain 'idol' behind her.

Arashi turned with a frown, blood red eyes looking straight across to the other vampire. Aido smirked at her, walking with a slow pace as he made his way to her. "What's this? Is the little princess getting worried?" he joked, pointing at her. "Don't forget who we serve Arashi, even if you get close to those two—if one of them threatens Kaname-sama then—"

"I know Aido, I don't need you to nag to me about it," Arashi snapped, glaring.

Aido frowned at her reaction, shrugging it away and putting his hands in his pockets. He looked at her for a moment, thinking about something Arashi didn't know of. "So, where were you planning on going? To your fellow disciplinary members, I presume?" he asked, not all that interested.

Arashi folded her arms and shifted to her right, her scowl still on her face. "That has nothing to do with you Aido, just go back and admire Kaname-sama from afar like you always do," Arashi bit back, eyes crossed. She smirked as she let the sentence sink in on Aido, who glared at her.

"I-I don't admire Kaname-sama from afar!" he snapped, "I worship Kaname-sama from afar, there's a difference!"

"I don't know if that's something to be proud o—"Arashi stopped talking, turning around quickly. She had heard it, a sound that shook her very bones. The sound of a gunshot was not too far from where she and Aido were standing.

Aido looked past her head in surprise, frowning, "What do you suppose—"he was cut off when Arashi ran off before him. "Hey! Arashi wait!"

"Don't follow me, I'll handle it!" she shouted back at him before he could follow.

With a low growl, Aido was forced to stay where he was and turned around. He looked back once more to where Arashi had disappeared. It was the sound of a vampire gun, that was for sure, but who?

When Arashi reached the sight, she was at the school's private pool. She was surprised to find Yuki and Kiryu in the pool, Yuki guarding him with her body from someone who she could not see clearly. Her eyes narrowed, trying to decipher who the mysterious man was.

She had never met him but she felt like she should know him—he wore a long, brown trench coat. A shot gun was in his left hand which would've been pointed at Kiryu if Yuki was not protecting him. Arashi had the urge to lunge from her spot but her body was rooted to the ground. Her vampire instincts warned her of the man—warned her of the danger of being seen.

She simply crouched lower, crawling slowly to them like a predator stalking a prey. Only this time, the predator was a simple observer of a dangerous meeting. "What's a hunter doing in this sacred school?!" she hissed mentally, glaring at the back of the man.

"You're…the adopted daughter of that retired twit?" the man asked, looking at Yuki.

"Whether or not you have a relationship with Zero, it's not for you to decide if he lives or dies," he continued, pointing his gun at Zero.

Yuki glared at him, fear evident in her eyes but determination clouded her better judgment. At least, that's how Arashi saw it. Why risk your life for a Level E? She found it baffling, but she continued to watch anyway.

"I won't let you kill him!" Yuki shouted, glaring at the man all the while clutching Zero's head to her.

"Are you saying he hasn't become a Level E, yet?" he asked.

From the corner of Arashi's eye she could see the Headmaster approaching, he looked out of breath; he had probably been running for a long time now. She watched him shout something, saw him grab that cursed hunter's weapon and offer helping hands to Kiryu and Yuki, both who ignored it and got out on their own.

Arashi debated whether this was a good time to reveal herself, seeing that the situation was now somewhat secured. She waited however, when the hunter turned to Yuki, putting a cigarette in his mouth. "My name is Toga Yagari, I'm the former master of Zero…I'm a vampire hunter, as you can see," he announced.

Arashi's blood eyes shot wide, "Toga Yagari…the name of that bastard vampire hunter?!" What was that man doing here in this a protected area?! She glared at the man, her cat like eyes glowing. She flinched however, when the vampire hunter turned towards her direction, pointing the gun at her.

"If you don't want to get shot then you'd better reveal yourself, Vampire," Yagari ordered, looking straight at her.

"Scary," Arashi muttered, standing up straight. She flicked some violet hair behind her shoulder, to get the leaves that were stuck out. Arashi glared, bloody eyes eyeing the hunter suspiciously. She noticed the surprised looks of Yuki, Zero and Headmaster.

"Arashi-chan!" Yuki exclaimed worriedly, glancing at Yagari.

