As the mighty sun rose above the Welsh forest, chasing away the evening mists and heralding the start of another day a lone figure walked through the forest. He was dressed in a green robe with a hood; the bangs of his unruly crimson red hair fell down across his forehead stopping just above his dark brown eyes, eyes that currently rested upon the horizon.

Beyond the next hill lay a village; a village where his family had lived for generations. He had been away for so long now. What would people say he wondered? Would he be welcomed with open arms as the proverbial lost son or would they look upon him with distrust? God knows that he would not be surprised if it was the latter. God knows that he probably deserved it. How much hadn't he made them go through since he left? How much hadn't they worried when hearing about his exploits? All these years he had journeyed across the world and not even once he had visited them. A mere child when he left, the man wondered if they would even recognise him.

"You aren't starting to brood again are you"? A small voice suddenly said from his hood.

"It has been a long time since I left home." The man answered. "Too long."

"And you are afraid that they won't be happy to see you, is that it?"

"Remember the old man?" the man replied, "People like me are that worst kind of people he knows. How many secretly shares that opinion? How many will see me like nothing more than a loose cannon?"

"Easy brother, everyone loves a hero."

"I'm not a hero."

"You are too hard on yourself big bro, you can't say that you haven't done the best you could in everything."


"And if anyone would start harassing you big sis would probably knock them upside down."

The man fell silent.

"So that's where the problem's at." The voice said softly. "You worry too much big bro, she is a strong girl and she won't have given up."

"How much pain did I cause by leaving in the middle of the night with just a letter to comfort her? She loved me more than her own life and when I abandoned her like that…"

"You didn't abandon her." The voice cut off. "You had no obligations to take care of her. It was she that took care of you, not the other way."

"But still…"

"You are getting silly now big bro. If you continue to be so insistent on the fact that you are a bad person you haven't gotten anywhere from the little cry-baby you once were."

The man smiled

"You are right. "Keep walking forward and regret nothing". Wasn't that what you said once?"

"That's right big bro. Now let's get a move on. If we hurry we might get some of big sis breakfast."

"You never change; do you?"


"Thank you."

Very short I know. Prologues are like that