Chapter 2

Sam's POV:

Everyone has fears, they are one of the things that make us human. Make us unique. My fears are just a little less than ordinary. My family hunts the supernatural, so I am not really afraid of the monsters under the bed or in the closet. Probably my only "normal" fear would be of clowns, although on one of our hunts one did try to kill me, so even that isn't entirely normal. Another of my more important fears is to fall in love. It seems that every time that happens, something goes wrong. First my mom, she died when I was six months old, over my crib, trying to save me from the demon, the one that made us into hunters. Then, 22 years later, the same demon killed my girlfriend, the woman I wanted to marry, all because I loved her. A year after that, I almost lost my brother Dean, a few times actually, but instead lost the man I knew as my Father. We never really got along, but he was my dad, and I loved him. Again, that damn demon. Dean is all I have left, which is another one of my fears, that I will someday lose him, too. I need Dean, more than I should, but I need him. He is the only one that can save me from my greatest fear, and I'm not sure that even he can do that. It is my destiny to turn evil. To turn against my race and become a solder with "special" powers, for the demon. I made Dean promise that if that ever happened, that he would kill me before I killed someone else. So, my fears aren't normal, but no matter how hard or long I try, neither am I.

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