His gun was still pointed at the lighting vampire and Arashi simply stood where she was, glaring intensely, her eyes connected to Yagari's. Her body was stiff, neither shaking nor bold, simply there. She didn't know for sure if she could dodge those vampire bullets without getting somewhat hurt and she didn't know if she could refrain herself from killing the man. Right now, her killer instincts were on high and she felt at the tip of her toes. Arashi's expression hardened, she hadn't shown any hostile movements as of yet, intent on letting the man make the first move, so that she would have an excuse to kill him.

"Stop, she's a member of the disciplinary committee! She was probably just checking for any danger because of all the shooting you were doing! That's one of my students, don't you dare point that gun at her!" Headmaster cried, once more hitting the gun away.

Yagari let out a heavy sigh, frowning at the Headmaster. "It's not like I was actually going to shoot her, from the looks of it she's a noble, ain't she? I can tell from that uptight, high class outfit of hers…in any case, I can't believe you're putting vampires in the disciplinary committee now, you really are a twit," he sighed, glancing towards Arashi.

Arashi scowled, "Uptight outfit?! What the heck was that all about?!" She walked towards Yuki and the others, her eyes never leaving the man until his form was completely swallowed by the shadows.

She finally turned her attention to a soaking wet Yuki, Kiryu not too far off. Arashi briefly took in the sight of the wet Zero and let out a sigh. "You truly are a handful," she breathed, more to herself than to Kiryu. She earned an expected glare from the silver haired youth who walked away without saying anything back.

Arashi watched as Yuki's eyes trailed after the retreating form of Kiryu and frowned. She could never understand humans—why was Yuki so desperate to save a man whose fate was already sealed? It was the fate of a Level E to either be killed by noble vampires or by a vampire hunter like Yagari, yet Yuki insisted that Zero was still innocent. He would eventually succumb to his beast and then that'd just be troublesome for the Night Class.

Yuki turned to look at Arashi and asked, "Arashi-chan, w-what're you doing here in the first place?"

Arashi sighed, scratching the back of her head, looking aside. "I heard a gunshot and came to investigate, looks like I wasn't needed however," she said, rubbing the back of her neck now. She looked to Yuki, eyeing the still wet girl whose eyes were downcast with worry.

"Yuki, if I were you I'd be careful not to let Kiryu alone with that hunter," Arashi warned, before turning on her heel and proceeded back to the party.

That night, as Arashi lay in her bed she could feel her cousin's eyes on her back. "Do you have something to say, Taka?" Arashi demanded, tired and irritable. She hadn't turned around and simply said it over her shoulder, she was far too tired to move her body.

Takako smiled at her, eyes softening."I heard that gunshot you know, we all did, however—Kaname-sama simply ordered us to ignore it, but I heard from Aido that you went to inspect it beforehand," Takako informed her, eyes on the back of her cousin's head.

Arashi said nothing but took in her cousin's statement, nodding. Arashi turned her head slightly, so that she was now looking at Takako. Arashi narrowed her eyes and said, "Is that so? That's Kaname-sama for you."

"So, what happened?" Takako asked, brows furrowed in worry.

"Nothing much," Arashi answered in a bland tone, turning back around. She ignored the whined protest of the red head who pouted. Arashi tried to get as much sleep as she could, it was after all, morning and she had a long night.

It was class time; Arashi hardly had the time to sleep. She rubbed her eyes tiredly, walking alongside Takako and Ruka. She ignored Aido's chant about the cute Day class girls and the fact that they would most likely be lined up at the gate, waiting for him. Kain walked next to him, they were only a few paces ahead of Arashi and the two female vampires.

"You look exhausted," Ruka pointed out.

"I'll be fine," Arashi grunted, clearing her throat. "In any case, Kiryu won't be present today, from what Headmaster Cross as told me," she informed them, not really caring.

"Oh dear, I wonder why," Takako said, frowning, "could my cute Kiryu be sick?"

"Perhaps," was all Arashi said. "To think, Kiryu would be quarantined like this so quickly, to be expected due to the way he had been acting recently," she turned to Takako, "even if Taka was informed of everything the day before, she's quite an actress to fane ignorance."

Class had started and their teacher was not present. Arashi laid her upper body lazily on the desk before her, allowing Ruka to braid her hair. Kain sat on the desk next to Arashi's right side, ignoring the fact that he was patting her head like some pet.

