title scattered tatters

author alecha seaa

summary drabbly pieces, no real plot

status complete unless i ever feel like coming back to it


I knelt down on the floor – vaguely aware of gritty particles creating small scattered dents all over my knees- and start to talk to Sawyer, to his unconscious form.

"I saw a horse out there. It's what happens when you don't get enough sleep… That horse, it was dark and proud… It was real."

His mouth moved, muttering something.

"What?" I ask. Then he grabbed me by the throat, his fingers tightening. My throat.

"Why did you kill me? WHY DID YOU KILL ME?"

Ana Lucia

I wring the cloth dry – using more effort than needed, and it's now dry as a friggin' skeleton - and put it on the side of the washbasin, neatly folded up. Everyone else's at the funeral. I couldn't be there, I couldn't go. Instead I stayed here, and somehow I ended up cleaning this damn bathroom. I feel cleaner now, more relaxed, but then something just had to happen.

"WHY DID YOU KILL ME?" I heard. I thought it was Jason – I felt scared, then relieved. He didn't die, I didn't kill him. I didn't murder him. Then my rational mind took over and I ran to see what it was. Strange, it sounded like and unlike Sawyer's voice.


I strained to pull Sawyer's arms away from her, he was strong. I couldn't release his grip, but he did so himself. His eyes closed and his body collapsed onto the floor. Kate tore away gasping and was out of the hatch before I could do anything.

I managed to get half of his body back on the bottom bunk when the alarm went off. That crazy-ass button. What the hell was it anyway? Voices sounding like Jack and Locke rushed into the hatch. One went to the button; the other came to see Sawyer.

"What happened?" asked Jack

"I don't know, I just saw him choking Kate and then he collapsed."

"Where's Kate?"

"I dunno, I'll go find her, okay?" and I took off, but not before giving a another look Sawyer.


The funeral was over. And I wander around in the jungle, I remember reading Lord of the Flies in high school, actually, I don't remember reading it. I remember giving my speech about that boy who found this beautiful patch of space within the jungle plants, Samson, Simpson, no, what was his name? Oh whatever. Weird, it's like we've become this one big family and this island is our home.