Hearts of Heroes

by Awesomoisawesome

Awesomoisawesome doesn't own Naruto or Avatar the last Airbender

Summary: Two heroes, one chosen to save the world and one who was already sacrificed to save it, join together to rid the world of the Fire Nation and the evils of the Snake Sannin. Will the Avatar and the keeper of the Nine Tails be able to save the ones they love or will their efforts be in vain.

Warning: If you haven't seen Avatar the Last Airbender, try to watch an episode on You don't have to, but it makes the story much better. All you need is the Crossroads episode to make it make sense. This story starts some time during the filler arc for Naruto and some time after Crossroads for Avatar.

Chapter 1: Declaration of Heroes

It was a sunny morning in Konoha, a young, blond, energetic ninja was starting to get up and begin his day. The sky couldn't of been more beautiful or the air couldn't of been fresher ether, it seemed like the perfect way to start a perfect day. Nothing in the world made him feel better than great weather. Good weather made it easier to look for a missing-nin...

Sasuke had left a few weeks ago, and Naruto still wasn't ready to give up on him. The S Class mission he just recently had with Sakura and Jiraiya wasn't a success but it did tell them that he was still alive, which only fueled the crazy idea of bring him back home.

His training with Jiraiya had also helped build hope for the future. Never in his life had he felt this powerful and this was only the tip of the iceberg, in three years he had no idea what possibilities where waiting for him.

He had almost forgotten that Jiraiya was coming home today from his spying mission of Orochimaru's hideout, hopefully he had information about Sasuke's whereabouts. It could be the single most important information that Naruto could receive.

In a matter of moments, Naruto had finished his usually eight bowls of ramen for breakfast and was out the door to the Hokage's tower. He knew Jiraiya was always early when it came to missions, something Kakashi could learn a little about.

Princess Azula never liked to report to her father, it was uncomfortable and awkward but mostly it reminded her that she wasn't at the top yet. There wasn't anything more she hated than being someone's lackey, even if it was her father and now emperor of the world.

She entered the chamber where her father spent most of his time, it felt like a oven in there but she loved it. Nothing could equal fire's power, and there was nothing in the world better than power or at least she thought so.

Her father was on his throne, staring at her with his golden eyes that seemed like they could pierce your very soul. However something was off, his eyes usually were filled with a passionate flame that couldn't be put out, but at that moment his eyes looked so cold that it sent a chill down her spine. In her entire life, she was never afraid of her father, but today she could hardly move. What was going on...

"Hello daughter, did the mission go well?" that voice, it was almost disturbingly cold, even if it was the same voice he always used. She had no idea what was going on in her head, maybe it had something to due with the fact that they finally had Ba Sing Se in the palm of their hands.

"Yes, we have taken Ba Sing Se and delivered a near fatal blow to the Avatar. It seems like we have won the war." Strangely this news didn't effect her father as much as she figured it would. Had he already hear of her amazing tale?

"Good... Azula I will give you Ba Sing Se... if you finish this last mission for me..." Azula was shocked, she figured she would already be in control of Ba Sing Se since she did conquer it with less than three people. But she knew not to argue, her father wasn't known for compromising, just asked her brother.

"Whatever you wish, my lord." He seemed to think about something for only a brief moment, something he didn't usually do. Then he smiled at her, something he never did. And said...

"I want you to bring me the Avatar, Alive." This shocked Azula since he would always say he wanted the Avatar to die and finally get out of his hair once and for all. It just didn't make any sense.

"But father... I think I might of already killed him." Honestly she figure she had, no one could stand a direct lightning blast in the back.

"Don't worry I believe he still lives and if he isn't... well... I guess I will just have to kill you." The way he said it, sent chills through out her body. Sure her father liked to kill, but he would never be that calm about ending her life, the last heir to the throne. It was almost sadistic, that grin he used wasn't her father's. What had become of him...

"Y..Y..ess Father!" She didn't want to spend another minute in front of him. If it wasn't for her dignity, she would of ran right out of that room. But she calmly got up and walked out of the room, hoping that her father wouldn't sense the fear she had.

Once she left, Ozai let out a sadistic chuckle "Ku ku ku pathetic little child..." his once golden eyes shifted to a serpent shape. Two shadows were behind him, one with glowing red eyes.

"Was that really necessary, Orochimaru?" Sasuke had felt the killer intent that Orochimaru had used against the poor girl. It was completely unnecessary to use something like that against a civilian. He didn't know why he was complaining though, better her than him, but it was just the way the girl look after receiving it. That fear reminded him of Itachi...

"Don't question Orochimaru-sama, he can do what he wants, when he wants, and how he wants to. Don't you ever forget that!" No one questioned Orochimaru, Kabuto was stunned by how calm he took the treasonous comment. Normally Orochimaru would of ripped their head right off, without a second thought. This was more proof that Sasuke had special treatment, something that angered Kabuto greatly.

"It's fine, besides putting a little fear into your troops reminds them who they follow..." It was painfully obvious that he enjoyed the way that young woman looked at him. Nothing amused him more than fear, especially when it came from someone who was on your side.

This answer infuriated Sasuke, "Why the hell are we here anyways, instead of making me stronger? How in God's name will I get strong enough to beat Itachi, if I just stand around and do nothing?" Kabuto was shocked, Sasuke had the audacity to question Orochimaru-sama's decision and not get his head ripped off. But Orochimaru just chuckled some more.

