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Piper: Paige, Prue isn't a part of the Power of Three anymore. She's dead.

Paige: So? (To Prue) You can obviously still do spells; and Phoebe told me about that one time you made yourself a ghost to vanquish that one ghost—

Piper: I'm not arguing whether or not she can do magic; I'm saying that after she died, the Power of Three was severed, and was reconstituted with you.

Paige: Then we can just reconstitute it again. And when Phoebe gets back we'll have a Power of Four!

Piper: (Speaking to Paige, but looking at Prue) No we won't. The Power of Three bond is based on trust. Prue broke that trust.

Prue: (Deep breath) Piper, I know that you're angry with me, and you have every right to be—

Piper: Damn right I have every right to be angry! You kept Phoebe from her son, us from our nephew, put Melinda in danger—

Paige: Phoebe already gave her this lecture—

Piper: (ignores her) you helped someone you used to hate instead of us, your sisters.

Prue: It was all a mistake. I went about it this whole business in the completely worst way possible. But at the time I thought it was—

Piper: It doesn't matter what you thought at the time. Either way you betrayed our trust; you didn't trust us to be able to handle finding out that Warren's soul was viable. And without that trust we can't have the Power of Three!

(Silence. Paige pulls Piper aside)

Paige: (To everyone else) Excuse us a moment. (To Piper, whispering) Why are you being such a pain about this?

Piper: Me, being a pain? Paige, she betrayed Phoebe. She betrayed all of us, including you.

Paige: Well, buck up and get over it!

Piper: This isn't something you just get over! I can't just forget all that's happened or wish away what I'm feeling.

Paige: And you don't need forget. Piper, think about it. Yes, Prue betrayed Phoebe.

Piper: All of us.

Paige: Whatever. But do you honestly think she did it out of malice? That she wanted to hurt Phoebe or Melinda or any of us?

Piper: No, but—

Paige: No buts. Everybody makes mistakes. Prue admitted hers and came back to help make it right. Look at her, Piper. She cares for us. Even if you can't trust her judgement, can't you at least trust that she loves us and wants to makes this right.

(Piper and Prue look at each other; a small tear escapes Piper's eye, which she angrily wipes away)

Piper: Fine, yes.

Paige: Then we have a common bond. We have our Power of Three.

(She takes Piper's hand and leads her back to Prue. Paige reaches out and takes one of Prue's hands. The two look at Piper expectantly. After a moment, she takes a deep breath and tentatively touches her fingers to Prue's. Camera cuts to the chandelier upstairs, which glows with blue light. It travels down to the floor; cut to the basement, where the light seeps from the ceiling and settles on Piper, Paige, and Prue for a long minute before disappearing)

Paige: It worked. Come on.

(She pulls them over to the cauldron, and picks up the Book. She flips to a page, and holds it out for all of them. They begin to read in unison)

Piper/Paige/Prue: In this night and in this hour, we call upon the ancient power…

(Fade to black, slowly brightening [slightly] to reveal a cave in the underworld. Phoebe and Cole shimmer in; they drop hands. Phoebe looks around for a moment and grabs Cole's hand again.)

Cole: What are you doing?

Phoebe: They're not here. Let's move on.

Cole: (shakes her hand away) Give me a minute.

Phoebe: We don't have a minute to spare, Cole. Warren isn't here anymore.

Cole: (Cautiously peers behind a corner) But he was a little while ago, wasn't he.

Phoebe: (Impatient) Yes. Both of them were here; maybe five minutes ago. I can sense their shimmer trail. (Stops, shakes herself) I can sense their shimmer trail?

Cole: (Still pacing cautiously around the cavern) Because I can sense their shimmer trail and you're the empath, remember?

Phoebe: (Glares) Yes, I remember. Excuse me for feeling slightly disoriented.

Cole: (Distracted) Excused. Now make yourself useful.

Phoebe: Make myself useful?

(Phoebe's clenched fist encases itself in flames. The sound startles Cole, who turns around. He sees Phoebe's fist and sighs.)

Cole: Please help me sense for any booby traps?

(Staredown. Phoebe shakes out her hand a couple of times; the fire keeps burning.)

Phoebe: This won't turn off…

(She shakes it harder. Cole darts over and grabs her arm)

Cole: Careful! You can't just send random blasts of fire all over this place. I already told you that I don't know what kind of traps Elizabeth might have set. And honestly, what's the problem? You've had this power before.

Phoebe: (Yanks her arm away, speaks bitterly) Yeah. When I was pregnant with Warren and he was infected with the Source.

(After she speaks, the fire on Phoebe's hand coalesces into a jet of flame that flies straight at Cole. He blocks it with an energy ball)

Cole: Feel better?

Phoebe: Much. (She looks around the cavern) But why are we still here?

Cole: Because this was the freshest place on the shimmer trail. Also, this was one of Elizabeth's favorite lairs when I was a young demon.

(He continues searching the cavern. Phoebe joins him)

Phoebe: Cozy.

Cole: Yeah, well I didn't know any better. And I think I might have stowed some homemade weapons here at some point. (He reaches behind a crack in the stone wall) Found something.

(He pulls out a small, grubby-looking drawstring leather pouch)

Phoebe: What is it?

Cole: I'm not sure.

