Tug of Warren

Ladies and gentlemen, here it is: the sequel to Firstborn! (pause while the author does a gleeful happy dance) This will be a short chapter, but I had to write it; the alternative was going stir crazy from repressing creativity!

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Thank you so much for your wonderful review! I love writing simply for the act of writing itself, but getting such positive feedback from readers is a high no drug could give!

I'm glad that you liked the Cole/Prue interaction. I've always liked their alternate toleration/hate relationship; it made for some of the funnier moments of season 3. As for Cole being sweet and loving, I figure that the guy can't haunt a house w/ cute kids like Wyatt and Chris without becoming a bit of a softie. (But just a bit—he's still hardcore manly awesomeness!) You'll see more of kindly Cole in the sequel, when I manage to find the time to finish writing the first couple of scenes. (I'm really grateful for my education, but school can get so annoying at times!)

Anyways, thank you again for your marvelous review!


Thank you so much for the great review and the beautiful compliment—knowing that my writing has made someone else happy is the best present I could possibly get as a writer.

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Thank you for reviewing; I'm glad that you liked it!

As far as the ruined thing goes, Prue was referring to the fact that Cole wouldn't be able to resist trying to escape with his son's soul to be reborn/resurrected, which would mess with destiny and ruin Cole's preordained punishment, which could (and probably will, in the sequel) open up who knows how many cans of fat demonic worms.

Anyways, I really appreciated you insightful and constructive reviews, and I hope that I'll be able to hold your interest again for the sequel.

-Sorceress Kumniko-

Thank you for the review! You have been a great, consistent supporter, and for that I am truly grateful I hope that I'll be able to make the sequel just as enjoyable; fabulous supporters like you deserve nothing less.


Thank you for reviewing! I'm glad you liked the story and the Cole/Prue interaction; it was one of my favorite scenes to write

All right. The disclaimers/shoutouts are now longer than the actually chapter. Oh well, c'est la vie. So now, without furthur ado, Tug of Warren.

The Slugger

(Night. A small boy with brown hair, wearing a Boston RedSox jacket plays on the jungle gym of a deserted city park. An oily demon with a large, blood-encrusted athamae walks into the scene. The boy looks at him, curious.)

Demon: (leering) You that little boy with all them big powers?

Boy: (cautiously) Maybe.

Demon: That's what I thought. (he holds up the athamae, advances threateningly) I'll be taking those powers now.

(the boy hops off of the jungle gym and stands squarely in front of the demon.)

Boy: Aww, come on, Mister. You didn't even offer me any candy. (he holds out his hand and conjures an energy ball.)

Demon: (sneers) Nice try, shrimp.

(he lunges forward with the athamae. In a split second the small boy morphs into a tall man in a tailored suit and tie, who catches the demon's raised arm.)

Cole: Who are you calling a shrimp?

(with a smooth, effortless motion, Cole twists the demon's arm and turns the athamae towards the demon, who looks up at him in shock.)

Demon: But..but…what….

Cole: What happened? (he stabs the demon in the gut with the atamae) You messed with the wrong dad, that's what happened.

(he tosses the energy ball at the demon, who screams and bursts into flames before crumbling into a pile of ash, which Cole kicks in disgust. Behind him a small boy, identical to the one Cole had been impersonating, shimmers in and runs to Cole)

Boy: Daddy!

(Cole swings the boy into his arms and chuckles as the boy wraps his neck in a stranglehold hug)

Cole: Hey son. (he pats his back comfortingly) You're okay, buddy.

Boy: (fearfully) Is the bad guy gone, Daddy? Did you make him go away?

Cole: Yes I did. He won't be bothering anyone anymore. Thank you for telling Daddy that you sensed him.

Boy: (proudly) My powers is growing, isn't they Daddy?

Cole: They sure are, Warren Turner.

Warren: Daddy, would Mommy be proud I'm using her powers?

Cole: (forced smile) More proud than you could ever imagine, War.

(Warren leans happily against his father's shoulder. A worried expression crosses Cole's face. He shakes his head and speaks brightly to Warren)

Cole: What do you say we get some ice cream before we go home?

Warren: (throws arms into the air) Yeah!

Cole: (laughs) That's my slugger.

(Cole chats animatedly with Warren as they leave the park)

I know, I know, it's horribly short and a bit of a cliffie, but I had to get one rebellious chapter out before I started slaving on yet another round of scholarships. Please R&R and let me know what you think! Your input makes my day!