He just might… but not today. He still needed time to figure out what he was feeling. Walking up to the sink, he started to rinse without saying anything, getting a smile from Sakura that made his insides flip. He hesitated because of the feeling, and Sakura's hand accidentally brushed against his, causing them both to gasp with the electric shock that went through them. Sakura blushed and shrugged, while Gaara was thinking deeply. After they finished the dishes Sakura asked if she would be able to sit outside for a while. Gaara nodded and Sakura dried her hands on her skirt before heading outside. Sitting down on the front porch steps Sakura looked up at the dark night sky and found herself thinking of memories she had in Konoha.

I wonder how Ino-pig is… and Hinata…

I'm sure they're fine. Concentrate on what you have to do now... you have a lot of work ahead of you tomorrow…

I know…I just can't help thinking of them; they were my best friends…

You'll make new ones here. Look at Temari, Kankuro, and Gaara; you're already getting close to them…

Temari and Kankuro yeah, but Gaara… he's going to take some time…

Well that's to be expected…

"Hn... yeah…"

Unknowingly, Gaara was standing behind her.

"Do you always make it a habit to talk to yourself?"

Sakura jumped and placed a hand to her chest, cursing beneath her breath,

"Damn it Gaara! Don't you guys know how to make noise when you approach someone?"

"We're ninja; we were trained not to…"

Sakura sighed,

"Yeah well, you're not on a mission; you can make SOME noise…"

"Hn. You should know when someone approaches, you're a ninja too."

"I…uh… didn't now I had to be on the lookout…"

Blushing, Sakura went back to looking at the night sky as Gaara stayed behind her. Just when he turned to leave, Sakura spoke up.


He stopped in his tracks and turned back around,


"Do you hate me?"

Startled, Gaara took a few steps forward, purposely making noise so she wouldn't get frightened again.


"Then why do you look at me so strangely?"

Gaara hesitated; he was stepping into dangerous territory. If he told her his feelings now, he might scare her away.

"I don't know. I don't mean to."

Sakura looked down at her hands and began to play with her fingers, a sign Gaara recognized as the one Naruto had told him of. He said she did this when thinking intensely. Holding in a sigh, Gaara took a few steps and sat beside her.

"Are you afraid of me? Sakura?"

Startled, Sakura looked up and gave him a soft smile,

"No. Should I be?"

It was silent for a total of a minute before he spoke again,

"I wouldn't hurt you. You're one of Naruto's important people."

Sakura quirked a brow with a smirk,

"Are you saying you wouldn't hurt me because you're afraid of Naruto?"

Gaara grinned,

"No. I'm not afraid of him, but I respect him. And I wouldn't hurt one of his important people."

Sakura nodded. "Yeah. I understand that. Hey Gaara?"


"I know I'm not one of your important people, and I don't expect to be. We hardly know each other. But I want you to know you can talk to me. I won't run from you, promise."

Shocked, Gaara stared at her for a minute, unable to comprehend exactly what she was saying. No one had ever offered to listen to him before... He wasn't sure what to do. After thinking on it, though not for very long, he nodded,

"Thanks. I'll keep that in mind."

Sakura nodded, and to Gaara's surprise, she leaned her head on his shoulder. He could feel she was a bit tense, as if expecting him to push her away. But he wouldn't do that to her, not after what she just said. He just gave his famous 'Hn' and continued to stare up at the night sky, Sakura's head resting on his shoulder.


Kankuro couldn't help but chuckle as he looked out the window at his little brother.

"Psst, Temari, come here."

"Hm? What is it?"

"Just come here. Look."

Temari sighed and got up from her seat on the couch, walking over to the window to take a look. She quickly gave a squeak of surprise and her jaw dropped as her lips formed a smile.

"Kami, I can't believe it. Gaara's finally found someone."

Kankuro nodded, "Yeah. Sakura will be good for him. And he for her too."

Nodding, the two shut the curtain, but not before they saw Gaara give them a glare over his shoulder. They both smiled sheepishly and quickly s hut the curtain, moving to get back to their normal spots before Gaara decided to barge in. But to their surprise, he didn't. Kankuro smiled,

"Yeah. Sakura will be good for him."