Chapter 7

Chapter 7 of Stay With Me, a GaaxSaku fanfiction written by: SuChAbAKa


As Gaara transported Sakura and himself to his bedroom, he felt her squeak in surprise at the shift of energy. She broke the kiss and looked around curiously, seeing the blood red walls from before, and looking down, she found she and Gaara were laying on his bed. She could feel the sheets beneath her knees as she still straddled Gaara's waist. She looked to him surprised, and he just grinned before nipping her bottom lip playfully. Sakura gave a grin of her own to match his and kissed him delicately, but Gaara had other plans. One of his hands lifted to rest on her neck, while the other slid to her hip. He tilted his head and kissed her deeply, causing Sakura to give a gasp of surprise which Gaara took as a sign to deepen the kiss even further.

Sakura in turn gave a low moan and let her hands retangle in his hair as she gently pulled at it, teasingly. After a while Gaara broke apart and his lips went down to her neck. He licked the junction where her neck and shoulder met, her designated 'marking place', and gave a low growl, fighting the urge to mark her here and now. Instead he buried his face in her neck and held her close, breathing in her scent as Sakura played with his hair.

After a while she tilted his head up and gave him a sheepish smile,

"I'm getting tired, Gaara.."

Gaara gave a nod,


Sakura blushed ten shades of red and Gaara arched the skin where an eyebrow was supposed to be,


Sakura bit her bottom lip,

"Well.. can I.. stay in here with you?"

Her boyfriend blinked in surprise, before a slow grin curved his lips.

"Do you want me to ravish you, Sakura?"

Said woman blushed fifteen different shades of red,


He chuckled,

"You're starting to sound like Hyuuga.." ((NO OFFENCE to people who like Hinata! I love her myself! I play her in roleplay xD So yes, no offence intended xD))

Sakura giggled,

"I am not!"

Gaara nipped at the area above her neckline on her tanktop, resulting in Sakura giving a gasp as she looked down to him in surprise. He grinned up at her,

"You didnt answer my question.."

She blushed bright red,

"Not yet..."

Gaara gave a nod,

"I know.. I was kidding.."

Sakura giggled,

"The Sabaku no Gaara was kidding with me. Wow, I'll have to cherish this moment."

Gaara bit at the area above her neckline and she drew in a breath, he looked up to her with a small smirk,

"Dont play with me, Sakura.."

Sakura rolled her eyes,

"Alright, alright. I'll go to my room then.."

She made a move to get off of him when he held her firmly in place, he gently kissed the corner of her mouth when she turned to face him,

"No, you can stay in here. I can watch over you while you sleep."

Sakura blinked and tilted her head,


He sighed and gave a nod, and she complied with his unsaid request, getting off of him so he could walk around to the other side of the bed. He grabbed a book off the nightstand and motioned for Sakura to get in bed. She crawled over to his side as he climbed in under the covers and leaned his back against the headboard. He lifted his left arm and she climbed in the space he provided, leaning her head against his stomach and throwing the sheets over herself as she snuggled into him. It was weird.. being so close to Gaara so soon, but she knew it was what they both wanted, so she had no qualms about it. She cuddled up to him, meanwhile Gaara absentmindedly played with her hair, while reading his book. Not too late after, however, Shukaku decided to break the silence,

Hey Kid.. You forgot to tell her something about the marking..

No I didnt.. I told her everything..

No.. you forgot about the part where she has to mark you.

Ah, fuck. I'll tell her now...


Sakura gave a muffled 'hm?' from the area where her head lay on his chest. Gaara couldnt help but grin,

"Theres something I forgot to tell you about the marking.."

That got her attention. Raising her head, Sakura looked at him curiously,


Her boyfriend had the decency to blush a little bit.

"Well.. you know I have to bite you to mark you, right?"

Sakura nodded, and he continued,

"Well.. to complete the marking ritual, you have to bite me in the same spot. Hard enough to draw blood or I'll have to bite you a second time."

Sakura blinked,

"I get to bite you?"

He nodded,

"Really? I get to bite you? And.. you wont get mad?"

Gaara chuckled,

"No, I wont get mad."

Sakura raised a brow,

"What if I bite you right now?"

Curious, Gaara arched the skin where an eyebrow was supposed to be,

"Do you have the guts?"

She said nothing, but instead leaned her head down to his chest and bit deeply. Gaara's breath hitched and a hiss like noise came from his mouth. He instantly felt himself get aroused, feeling a trickle of blood flow down his chest as her teeth carved an imprint on his skin. The hand in her hair slightly tightened into a fist, though he wasnt hurting her. She moved her head and licked up the path of the blood, and Gaara couldnt help but give a small, barely audible moan.

She lifted her head and grinned at him. In turn he looked at her, seeing a bit of the blood on her lips driving him wild to no end. He pushed the back of her head until her lips were a breath from his, and he stopped. His breath fanning her skin as a slow grin curved into his features. Sakuras face was heated, and she was blushing quite a bit. Gaara, unable to stop himself, licked the blood from her lips before he kissed her, a fiery liplock meant to pleasure them both and oh it did so.

Gaaras now girlfriend released a small moan against his lips, and he pulled apart reluctantly, knowing they could go no further. His hand released in her hair and he ran it across her scalp soothingly. Lifting his other hand, he pushed some stray locks of hair from her eyes and smirked at her. Biting her bottom lip, she shyly looked up at him, and he couldnt help but soften his gaze at her adorable look. He never knew she could be so shy...



She didnt answer, and instead pressed her lips softly to his in a tender kiss. But before he could deepen it, she broke it, leaning back about three inches from his face and she spoke softly,


He blinked in surprise, no one had ever told him thank you before.. he blankly looked at her, unsure of what to do. She giggled at him, and placed a light kiss to his lips before speaking again,

"Dont be so stiff, just say your welcome..."

