Title: Operation: New Mommy

Rating: PG-13 or T

Summary: AU. Kagome is an elementary teacher. Shippou is one of her students. Inuyasha is his father. What happens when Shippou gets a bright idea? InuKag MirSan SessRin

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Chapter 2: Could you…?

It was 10 o'clock at night when he heard it.


Inuyasha groaned and rolled out of his bed. He grabbed his beeper, looked at it and threw it across the room, "Sheesh, don't they understand I have a kid and I have to sleep? Who can I call? I can't call Miroku; he'd kill me. I can't call mom; she'd say I need to tell them that I can't come in." He flopped back down and sighed, "I could call Kagome, but it's 10 at night! But then, she told me that if I didn't have anyone to watch Shippou to call her…oh, what the hell…"

Inuyasha walked into the kitchen of his apartment and picked up the phone and dialed Kagome's cell number.

Kagome was sitting on her bed finishing up grading some papers when she started hearing "Come" by Amuro Namie playing faintly. She suddenly realized it was her cell phone. "Oh, shoot!" She jumped off her bed, dug through her purse and finally found it at the bottom, "Moshi moshi?"

"Hey, Kagome. I'm sorry, did I wake you?" she heard Inuyasha say on the other line.

Kagome sat on her bed and ran her fingers through her hair, "No, I was finishing up grading some papers. What's up, Inuyasha?"

Inuyasha took a deep breath, "I hate to ask you, but could you-?"

Kagome cut him off, "Yes, I'll watch Shippou tonight."

"But how did you know that was what I was asking?"

"Why else would you call at 10 on a Friday night?"

"Good point. Anyways, Shippou is already asleep so, you'll basically have the whole house to yourself."

"Sounds great."

Inuyasha gave her directions to his apartment and they hung up. Kagome threw her papers in her messenger bag and ran down the stairs.

Her mother was in the kitchen, "Kagome, where are you off to this time of night?"

Kagome cursed in her head. She should have known she wasn't gonna get by her mother, "I'm off to one of my student's houses. His dad is a single parent and he was just called into work and I volunteered to watch Shippou for the night."

Sachi looked at her daughter and smiled to herself, "All right, I was just curious, honey."

Kagome walked to the door and slipped on her shoes and shook her head as she walked out to her car. 'Wow, that was way to easy. She's up to something…'

Ten minutes later, Kagome parked her car in front of Inuyasha's apartment and walked up to the door. She raised her hand to knock, but the door was quickly opened by Inuyasha. "Hey, come on in."

Kagome smiled and walked through the door, "Thanks. Does Shippou know I'm here?"

"Yeah, I woke him up right after I called you and told him I had to work and you were coming over, but he went right back to sleep," Inuyasha grabbed his leather jacket off a nearby chair and put it on, "I'll probably be back around 9 or 10 in the morning."

"All right, I'll see you in the morning then."

"Oh, by the way, you can sleep in my room if you want to, the couch isn't very comfortable to sleep on."


He had the door open and was ready to walk out when another thought popped into his head, "Oh, and Kagome?"


"Thanks," said Inuyasha with a small smile.

"You're welcome." The front door closed and Kagome took off her shoes at the door and sat down on the couch and started grading papers again. Before she knew it, she was sound asleep on the couch.

It was 8:30 am and they actually let him off earlier than what he thought they would. Inuyasha tried to be as quiet as possible as he opened his front door. He listened for a moment and heard both his son's and Kagome's even, deep breaths telling him that they were still asleep.

He looked towards the couch and saw Kagome doing exactly what he told her not to do last night. She was sound asleep on the couch with a teaching book limp in her hand. He quietly walked over to the couch and removed the book from her hand. She stirred a bit and he took a sharp breath in; he didn't want to wake her.

When he knew she wasn't going to wake up, he walked into the kitchen and started making breakfast. Shippou was an early riser and he'd probably up with in the next few minutes.

Inuyasha was flipping a pancake when he heard the familiar pad of feet in the kitchen. He turned and saw Shippou rubbing his eyes and smile at him, "Good morning, Dad."

"Morning, Shippou. Now, what kind of pancakes do you want?"

"Blueberry!" cried the little kit. Inuyasha smiled at his son and looked behind Shippou and saw Kagome walking into the kitchen, rubbing her neck with her hands.

Inuyasha smirked at this, "Have a nice night?"

"Oh, ha-ha, Inuyasha, but you aren't the one with a stiff neck," Kagome glared at the Inu-hanyou and sat down next to Shippou.

Inuyasha shrugged, "Hey, I gave you fair warning. Now, what kind of pancakes do you want?"

"Actually, I should probably head back home…" Kagome looked at the Kitsune-hanyou next to her with his bottom lip stuck out in a pout, "Oh fine, blueberry," she sighed in defeat.

Shippou had a very Inuyasha-like smirk on his face. 'A-ha! She gets to stay for breakfast. Now, for stage two…' "Hey, Dad, can we go to the park today?"

Inuyasha handed Kagome a plate of pancakes and then sat down across from his son, "Shippou, I don't know. I haven't had a lot of sleep."

"Please?" Shippou gave the same pouty look to his father and Inuyasha soon gave in, "Okay, fine, Shippou."

"Can Miss Higurashi come too?"

Inuyasha looked to Kagome, "If she wants to, she can."

Shippou turned to look at Kagome and she smiled at him, "I'll go Shippou, but why don't you call me Kagome outside of school, okay?"

"Okay!" He said happily as he finished his last bite of pancakes and ran off to get dressed. 'Stage two: has begun…'

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