A new story from me, that is going to be multi-chaptered (everyone jumps and cheers for joy at the prospect).

This idea came to me an hour ago, and I had to write it. I have no idea what's going to happen only that it shall come to me as I write, and whatever you want me to do.


Title: A Different Story.

Rating: K for the time being, may get higher as the story goes.

Disclaimer: I do not own the characters, story or anything else of Pirates of the Caribbean. That all belongs to Jerry Bruckheimer and the wonderful people at Disney.

Summary: Elizabeth Swann is sick of being ignored by her father and her five older siblings, and by the society that she lives amongst. She needs an escape and someone other than her maid to care for her.



Elizabeth Swann sat on the stairs, looking through the railings at the people coming to and from the parlor to the sitting room to the dining room to out onto the deck overlooking the bay. She sighed to herself, wishing that she could join in the conversation with the many beautiful women, and attract the attentions from the numerous attractive young men.

But no, she was the youngest of four daughters, and two older brothers, and her father wanted her to have the chance of being a child before she had to deal with the material seeking young men, and the incessant blabber the young and old women talked about endlessly.

"Miss Elizabeth, really?" She heard her nanny, Esther Rowbottom scold her, rushing down the stairs and hauling her back up them into her room. "Your father does not want one of his guests to catch you spying on them all, and have to explain to them why you haven't been presented yet." She scolded her charge. "We do not need another repeat of what happened when Mrs. Fitzpatrick saw you." She waggled her finger at the young girl.

"But Esther I'm bored up here listening to all the fun they have downstairs." Elizabeth moaned. "Why can't my father present me? He is holding a party in his own home and I am stuck up here, wondering how many people in this town remember that the Governor has six children and not five." She huffed, collapsing onto her bed.

Well, it was true that the reason 18 year old Elizabeth Swann hadn't been presented into society, was because her father wanted to protect her. The fact that her eldest sisters, Charlotte and Victoria were already married, and her other sister Georgia very close to being so, was of little consequence. The fact her brothers Thomas and Arthur were both married and regularly abroad – Thomas, along with being the heir to the Swann estate, was also very good friends with the Royal family having spent the later years of his youth in England studying with the Prince of Wales, and thus living the high life in London, whilst Arthur was quickly rising in the Naval ranks – was also irrelevant.

"It's not fair Esther. Why does my father continue to protect me? Georgia was sixteen when she was presented, and Victoria was fifteen when Charlotte was presented at seventeen. I am eighteen years old, what is he trying to protect me from?" She complained as Esther shut the door behind her. And why do I still have a nanny? I am eighteen years old, not eight she thought bitterly to herself.

The old woman sighed. "Your father loves you, and he wants what is best for you." She said, pouring some tea into a cup and drinking it.

"He loves my sisters, and Charlotte is to give him a grandchild in the coming months." She exclaimed darkly, walking to her balcony door and staring down at the people.

"Miss Elizabeth, you forget that there is a much smaller gap between Miss Charlotte and Miss Victoria, than there is between you and Miss Georgia, and that Victoria was newly engaged when Georgia was presented." She sighed stepping up to her young charge and resting a hand on her shoulder. "Wait and see what happens with young Miss Georgia and Mister Cassidy." She asked kindly, stepping closer.

Elizabeth glanced over her shoulder at the woman, sighing reluctantly. Esther smiled at her. "Come my dear; let us prepare you for bed."