Takako chuckled at the sight, "Arashi-chan, you look like a cat being pampered by her owners."

Arashi simply stuck out her tongue in response, too tired to even try to make a comeback.

Aido grunted, poking her head, "She's more like an alley cat rather than a pampered breed." He continued to poke at her head, not really caring that her eyebrow was now twitching everytime his finger connected to her head. Kain let out a sigh, already knowing the possibly outcome and continued to rub her head, as if trying to calm her down.

Arashi glared up at him, finally snapping and opened her mouth. She simply bit the finger that was poking her. Aido let out a yelp of pain and surprise, snatching his finger back. "You animal!" he snapped, bringing his finger to his chest.

"You asked for it, Hanabusa, Arashi's cranky when tired, you should know that by now," Kain stated bluntly, continuing to rub Arashi's head.

"Th-Then why isn't she biting you?!" Aido demanded, pointing at Ruka and Kain in fury. Ruka rolled her eyes at him, smoothing out Arashi's hair once more and proceeded to braid it over again.

"That's because we're pampering her, so she's comfortable, now leave her alone Aido, she had a long night," Ruka hissed at him, glaring.

"Yeah right she-devil," Aido grumbled.

Before Ruka could say something back, the door to the classroom slammed open and in came an unexpected visitor. Arashi's head shot up instantly, eyes wide and a frown on her face. This sudden action surprised Kain and Ruka, both who stopped their actions.

Ruka's slender fingers were still entangled in Arashi's hair however her cold eyes glared at the man walking in front of the classroom. Kain's own, larger hand was still heavily on top of Arashi's, putting pressure on her head, as if to stop her from doing anything drastic.

"My name is Toga Yagari. I'll be your temporary lecturer for this ethics class. It's a pleasure to meet you, vampires," the man grinned at the Night class, ignoring the suspicious glares he received.

Yagari's eyes went straight to Arashi and she tensed at the sudden attention. "So I see you're already lazing around in class, not a very good role model, are you? Miss Vampire Prefect," he said, eyeing Arashi with amusement. Kain glared in response, hand becoming heavier on Arashi's head. Ruka's icy glare intensified, gritting her teeth. Yagari chuckled at the reaction he received and shrugged it off.

"'Yagari'? The same man who is said to be the number 1 vampire hunter?" asked Takako, smirking. She folded her arms, "They didn't say you were such a looker."

"I'm flattered to hear a vampire, of all beings, to compliment me," Yagari replied, shrugging.

"So it was you shooting last night..." Aido accused, folding his arms and glaring at Yagari.

"You all can just relax now. For today, I am now an official teacher with a teaching certificate. I'm not here as a vampire hunter," Yagari stated, chuckling at the glares he was receiving. He put down the book that he had casually been holding against his shoulder, onto the teaching desk in front of him.

"I heard that you were off on a mission, someplace far from here. I see you've returned, then?" Kaname said, not looking up from the book he had been reading. "You've come back to check on our Night Class?" he wondered.

The Pureblood continued, still not looking up, "Or is there a vampire among us who you intend to kill…Teacher?"

"Hello, it's a pleasure Kaname Kuran. Unfortunately, my execution list is completely empty. If you fall asleep in my class, don't be surprised if you find your name at the top of my list," Yagari joked, shrugging at Kaname. He was a brave man to go up against their Pureblood leader, or so Arashi thought as she looked straight at the vampire hunter in surprise.

The tension within the room greatened at the sudden threat to their leader. The hairs at the back of Arashi's neck stood and she could feel Kain pushing her head back down on the desk. She looked up, eyes narrow.

"Don't do anything stupid, Arashi," Kain muttered, gently pushing her head down. "Don't fall asleep either, you want me to sit next to you to help you stay up?" he offered, looking down at her, eyebrows furrowed in worry. Out of all the vampires in this room and out of her few childhood friends, Kain was most likely the closest to being like an older broher to Arashi.

Arashi sighed, sitting up, "I know that, Kain, I'll try to stay up." Her eyes went back to Yagari, red eyes turning to slits. This was going to be a long class period.

During the lecture, Yagari had once more threatened Kaname-sama and he soon found a small dagger thrown at him. Sighing heavily, Yagari lifted his book and blocked it with little effort, eyeing the vampire who did it.

