Lyfe of a Lonely Hybrid

By: Angel of Androgyny

Summary: 'All she does is weave and weave. Meticulously pulling strand after strand from her strange colored hair. Her attention completely on her task. Why does she not look at me?' Surprise pairing.

A/n: Here another story that just popped into my head during Biology class when we were talking about hybrids and junk. I was writing this instead of figuring out what an albino man and heterozygous-pigmented woman's children would look like. Hope you enjoy.


In a small village off a few leagues southwest from the well that brought the schoolgirl from the future to the past a raggedy rundown shack sits. You'd think that the old cottage would be in an isolated shadowed part of the village. Not this one. This cottage was actually placed normally like every other around it. Inside resides a demon of sound mind and body but all she does is weave. Taking the multicolored strands of her rainbow hued hair and carefully spinning them into thread then weaving the thread into beautifully detailed rugs and blankets. The villagers take these and sell them at the Great Market in the Western Kingdom. There they were instantly favored and royals were commissioning certain designs and patterns but, the women never wove them. She never wove the same pattern twice.

Jilted a bit the royals and everyone else who could afford it bought the unique rugs. You would think that a village that produced such an in demand product would become very famous. No the town far enough away that it stayed peaceful and quiet. The demoness being able to weave in peace. She stayed of her own accord no one forced her to weave she just did it. The towns coffers began to overflow and everyone was happy and at peace. The silent demoness with the multicolored hair weaving the years away until there was no more villagers. The already ratty cottage she stayed in starting to rot away around her and yet somehow her spinning wheel and loom and the rugs and blankets she wove with the strands of her own hair stayed unchanged like her…