(Slowly, he teases open the bag. For a moment, nothing happens. Then without warning a fine black powder erupts from the opening, hitting Cole and Phoebe in the eyes before they can do anything. Cole drops the pouch and both double over in pain, clutching at their heads)

Phoebe: (Trying to keep panic at bay) Agh! What happened? (She blinks) I can still see. What about you?

Cole: (Also blinking) Me too—(His body stiffens, and his next words are barely audible) No. No…

Phoebe: No what? (She touches his shoulder, and her eyes go wide as she realizes what's happened) You can't sense the shimmer trail anymore. (Pales) I can't sense him. The powder in the bag was a trap.

Cole: Damn…stuff…cloaked my sensing ability.

Phoebe: Can you still shimmer?

Cole: I think so…but it's no use if I have no way of knowing where I'm going!

Phoebe: (She holds on to each of his arms) Try. I'll focus on Warren, you focus on shimmering.

(Cole nods, and they both close their eyes. Nothing happens)

Cole: It's not working.

Phoebe: Shit…okay, new plan. Focus on shimmering, I'll channel your power and take us back to the Manor and we'll scry or get Paige or something—

Cole: We don't have time to scry. And if your senses are affected then Paige's probably are as well.

Phoebe: (Yells) Well then what are we supposed to do!?

Cole: (Yells back) I don't know!

(He storms off, and ignoring his own advice, starts torching one of the walls w/ energy and fire balls. Phoebe sinks down to her knees and begins talking to herself)

Phoebe: No. You're too close, you're not loosing him now. Focus. (She closes her eyes) Warren. (Nothing happens) Come on Phoebe, you can do it. You can find him (She shuts her eyes, is rewarded with nothing but the sound of Cole going to town on the cavern wall. She opens her eyes, which well with tears) Dammit! (She claps her mouth with her hands. As her fingers meet her lips, she's thrown into a vision:

(Patty's room. Patty is sitting on the bed, little Phoebe and an open book on her lap. Little Prue and Little Piper are on either side, listening)

Patty:"And with that kiss the curse was broken, and Sleeping Beauty awoke to see the light of a beautiful day."

Little Phoebe: Kiss kiss fix everwyting.

(Cut to the living room at the manor, just after Phoebe returns from visiting Sara Dells and her past self Phoebe puts her hands on either side of his face, and before Cole can say anything else she pulls his lips to hers)

Vision over. Camera to Phoebe's face; her hands still cover her mouth, but her eyes are open wide. She scrambles up from the floor and runs over to Cole.)

Phoebe: Cole! Stop it! Listens to me! (He ignores her, so she jerks his arm and forces her to face him) I've figured out what to do.

Cole: (Panting, short of breath, and doubtful) What?

Phoebe: Kiss me.

Cole: (incredulous) You've lost your mind.

Phoebe: No I haven't. That's how I broke the spell before, remember? It'll work again. (She places her hands on either side of his face) The bond between parents and children is the most powerful one there is.

Cole: (Searching her eyes with his) And if we invoke that bond...with the bond that created Warren in the first…

Phoebe: Elizabeth won't be able to stop us. (They stare at each other; Phoebe speaks, her voice shaking slightly) Now come on. We don't have much time. Remember to shimmer. Ki—Kiss me.

(Cole hesitates for a split second; awkwardly and roughly, his presses his lips to Phoebe's in a quick kiss. Nothing happens. They stare at each other for another moment. Phoebe slides her hands from the sides of his face to behind his neck. Hesitantly, Cole wraps his arms around her waist, then leans in; Phoebe goes to meet him. Their lips meet, and they tighten their hold on each other, and for a brief moment the world seems to stand still. They shimmer out.

Cut to a new cave in the underworld. Phoebe and Cole shimmer in, still locked together. They're startled by the sound of glass breaking, and jump apart. Elizabeth stands next to a table with a pitcher filled with some sort of liquid, surprised. A shattered crystal goblet lies at her feet. On a mat a few yards away, lies Warren, who glows a very dark purple)

Elizabeth: Well well. This is just a day for surprises. Coleridge, I thought you'd gotten over your unfortunate obsession with the witch.

(Cole makes a growling sound and starts forward; Phoebe reaches out and stops him, approaches Elizabeth instead)

Phoebe: You know, I'm glad I never had to deal with you when you were my mother-in-law.

Elizabeth: I'm likewise glad that I was dead while you were my daughter-in-law. (A sound from the mat catches the attention of both women. Warren twitches slightly, glows a deeper shade of purple. Elizabeth smiles and turns to Phoebe) But I am happy to know you now; it'll be a joy to watch you watch your son grow evil.

Phoebe: No it won't.

Elizabeth: You're too late, Phoebe. It's over, and now he's mine.

Phoebe: You're wrong. He's not yours. But you are right about one thing.

(Elizabeth raises an eyebrow, questioningly)

Elizabeth: Really? And what might that be?

Phoebe: It is over.

(Without another word she holds out both of her hands; Elizabeth moves to block her, but it overpowered by the huge jets of flame flowing forward from Phoebe's hands, which wrap Elizabeth in fire. She gives Phoebe a look of pure contempt)

Elizabeth: Now, you're wrong about that.

(She explodes. Phoebe lowers her hands. Cole runs to the mat and scoops Warren into his arms. Phoebe runs to both of them and takes her Warren from Cole; he lets her)

Phoebe: Are your senses back?

Cole: Came back when you vanquished her.

Phoebe: Get us to the Manor.

(Before Phoebe's done speaking Cole wraps his arms around both of them and shimmers out)

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