"No throwing sharp objects in my class," smirked Yagari.

Arashi folded her arms stubbornly; she had secretly hoped that Yagari would miss. She expected as much for him to easily block it however and could only let out a soft sigh. She felt a small poke to her left cheek to find Takako smiling at her.

"Now now, don't lose heart just yet," she reminded her. Takako was obviously enjoying the lecture—for more than one reason, seeing as how Yagari was indeed a good looking man. Arashi could only sigh at the hopelessness of her cousin and shook her head.

When the lecture ended, Arashi stood up and looked at the clock. "It's time for us to go meet up with the others," Arashi said, looking at Takako. Takako sighed in response, cupping her hands to her face and blushed.

"Isn't that Yagari just a dream boat? I wouldn't mind if he hunted me down," Takako said, winking at Arashi.

"Sure you would," Arashi said, turning around. She was followed by a chuckling Takako who waved good bye to their fellow classmates.

"Arashi-chan, if that man is Kiryu darling's former master, I'm sure he must be distraught at knowing the state Kiryu is in," Takako said thoughtfully, putting a finger to her red lips. She walked behind her smaller cousin who had yet to reply.

"I suppose, though he didn't seem to hesitate to shoot that gun of his at Kiryu," Arashi replied, keeping her eyes in front of her.

Takako shrugged, "Well, it's really none of our business to begin with—however, things do seem to be getting quite interesting."

"Don't cause any trouble, Taka," Arashi warned, looking back at Takako. "Right now, all we have to do is keep an eye on Kiryu."

"I'll make sure to keep both of them on him," chimed Takako, winking. Arashi rolled her eyes in response before turning her head. They were walking towards the Headmaster's room, when Arashi stopped walking.

"Taka, hold on, do you smell that?" she asked, eyes narrowing.

"Yes, it would seem that that smell would be Yuki-chan's blood," Takako commented, having remembered it from before. "Could she be hurt?"

However, Arashi knew better. If what had happened yesterday was true, from what Yagari had asked Yuki and considering Yuki's nature—it was no doubt the deed of forbiddance. To feed a Level E your blood was considered taboo by both races.

"Yuki, you should be more careful," Arashi thought, clenching her fist. She turned on her heel, leading Takako away.

"Eh? Ah—wait up, Arashi-chan…if that is Yuki-chan's blood, then shouldn't we—"

"She's fine, it's something that we shouldn't butt in right now," Arashi said, quickening her pace. She wasn't sure if she would report this to Kaname-sama, if he learned of this then he would most likely be furious, considering how attached he was to the girl.

She dared not look back however and simply kept a clear path. She had no real evidence that her conclusion was correct, it was a simple matter of gut feeling, and Arashi usually trusted that feeling. She hadn't seen Kiryu all day but she could feel his presence in that room.

There was no doubt Takako had felt it however, her cousin simply decided to fane ignorance once more, she was good at it. That's good, less troubles to worry about. When they finally reached the front of the school it was already in the middle of the night.

"I suppose we should start our patrol, it is our turn to take the night shift," Takako commented, looking up at the sky.

Arashi simply nodded, turning away. "Don't tell Kaname-sama what you saw today," Arashi said. She didn't know why she said it but she felt that it wasn't her place to tell Kaname. Takako smiled in response, a hand on her hip.

"What did I see?" Takako said, smiling innocently at her cousin.

Arashi grinned, walking the opposite direction of Takako. She would patrol the north side of the campus; she had wanted to clear her mind for a while. She hadn't been thinking of where she was going only that she was moving.

She jumped from tree to rooftop, no real destination in her mind. She landed on a tree branch and jumped to the ground soundlessly, looking around. There weren't any threats so far, the night was quiet and cold.

Arashi heard some talking in the distance and it was only then did she notice Kaname-sama's presence. How could she have missed it? She was not too far from where Kaname stood and if she looked closer she could see Toga Yagari, leaning coolly against a tree, cigarette in mouth and a smirk clear across his face.

She noticed Yuki running away in the distance, going towards the Day class dorms. What had transpired here? She didn't mean to eavesdrop, she was simply passing by. She was close enough to hear what they were saying and she leaned against a tree to listen. If Kaname found out about her however, she was sure to be punished.