"...your welcome.."

Sakura nodded and snuggled back into his chest, while Gaara stared at the wall on the other end of the room for a bit. After a while he felt Sakuras steady breathing to be a sign of sleep, and he snapped himself out of it and began to read his book.

Hours passed until he felt Sakura stir. The corner of his mouth twitched in a smile as he looked down to her and let his hand gently caress her hair. She stirred and mumbled his name, causing him to raise a brow and chuckle a bit. After a bit, her eyes finally fluttered open, and he spoke,

"Good morning, Sakura."

She closed her eyes and nuzzled into his chest again, causing him to chuckle at her words,

"I dun wanna get up..mmph.."

Gaara grinned and closed his book, setting it on the nightstand as he took his attention to his girlfriend,

"Sakura, you have to get up and go to work, and so do I."

She gave a whine,

"But you're so comfortable.."

He had the decency to blush a bit, before he lightly tapped her nose,

"Sakura.. you have to get up.."

"Gaaaaaraaa... five more minutes.."

Gaara outright laughed, and then froze. Did he just.. laugh? Yeah, chuckling was something he did only around Sakura, but he never, never before outright laughed. His attention was taken to other matters, however, when Sakura spoke again,


Gaara chuckled,

"Fine. Five more minutes.. but then I'm dumping water on you.."

"...I'm up."

Growling a bit she sat up ran a hand through her hair before wiping at her eyes, getting the sleepers out of them. Gaara grinned and placed a kiss to her forehead,

"Thank you.. now I can take a shower and get dressed for work.."

Sakura jumped up and sprinted for the door,


Her destined mate grinned and jumped out of the bed, quickly entrapping her in the doorframe before she could get out. Sakura whined,

"No fair!"

Gaara grinned and licked at her marking place, resulting in Sakura giving a content sigh and closing her eyes. For some reason, whenever he did that, she tingled right down to her toes. But before she could relax, he gently nipped it, resulting in the curling of Sakuras toes as she bit her bottom lip. For some reason, that spot was very.. very sensitive. It never had been before, but now it was. Maybe because of Gaara? She didnt know, but she was supposing it had to do with Gaara and this 'mate' stuff. She understood the severity of the situation when he had asked her to be his mate, hell he had basically proposed. And she had said yes, she had accepted his 'proposal' because she knew deep down she belonged with him. While that may sound childish and naive, it was how she felt when she first met him, how she felt even now, and she knew she had made the right decision. Her attention was brought to other matters however when Gaara gave a low growl, and his grip on her tightened. She turned her head to look at him when a gruff,


Came from him. She blinked in surprise and kept herself face forward. Gaara sniffed at her neck and licked it again, and she could feel his canines getting longer against her skin.


He growled and she turned to look at him again when she felt his hand snake around from behind her and firmly grab her chin, keeping her looking straight. She rose a brow as he growled against her flesh,

"If you look at me right now, I wont be able to stop myself.."

Her brows furrowed and Gaaras growl got deeper, his voice a mere rumble in his chest that she could barely hear,

"You know.. the longer I have to go without marking you.. the harder it is for me to resist.."

Sakura blinked in surprise, she didnt know that!

"Why didnt you tell me?"

He licked her marking place again, and scraped his canines along it, Sakura shivered. If it was this hard for him to resist after just one day, she didnt have very long!

"It's my business.. it wasnt relevant to you.."

Sakura glared at that,

"It is damn well relevant to me! You're fighting not to mark me and I dont even know how hard I'm making it for you!"

She felt him growl as he nuzzled her neck, and she fought to hold in her whimper. After a moment, he buried his face in her hair and inhaled. Not too long after he let go of her chin and placed a swift kiss to her cheek, and she could feel his canines were back to normal. He spoke softly,

"Just go take a shower, I'll meet you downstairs after I'm finished."

Sakura gave a nod, stepping out of his embrace and glancing at him over her shoulder. His face was a bit redder than normal, and his eyes seemed a bit glazed over, but when he grinned at her, she couldnt help but send one in return, before she stepped out the door and into the hallway.

Meanwhile Gaara sat on his bed with his head in his hands, having an inner conversation with his perverted demon,

Damn it Shukaku! Its too early!

No its not! Mark her! SHES OURS! MARK THE WOMAN!

Stop! I will mark her when I am well and ready I will NOT have you dictating when to mark my mate!


You're wrong! SHE ACCEPTED ME! Not you! She is my mate, not yours!

She is ours...

No.. she is mine...


...I will not hand her over to you..

She is our mate boy, like it or not you have to share as long as I am inside of you.

...she accepted me...

And in doing that she accepted me as well, she is OUR mate, boy!

...fuck off.

I dont think you'd like those images in your head.

...God damned perverted demon! Just.. leave me alone!

Fine.. for now..

Gaara growled and ran a hand through his hair, and grabbed his outfit for the day, his kazekage robes, and made sure his bracelet was still on his wrist. He was thankful for Temari for that, it could hold twice as much sand as his gourd, and it was way lighter. He tightened the bracelet and placed his clothes on the bed so he could change when he came in. He turned and looked at the mirror over his desk, it was small and only showed his head and part of his torso, but it showed enough for him to see the bite mark from Sakura. He smirked and ran his fingers over it, not wincing at the slight sting but instead enjoying it. She had marked him in her own way and he loved it. He had purposely told Shukaku not to heal it, as he wanted to keep it for as long as he could, it was her mark on him, and he dared not hide it.

(Chapter end)

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