Hi guys! Sorry that this update is so long in coming, and that it is so short. This was the most hectic musical I have ever been in; I even let homework slip through the cracks. I NEVER let homework slip through the cracks! So I hope you'll forgive my tardiness in writing. I hope to write and type a lot more now that I'm on spring break :-)

Thanks to my lovely readers and reviewers for the patience. I love you all!

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The Ladybug

(A stylish minivan, driving down a highway. Camera inside. Phoebe is driving, smiling contentedly. The quiet is shattered by the high voice of a little girl in the back seat, singing her heart out.)

Girl: I've got a love-elly bunch of coconuts, deedle-dee, dee dee dee….

Phoebe: (joining in enthousiastically) There they are a standin' in a row….

Together: Big ones, small ones, ones as big as your head-

Girl: (switching tunes) This is the song that never ends, yes it goes on and on my friends, some people-

Phoebe: (Laughs) Whoa there, my little Ladybug. Let's save the never-ending song for Aunt Piper's house. That way you and you cousins can drive all of us crazy.

Girl: (bouncing up and down in her seat) Okie dokie. Hey Mommy?

Phoebe: Yes Melinda?

Melinda: Auntie Piper's the one cooking, right?

Phoebe: (reassuring) Don't worry, Ladybug. Nobody's getting food poisoning this time. Auntie Paige isn't allowed near the stove.

I know, I know, super short is a bad thing, but I had to update for the sake of my sanity. Hope you enjoyed and please R&R!