"I won't ask you why you're so attached to that little girl," she heard Yagari say, motioning his head to where Yuki had ran. "But I'm sure you're aware of the crime she committed," Yagari continued.

Arashi narrowed her eyes, "How does he know about it—but more importantly, Kaname-sama knows…of course Kaname-sama would find out."

"You must be seething with rage, am I right? Why don't you do anything about it? Or are you just going to pretend to be the good honor role student like always? Why won't you tear Zero to shreds?" Yagari asked, his smirk growing.

"This man is pushing it," Arashi thought, folding her arms.

"It's simple," Kaname answered, turning, "It's so that I won't lose my girl." With that, Kaname walked off silently, not before cutting Yagari's cigarette in half, surprising the vampire hunter.

Arashi furrowed her brows as her eyes followed Kaname. As he turned, his eyes connected with Arashi's resulting in the female vampire to shudder with fright, her gut dropping and a cold sweat trickle down her face. He had seen her. It was to be expected, no vampire could hide their prescence in front of a Pureblood, it just couldn't be done. It was either that or Arashi was simply not good at it.

Kaname did nothing, however, to Arashi's utter surprise, but this only made Arashi more frightened. That was most likely not a good thing, it was a warning. Arashi let out a soft sigh, for now her hide was safe or so she thought.

"Do you enjoy eavesdropping or is it just a nasty habit you can't control, huh Miss Vampire?" Yagari said, looking towards her direction.

Arashi scowled, revealing herself from behind the tree. Arashi concluded that this man was just inhuman, she didn't want to admit that she simply lacked the skills in hiding. She glared at Yagari who had already put in a new cigarette and was now trying to light it. Arashi eyed the end of the cigarette and with a snap of her fingers, sparks of lighting contacted the end and it lit on fire.

Yagari blinked in surprise and soon chuckled in amusement, taking in a long inhale of the cigarette. "Thanks for that," he said, closing his eyes as he did so.

Arashi said nothing and merely watched the man in curiosity. "Why are you bent on killing Kiryu, was he not your former student?" she asked, brows furrowed. She was not answered immediately and her nerves were getting the better of her—Arashi was, much like her name suggested, a stormy character. Her patience was usually on a thin wire, but she bit back whatever bite she was about to make and held it in.

If she wanted answers she had to play the patient card, even if the man was infuriating. It was like dealing with a bigger, older version of Kiryu, which didn't make Arashi all too happy.

"Why do you want to know, Miss Vampire?" Yagari finally answered or better yet, asked. He was avoiding her questions, she knew it.

"My name isn't 'Miss Vampire', it's Arashi Tsukino, remember it, Toga Yagari-san or should I call you Yagari-sensei?" she couldn't help but smirk at him.

He chuckled, taking out the cigarette to let out a long puff of smoke. "So you're from the Tsukino clan, huh? Heard you guys had some pretty close ties with some impressive clans."

"I see you're well informed, as expected from the number 1 vampire hunter," Arashi said, her smirk still there. Just saying the word, 'vampire hunter' only made her stomach twist uncomfortably. She had never seen a vampire hunter up close like this—at least not of one of this high caliber, even nobles regarded him with interest.

"I suppose, in any case, Arashi Tsukino, what brings you here?" he asked, looking at her.

"I'm on patrol."

"You mean you're eavesdropping on private conversations."

"I was simply passing by, it's not like I planned it!"

He chuckled, which only made Arashi angrier, she scowled darkly before turning around, eyes closed. "I suggest you don't anger Kaname-sama, otherwise you'll be on our execution list, Yagari-sensei," she said, walking away.

"I'll keep that in mind," he said, smirking, "Oh, hey one more thing."

She stopped, turning around, one brow raised and a suspicious glint in her blood eyes. "What is it?" she asked, growing uncomfortable by their conversation. She didn't like talking to vampire hunters, they made her unsettled.

"If I do kill Kiryu, what will you do?" he asked, seriously.

"Nothing, I care not whether that boy lives or dies," she replied coldly, she began to walk but stopped soon after, not looking back. "However," she began, "if you were to bring harm to that girl, Yuki, then I will kill you instead." She didn't know why she had to add that last bit, it was simply stuck in her mind. She had to say it, otherwise it wouldn't leave her and it'd drive her crazy.

