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"What's this? Katara, what the hell! Was this… inside you?" Sokka yelped, shaking the pointed, dripping hook-like barb at her.

By now, Zuko was looking at her bleeding side, but Katara didn't answer. She closed her eyes and concentrated. The pain was dying and already, she felt better, different. She grasped at Sokka's hand and pulled herself up. Unsteadily, she toddled past Zuko, who's mouth was agape, and towards the small basin of water in the cell. The tears were drying and the water in the bowl rippled at her command.

She smiled. The water called to her; she wasn't going to be a helpless maiden any longer.

Zuko stared at the bleeding Water Tribe girl. He couldn't believe it. She had pulled out that thing? Zuko examined the object from afar. It was coated in blood and puss and… anyone else would have hurled at the sight of the bladed hook, but not Zuko.

Already, the peasant, Katara, was pulling water out of a basin. Zuko blinked in surprise when the water suddenly glowed. As if hypnotized, Zuko watched Katara heal her wounds. Katara's sibling, Sokka, was also staring, but he didn't seem to be very surprised, only concerned.

After several minutes of labored breathing, Katara broke the silence.

"Well, are we going after Aang or not?"

"Okay… Sokka are you sure about this?" Katara whispered as she surveyed Sokka's drawn out plans on the dirt floor.

"No… but it's our only chance." Sokka growled, looking back down at the maps. "If we snatch their clothes we can then sneak our way up to Aang and hopefully make out way out!"

"Dressing up as Di Lee agents is probably the worst plan you've come up with, Sokka." Katara growled back.

"Hey if you…"

"Someone's coming." Zuko hissed, earning instant, and appreciated, silence from the other two.
Sokka peered through the bars of their cell, the door slightly open. Right on cue, three Di Lee agents came stalking around the corner. Zuko and Sokka tensed, waiting to leap out and attack.

Katara stood back, shaking her head. What was the point of this? Sokka and Zuko might be able to pose as agents, but her? No way. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. Breathe in, breathe out…

Katara froze. Something was different; she felt odd. What was happening here? Was there something else lodged within her?

No. That wasn't it…

Sokka tapped her on the shoulder, she didn't open her eyes. What could this mean?
Sokka tapped once more, and angrily, Katara opened her eyes a slit to glare up at him. Her brother motioned, a silent 'ready'. Zuko nodded and began counting down on fingers.


Katara closed her eyes again. Suddenly, she felt something, coming from Zuko. She opened her eyes once more, and found that Zuko had moved his fingers, so only two fingers were left. Was she feeling the water in his body? Katara blinked, that couldn't be it. She concentrated once more, there it was again! Zuko now only had one finger up! Could it be?

Puppet-Master, Katara… a voice whispered in the back of her head.

Sokka and Zuko rushed forward in unison.

"Wait!" Katara flung out her arms and to her amazement, five bodies stopped, frozen by command. Hesitantly, she took steps forward, surveying her work. The three Di Lee agents were glaring at her, a mixture of fear and anger in their beady eyes. Sokka was looking at her with amazement and Zuko's expression was unreadable, like always. She could literally feel their blood flowing in their veins… she felt as if she could stop it with just a delicate flick of the wrist…

She had heard about powers like these in many a legend. The greatest of waterbenders who could force their enemies' bodies to turn against them, to command entire armies with more than just words… but could she really be one of them? Could she really be a… puppet-master? Was it possible?

Concentrating as to not let her grip on the others slip, Katara carefully lost her focus on the two boys. Instantly, they hit the ground with a groan. It was much easier to control three, rather than five. Katara focused her energy so that the agents were lifted off their feet, suspended in air.

"Katara, what is this?" Sokka gasped, inspecting his quarry with wide eyes.

"Our way out." Katara hissed with satisfaction, wiggling her arms a bit. Things could finally be turning around…

One of the Di Lee let out a muffled moan of terror as his arms moved up and down.

"Whoa." Zuko whispered, despite himself. His respect for the waterbender was increasing by the minute. He had never seen this kind of power before. He thought the measure of power came from the force of a blow or strength behind it, apparently he was wrong.

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