"Don't get impatient, my Sasuke-kun. The reason why we are here is to make you unstoppable" This got Sasuke attention, "I plan on infusing you with the Avatar's power and giving you the ability to control the elements at will. Just imagine the possibilities..." Kabuto was surprised by this news, he thought they had come over just to conquer this hell hole as a way to test Sasuke's strength and Orochimaru's new body. Sasuke was pleasantly surprised by this news, Itachi couldn't fight off the power of mother earth easily, could he...

Tsunade's office was jammed packed full of ninjas, it was only four ninjas but her office was slightly smaller than one would think. Jiraiya had heard that Orochimaru was spotted traveling to the other side of the world for something, taking only Sasuke and Kabuto with him.

Whatever he was planning couldn't be good for Konoha. The only thing to do was to sent a team to find out what's going on and stop him before too many lives ended. Because of the lack of shinobi at her finger tips, she choose a team with more personality than actual shinobi skills. Hinata, Sakura, and Shikamaru would join Jiraiya, and travel around the world to stop the sick Snake Sannin. Jiraiya would be more than enough hopefully to stop the crazed sannin.

"Are you guys ready, this will count as an S-ranked mission. It should be good practice for you Sakura. I believe your ready to save a few lives." said Tsunade with a sad smile on her face, Orochimaru often left a high body count in his wake.

"Yes, Tsunade-sensei!" Sakura was excited about the chance to save Sasuke and see the world. She had been cooped up in that village for far too long and now it was her chance to see some action.

"And for the rest of you... well your all I got." This information kind of brought down Hinata's mood and Shikamaru didn't really care. They still thought this mission needed to be taken seriously though.

"Jiraiya, you better bring them back alive. If that bastard touches a hair on any of them, I'll make sure you won't be able to enjoy being a pervert again." Jiraiya nearly shivered at the thought.

He knew to keep them safe at all cost, no matter what. But he was slightly disappointed that Naruto wouldn't be with them. He needed to train the boy some more and he had promised to show Naruto something cool when he got back from the spy mission.

"YES ma'am, let's go brats" Jiraiya started to walk out of the office, followed by his team, when a bright orange blur slammed into him.

"WHAT THE HELL!" screamed Tsunade as Jiraiya fell down hard. The blur turned out to be everyone's favorite loudmouth. Hinata was at a lost for words at the sight of her crush, Sakura was steaming over how rude Naruto could be, and Shikamaru didn't really care too much.

"Tsunade-baa-chan! Where's ero-sennin?" Naruto was standing on the poor frog hermit, and because he was as thick as a brick, he didn't notice the wiggling floor beneath him.

"Why are you here, you little bastard!" She was just about to have Jiraiya out of her hair again.

"I wanted to know what Ero-sennin found out about Sasuke..." Naruto seemed to be effected deeply from that one name. He still felt guilty for not bring the traitor home and breaking his promise to Sakura.

"Naruto... I..." Tsunade couldn't think of anything to say, she wanted to comfort him but knew Naruto didn't want to be coddled in front of his friends. Watching him like that broke her heart.

"Get the hell off of me!" Jiraiya was getting tired of this. He also knew that he should tell Naruto before he left. It would only be right. But first Naruto needed to get off of him, so he could breath. Once he got up he smack Naruto's head in, after a few minutes of this, Naruto was on the ground and while Jiraiya had his foot on Naruto's head.

"So what did you find out..." The foot was still there, but that didn't matter that much.

"Not much, Orochimaru has left the Sound village for a while. Sasuke and Kabuto are the only ones who are with him. I believe they went to the Earth Kingdom on the other side of the world though. Probably to take it over and enslave everyone there. They stand no chance against Orochimaru... We have to go and stop them." Jiraiya knew telling Naruto this meant that Naruto would want to come with them.

"I'm coming with you guys and I don't care what you say." Naruto had the glimmer of determination in his eyes that said that he would follow they even if they said no.

"Wouldn't have it any other way, brat." Jiraiya grinned and Naruto smiled back. Time to save the world...

"Wait just one damn minute. I didn't say you could leave, you little twirp!" Tsunade was steamed that Jiraiya would allow Naruto to join the mission without her say so.

"Come on Tsu-chan, he's going no matter what you say. Even if you chain him up, he would find a way to break free and go. At least this way I can keep an eye on him." Jiraiya honestly wanted Naruto to come with them. There isn't anyone he would rather have at his side, he knew he could count on Naruto.

"Fine, but you will and do you hear me Naruto, you will listen to Jiraiya and Shikamaru. And if you, so help me God, get into something you can't handle, I plan to bring back your soul from the dead and torture you for as long as I live." This plan worried Tsunade greatly, but she knew Naruto would be in good hands. Nothing else to do except get really drunk and let the pain disappear. Sure not the healthiest way, but it works.

Naruto didn't scream loudly or jump around, he just smiled sadly. They all knew from that moment on that this mission was going to be more important than the usual. It was time to get Sasuke back.

Next Chapter: Aang and his group find a small town to rest, Azula returns to Ba Sing Se, and Team Jiraiya makes their way to the other side of the world.