"Heh, she's mighty impressive, she has two vampires who adore her, she must be special," Yagari teased, folding his arms. "Is she the reason why you became a prefect?"

"No," Arashi sighed, she finally looked back at him."Kaname-sama ordered it so it couldn't be helped. It's not like I adore her or anything—it's just that," Arashi paused, not quite sure what to call it, "I really don't know, truthfully. Good night, Teacher."

"Vampires are quite confusing, aren't they?" Yagari commented, shrugging.

"I'd say the same about you humans," Arashi said, walking away. She hadn't known what exactly went on in that conversation or what she gained from it, simply that she was much more confused then before. Were humans always this evasive or was it just that man? She'd hate to admit it but he was indeed interesting—but he still irritated her.

She met up with Takako, who was smiling and happy the same as when Arashi had left her. Arashi let out a deep sigh only to be hugged tightly by Takako, who cuddled her affectionately.

"Dear, dear Arashi-chan, what troubles you so?" she asked, rubbing her face against Arashi's head. Her arms were wrapped around the smaller girl's shoulders that eased into a relaxed position, her body finally resting a bit.

"Nothing," Arashi grunted, looking down.

"Are you sure?" Takako asked, looking at Arashi in worry. "Have you found your answer?"

Arashi frowned, looking up at a smiling Takako. "Found what answer?" she asked, confused. What was Takako insinuating here?

"If you have yet to find it then pay no mind to what I said, it will be for another time," Takako answered, pulling her along to the Moon Dorms.

"Whatever you say, Taka," sighing Arashi, not really feeling up to it to question her cousin. She was being half dragged into the dorm, everyone was already asleep and the lights were off. It was a usual thing to see every sunrise.

"Taka, I'm gonna sit out here for a bit, go on without me," Arashi said, taking a sit on the couch. Takako watched her hesitantly before smiling.

"Alright, just don't stay up too late, we have class with Yagari," she said, turning on her heel and walking up the stairs quietly. She let a hand go through her short auburn hair, glancing down once more at her cousin before sighing softly and going to bed.

Arashi sat on the couch, shoes off and legs pulled up to her chest loosely. She didn't feel like sleeping—not after all that had happened. She was beginning to think she had put herself in a terrible predicament. "Especially if it concerns Kaname-sama," she thought, looking astray.

"You're still up?"

Arashi looked up to see Aido, yawning and in his sleep wear. He rubbed his eyes tiredly and walked to where she sat, plopping down lazily next to her. She could feel the warmth from his body as she felt his smooth skin rub against hers.

"Why are you up, aren't you tired?" asked Arashi, not looking at him. She didn't think of the fact that she was still in her school uniform and was most likely showing her undergarments to the world or at least, to Aido.

"I could say the same to you," Aido replied, yawning still. Small tear drops appeared at the corners of his long eyelashes as he yawned without restraint. Arashi felt him lean against her slightly, he was probably really tired.

"What's with you, you're rather affectionate today," Arashi teased, looking at him finally.

Aido grunted back at her, rubbing his eyes and a frown on his face. "Shut up, I'm just tired and you're the only one I can lean on right now," he replied, grunting.

"Hey Aido, do you think—humans are confusing?" she suddenly asked, looking up at the chandelier above them. The lights were still off, leaving the two vampires sitting in the dark. They were used to the dark; their vampire instincts were better suited for the dark after all.

He stopped whatever pampering he was doing to himself and turned to look at her, puzzled. "What kind of question is that? Of course they're confusing, why?" he asked, eyeing her.

She shrugged in response, resting her head in her knees, her eyes still visible to see. "I don't know, I just wanted to ask, that's all," she said, her voice a little muffled.

"If anyone's acting weird it's you," Aido informed her, "Ever since you and Taka became prefects, you've been acting strangely. Like for instance, you're a lot nicer to that Yuki Cross girl than before."

Arashi frowned, eyes looking up at him. "I was never mean to her from the start," she stated, a little offended.

"I'm not saying that, before you never had much opinion on her but now she's all I ever hear out of you, 'Yuki this…' or 'Yuki that…', my god, it's enough to hear Kaname-sama constantly pay attention to her, I don't need you to do it either."

Arashi quirked an eyebrow, "You almost sound a little jealous." She had never thought Aido could get jealous unless it involved Kaname-sama. She had simply said it just to say it. She hadn't expected Aido to turn to her and flick her forehead.

