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Family Matters

Chapter One

Harry looked about the dingy old dining room and sighed quietly.

"I…I still can't believe this is all mine," he said in a weak voice, speaking about inheriting his late godfather's house in general.

His companions said nothing. They were fresh from an oddly uneventful train ride from Hogwarts. Dumbledore's departing was barely a month old. Harry needn't stay in his aunt and uncle's house for the summer anymore, hence some members of the Order volunteered to help him move his stuff to his new home.

"Could…could I see the will?" he asked the headmistress, who was frowning at a corner.

"Of course." McGonagall replied tartly and drew a crisp piece of parchment from within the folds of her traveling cloak.

Ron, Hermione, the Weasley twins and Ginny crowded around him, wanting to see the document for themselves too.

On the paper was a neat scribble, dated summer two years ago, when Harry was in his fourth year. The terms of the will were quite simple.

I leave everything to me godson.

But the fine print read:

Unless his is still alive and inheritance is valid, then, original terms apply.

There were no signatures of the witnesses…just the one of it's author.

Ron frowned. "Until who is still alive?"

"Probably a relative…" replied Hermione.

"Now how can that be possible?" asked Fred.

"Sirius was the only Black left…" finished George.

"'Original terms apply'?" asked Ginny. "What does THAT mean?"

Curious to the source of their questions, Remus got the will from the teens' and glanced at it. The look on his face expressed that there was clearly something wrong.

"That's not the original will…" he said simply.

The declaration was met with a stunned silence.

"What?" Moody asked disbelievingly in his gruff voice.

"How do you know that that's not the original will?" McGonagall queried. "Sirius personally handed that to Dumbledore…just in case!"

"Yes," replied the wolf. "But this must have been the second will. This is not his first will. I should know because James and I were the witnesses."

"So you mean to say that the second will is not valid?" Molly was concerned that Harry would have to go back to Privet Drive.

"Oh no!" Remus exclaimed. "This is valid too because it's more recent," he shook the parchment in his hand. "But the thing is, there's a condition stated here in which it's terms could be found in the original will…"

Harry snatched the document back. "He's right…" he said thickly. "'Original terms apply'…what WERE the original terms?" he asked his favorite teacher.

The man frowned in the effort to recall. "I quote," he said. "'In tribute to James Potter, I leave half of my possessions to his son given he is born, whilst I leave the other half…or rather pass on the family inheritance to my muggle brother: the next heir.'"

The statement took a while to sink in. When it did, everyone's jaw dropped in shock.

"Sirius has a brother?!"


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