As they were sitting in the Viper soaking wet on their way home.

"Yeah," Tommy said on his cell phone. "Sorry D, I'm not taking the job." He hung up and looked over at Jude.

Jude looked down at her ring. Tommy smiled at her.

"It's the same one," she said. "You kept it after all these years."

He looked at her. "I thought it might come in handy some day."

She looked at him. "You knew I was coming after you?"

He shrugged. "I hoped."

She sighed. "I can't believe we're engaged!"

"I know," he said. "Kinda nice, isn't it?"

She nodded.

"By the way, thanks for getting my car towed," he said.

"I had no other way of getting here!" she said. "And besides, you know it was worth it."

"Yeah, you are," he smiled.

"Tommy," Jude asked. He looked at her. "Why didn't you go on that plane?"

"I was going to," he said as they stopped at a red light. He pulled something out of his pocket. "Nikki's album thank you letter."

Jude took it and opened the folded piece of paper. Tommy started driving again.

First off, I'd like to say thanks to God for giving me this amazing opportunity. Then I'd like to say thanks to my parents, for their love, care, advice, and inspiration. You're the reason I've made it this far, I love you. Next, all my family: Sadie, Kwest, SME, I love you guys to death and could have never made it through without you. The Big Guy (Darius) for giving me this chance and for sticking it through with me when I had to deal with my parents. A huge thank you to my best friends: my band. Diane, Jim, Aaron, you guys are some of the dorkiest, weirdest, most amazingly talented, nicest and best friends I could have ever asked for. And just think- this is only the beginning for us. And last but not least I'd like to tank my fans, for buying this album and supporting me. This is my dream, and it's just bunch of crap without you guys.

Jude looked down the page to the title, Album Dedication.

This album is for the stupid people out there. The people afraid to take that risk, the people who lose sight of what's important, the people scared to say yes, the people who don't believe. The people who are a lot like my parents, who are afraid to fall in love. My parents were recently sprung into a situation, where they had to co-exist with one another, something they hadn't done since their break-up before I was born. They were doing great, and had become best friends again, and they were still in love without realizing it. This album is for them, and for everyone who believes you can fall out of love. The people who don't realize that they can be happy right here and now if they only let themselves; this album is for you. I mean it not to be your anthem, or something you relate to, but as a slap in your face to wake you up. Because if you're reading this, and you're one of those people who I'm talking about, someone like my parents, then listen up: Time to start living.

"Wow," Jude said. "Our daughter is amazing."

"She called us stupid," Tommy said. "Extremely stupid."

Jude sat back in her seat. "She's right."

"That's why I couldn't get on the plane," Tommy said. He pulled into their drive way. Nikki was looking out the window and smiled when she saw them. They saw her as they were walking in.

"Hey guys, I have some big news," Nikki said. She looked at her parents. They were holding hands, and something on Jude's hand sparkled. Nikki's mouth went agape. "Is that a?"

"We're getting married," Jude smiled.

Nikki pinched herself.

"What are you doing?" Tommy raised an eyebrow.

"Making sure my life was this perfect and I wasn't dreaming." She laughed.

"So?" Jude asked. "What's your big news?"

"Surprise!" A blonde came out of the kitchen.

"Sadie?" Tommy and Jude said at the same time both confused.

"What are you doing here?" Tommy asked.

"Well after talking to Jude this morning," she began. "I called Darius. He said that you had already taken the job as president. And I figured you leaving would cause my baby sister and my sister's baby to be sad and heart broken so I flew up here. Darius had called the airline to double check that you're flight would be on time to LA and found out you never got on the plane. He figured you had made your choice and called me. I accepted the position. you're looking at G Major's new President."

"But I thought Darius said the new President had to fly out to LA as soon as they accepted."

"He did," Sadie said. "But I called the board, the faxed me the things that needed to be signed and e got everything transferred for me. As for the new studio out there, I left things in control with Jamie."

"You can't do that," Tommy said.

Sadie scoffed. "I'm the President. I can do whatever the hell I want."

"But Darius..." Jude began.

"Darius doesn't run G major anymore, does he?" Sadie smirked.

Jude's jaw dropped. Her mouth then formed into a smile. "You planned it didn't you?"

Sadie shrugged. "Just proves that I'm ready for this job. This promotion also means I can chose wherever I want to live."

"You're moving back?" Jude asked.

"I can have my dream job, and live in my hometown."

"So Dad?" Nikki said. "Why didn't you think of that?"

Tommy stiffened and Jude smirked.

"Hey," Sadie scolded. "Leave my Vice President alone."

"Vice President?" The three said.

"I can't think of anyone else that'd be better for the job," Sadie said. "So what do you say..." she looked at Jude's hand. "Future brother-in-law?"

Tommy sighed. "Sounds good." He said. He looked at Jude and Nikki. "As long as I can still be a producer."

"You think I'd listen to them whine about anyone else but you producing them?" Sadie smiled.

Jude looked at Tommy. "There's no one else I'd rather have."

Tommy looked at her and gave a soft smile. "Same here."

"Ugh," Nikki groaned. "Get a room."

"You're grounded," they both said at the same time.


Alright that's it!

Not really, I'm coming up with a sequel. It will mostly be about Nikki though, don't worry there's still gonna be a ton of Jommy but you guys have seemed to really respond well to her so it's gonna be a good mix.

I was thinking of making it similar to how the show works, you know how Jude does a voice over at the very beginning of each episode? Nikki would do that.

I'm also throwing in a few new characters, but they won't be introduced right away. Well one of the might...

The sequel is called "Change Your Mind" and I have a preview for it on YouTube (just search: Instant Star Change Your Mind Preview), but it's more of like a slideshow since I couldn't really get the video to work for me. But it's basically just an insight into Nikki's life and some of what she has in store. And please don't laugh at me for the actors/actresses I used for the characters I created. (Miley Cyrus is acting out Nikki). Well please review and add any ideas you have for the sequel!