"I'm not jealous, just merely observing!" he corrected, looking at her. "You've become so obsessed with those humans, it's getting annoying. All the questions you ask are human related! Is it because you're hanging around them too much, from being a prefect and all?"

She pouted slightly, rubbing her now sore forehead. "I'm not obsessed I'm just curious, there's a difference and there's nothing wrong with that, is there? I mean, you were curious about how Yuki-chan's—I mean, Yuki's blood would taste like."

His eyebrow twitched irritably, "'Yuki-chan'? Since when did you two become so close? Don't tell me you've been calling Kiryu, 'Zero-chan', now have you?"

"No! I still call him 'Kiryu', I'll probably never call him that. Whatever's between Yuki and I is between us, it has nothing to do with you, Aido," she replied, frowning at him.

"No, it should be my business too, we're childhood friends and as childhood friends we have to—"

"Just because we're childhood friends doesn't mean we have to share everything, I mean, you keep things from me all the time," she pointed out, looking away.

"Well that's—that's not the point!"

"Then what is the point?" she said, moving so she could get up. She was stopped however by the ice vampire who stretched out a long arm and pulled her down. Arashi was surprised when she was pulled closer to his body; it wasn't exactly a hug, more like a side-hug.

"Don't do anything stupid, you'll worry Akatsuki and Ruka y'know," he said, not looking at her.

Arashi looked up at him in surprise, "What about you? Are you worried?"

"I—It's not like I'm worried it's just…" he paused, looking away, "just don't do anything stupid, it's troublesome to Kaname-sama."

The violet haired vampire only rolled her eyes and stood up. "Fine, I'll keep it in mind, I'm going to bed as should you, it's morning already," she informed him, walking towards the stairs.

As Arashi made her way to her room however, she was stopped by Kaname. She wasn't all that surprised to find him waiting for her, considering on what she heard. Arashi braced herself for whatever Kaname was about to lash at her, eyes narrowing.

"I want to ask you a favor, Tsukino," Kaname said smoothly, not moving from his spot.

"What would the Great Lord ask of me?" asked Arashi, shifting uncomfortably. She could feel the hairs at the back of her neck stand once more and her instincts heighten. Purebloods were truly a frightening and yet glorious being to behold. Their mere presence made a noble vampire all too aware of the power within the Purebloods.

"I would like for you to stand by Yuki, guard her with your life," Kaname informed her, folding his arms, "I know you've seen more than you should however, considering where you stand in Yuki's eyes, I can trust that you'll keep it a secret." He eyed her down, making Arashi stand on edge.

"Yes, Kaname-sama—guard her? From what?" Arashi couldn't help but ask and she earned a grin from the Pureblood.

"From anyone who threatens her, I want you to work from the shadows and personally guard Yuki, if it's not too much to ask of you, Tsukino. I trust in your ability and loyalty and thus I can trust that you can fulfill this task of mine, am I right?" Kaname asked, amused.

"It almost feels as if he's mocking me," Arashi thought, looking at him. "Yes, Kaname-sama, as you wish." She was about to walk once more but stopped when her hand clutched onto the doorknob.

"Kaname-sama, even if—even if it's you who threatens her…?" Arashi was hesitant in asking, but a chill ran down her spine when Kaname smiled hauntingly at her.

"Even if it's me who threatens her safety, guard her," Kaname replied coolly, turning around and walking back to his own private room.

As soon as Kaname was out of sight, Arashi let out a sigh of relief, putting a hand to her thumping heart. "Whenever Kaname-sama is around I feel like gut is squeezed, he scares the living hell out of me," she muttered, looking aside.

"Guard her with your life, huh?" Arashi thought, chuckling to herself. How exactly did Yuki see her? Humans were so confusing, their emotions changed drastically and Arashi could never predict what they were about to do or say next.

C.C.: I finally updated! Arashi-chan...you really need to learn how to hide yourself better...that's twice you got caught by Yagari...I won't count Kaname because he's too godly. Arashi's a little mean to Zero, which makes me kinda sad since I like Zero haha, but the feeling is mutual between Arashi and Zero...they don't like each other but are somewhat, kind of...a little...perhaps...willing to work with each other, maybe...if I really think about it.

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